A taxi App is the next group buying scam! ?

the author: wang cong Ji FKB

a taxi APP is the spring of 2013 of the most popular products. Condensed the countless number of saliva, attention, has also attracted the tencent, ali giants such as a huge sums of money. If have a lenovo force, don’t you feel it is very much like going to the day in 2011 when was holding up the group? Now, how many group company finally survived?

the taxi APP scene is abnormal, not know this won’t make the mistake there is so much pain group purchase? Driven by capital hand this is another scam.

by comparing, the author found that deals with a taxi App is a lot in common:

1, airborne controversy abroad business model. Like group-buying originated in the company, a taxi App is copying foreign business model. More famous Uber abroad, for example, the company not only American class action, the industry also met with California’s regulators fined. And like the company, all sorts of foreign taxi App has on the basis of the business model is not clear, the tendency of expansion of madness under the condition of weak: in early 2012, Uber won $32 million in financing to develop the European market, announced in 2013 to enter the Singapore market; Take a taxi and at the end of 2012, the European application Hailo financing 2012, valuation of $140 million, and immediately announced to enter the United States and Asia.

2, low barriers to entry. Development of APP and get through the relationship of a taxi company, the entry threshold is not high, really every city can be born many home this APP. This is very similar to group-buying, nothing technical content “mouse” end, “cement” side also depend mainly on people.

3, the business model is not clear. Like group-buying, taxi App is facing profit model not clear problem, and compared with the group huge cash flow, a taxi App can’t see the shadow of the money. You ask ask bonus to $5 per single taxi driver, he is willing to pay for the APP? , of course, have the guest officer said, can I pay by phone on commission, but I think it is still a long way off, but the drivers of basic trust only in cash. Profit problem, take a taxi App reply mostly look at long-term development, is also consistent with early group-buying websites.

4, too regionalization. Taxi companies are extortionate, according to the end of 2011, Beijing alone has 180 taxi companies. Like a taxi company, division of a taxi App also happen: Beijing has a drops, hire car, hangzhou has fast, Shanghai has a bumblebee mobile phone take a taxi, and so on and so on. With the regional difference, many have sprung up all over the country occupied a taxi corner of the App. This will cause the national large APP with taxi company is hard to appear, unless since capital purchase way, of course, this again with the group purchase thousands of companies across the country, it is like. I’m sure, after the concept of a taxi APP touted around will now hundreds of APP.

5, high cost of replication, pattern is overweight. Every development of a city, the APP company have the good relations with the driver, some taxi companies, also requires a lot of money every month the taxi companies to send money, send mobile phones to the taxi driver and subsidies calls, and if the same has the words of the race, you also need to pay more. A small example, the best “fast taxi” in hangzhou in 30000 taxi drivers installed capacity of 70%, quickly open the software more than 5 days a month with taxi drivers rewards cost 10 yuan, if all drivers are active users (this is the most happy to see fast taxi), only for a single item, cost is 210000 yuan a month, so, dare to ask, the taxi company all capital cities across the country to carry out the business need to spend how many money? Conservative estimates are hundreds of millions of yuan a year. Also like this with a bulk, group-buying model is one of the focus of the open points in each city, or, because of excessive lead to many companies.

6, rely heavily on capital. Group’s story is like this, the media and investment community touted concept – crazy crazy injection of capital group company expanding urban and mergers and acquisitions – tide of capital group companies cannot profit and run or stalls. APP is now the capital market by good minds, so, when the surge of capital boom receded, hot money is no longer, not the ability of hematopoietic taxi APP will die faster? After all, the group purchase company and pay cash in the account, and the taxi APP only ground breaking cash flow.

of course, and the bank is different, the taxi APP is also facing the risk of a larger policy and chew monopolists. For example, the Beijing municipal government began to made a taxi policy limits the APP, it is reported that the Beijing municipal transport committee will implement in June, the new rules, establish a unified dispatching platform, provide 24-hour telephone about car, network about car, mobile phone about car on-call service mode, etc. Again, for example, take a taxi App can only produce the value of taking a taxi “premium services” are also encounter risks, the service due to infringement of the taxi company’s interests and interfere with the normal operation of taxi market, is facing the heavy block some taxi companies and government.

memorable is that the company had been held to heaven, having it four feet to the ground in time is called a “ponzi scheme”. So, what is a new taxi APP is fool, can’t make money, old investors new investors enter the cash out “ponzi scheme”?

the tencent, you really want to good investment APP by car? Seems, micro letter just need a platform to access the APP, why want to spend money to cast an APP? Of course, if you have any investment to investment department to complete the project tasks, just Pony ma says the focus on the taxi, a taxi to the concept of the APP is up to the fire, and others said the APP is really cheap, the investment appears to be no thicker than a. Who let the tencent rich?

source: sohu IT