A prick silk geek COINS dig diary

the prices in mid-april, let people all over the world know the COINS this stuff, the domestic and foreign media, media, network media, television stations, are reported. But due to the principle of abstruse, most reports are limited to the currency value in appearance, or on the currency outlook of “talk” shopped. Ya after the earthquake the COINS one foundation received donations for the public to reach a new word “COINS” miners. This article will, from a view of a “currency miners”, by the author himself path to dig, to reveal the face of this group.


why claim to prick silk geek?

actually believe that a lot of players and I have the same status: like to experience new plaything of science and technology, and is not the same as the others play, but limited to family conditions and hands-on ability, is still a far cry from what compared with real geek – so the self-proclaimed prick silk geek.

in the process of digging up the currency, especially this mentality, with those high on online compared to the day into the bucket of gold miners, no matter how to input energy to the author, are very far apart, can only be a prick silk.

origin: save hands to dig a few COINS son

the author in the currency of mining and psychology is very simple, just want to “dig a few money saving hands, leaving his son doing heirloom”. Due to limited number of COINS, not traditional monetary inflation occurs, the overall trend will only up not down, look from this point more like gold rather than money.

see soaring currency value, read a few COINS can dig tutorial, the author began to input energy and money to join army of mining.

for mining tools effectively Big nerve-racking

this time actually dig is not a good time already, why? Because the author COINS in taobao search good tools – old AMD Radeon HD 5850 or 5870 graphics miners or had already been snapped up by the second-hand dealer, or prices to the point of the goods. According to netizens said later dig together, not only increase in the price of graphics, even suitable for mining the mainboard is going up in price, one with five PCI – E slot G31 second-hand motherboard originally only 50 yuan, now has risen to more than 100. This kind of computer accessories are hyped, and deliberately in taobao connection marked “dig” two characters.

to dig the currency of the tool is very interesting, the most popular is the use of AMD Radeon HD 5850 and 5870 the two years ago the old graphics card. Because the mining software is sensitive to the number of stream processors in graphics processor GPU, the more stream processors, the faster the dig, there is no any relation with memory capacity. Four years ago the Radeon HD 5850 with 1440 stream processors, Radeon HD 5870 with 1600 stream processors, after prices of second-hand price respectively is 600 yuan and 900 yuan; The latest Radeon HD 7850 only 1024, Radeon HD 7870 only 1408, the price is in 1300 yuan and 1700 yuan respectively.

new, expensive graphics dig slowly; Older, cheaper graphics mining speed instead. Interesting is not?

but only second-hand since 5850 or 5870, and it’s hard to buy, the author to safe decided to buy a new Radeon HD 7850, contains 2 gb memory, price 1399 yuan.


in order to improve mining speed addiction expansion equipment

spend 1399 yuan to buy the graphics card for the first time in his life, carefully into the motherboard, open mining software, measured the rate of 260 mining and MH/s (MH/s computing speed of currency units). After 24 hours, we found digging into 0.01 COINS, calculate by the market, can be sold to 5 yuan.

— such benefits, it is a joke, $5 is only enough to pay the electricity bills!

so, I once again to spend 1199 yuan, bought a msi brand Radeon HD 7850 graphics card. Two pieces of graphics on a chassis, chassis temperature rise sharply. Check carefully, and found that 1199 yuan of the card due to the high operating frequency dig faster, but the fan speed and low noise is very much, it appears that big brands still have an advantage. But they are also within the scope of the bearable, after all, after the mining speed multiplier still can bring a lot of pleasure.

with this pleasure, courage is big money. At this time the miners of a 7870 video card on the Internet become a target of buying me, price 1699 yuan, but there are 1600 stream processing, theory is mining speed than before to buy more than 1.5 times the 7850 graphics. Taobao search, immediately payment, the arrival of the goods, into the motherboard, mining speed was good, MH/s 380!

but after a while, the graphics card fan began to run at full speed, the noise was simply and helicopter! This computer is in the bedroom, boot dug a night, I was woken up four or five times, make nervous breakdown. Associated with other brand of 7870 video card price is generally higher, bought a bargain, I thought I did eat a big loss.


hold a few thousand yuan display some let a person be unable to stand, I had to start looking for inside the second-hand goods. Finally for a 5870 and a 6870, in a previously unused motherboard, set up a new mining machine.

at this point, the author’s overall mining speed is more than 1.5 h/s, 24 hours a day to be able to dig to about 0.1 COINS, worth about 60-70 yuan.

but not for long, two days after the new mining machine automatic shutdown suddenly, and point out anymore. After inspection, found to be the mainboard burned out. Take it to repair shop, told me that because I don’t have enough power supply wattage, motherboard CPU power supply burned out, didn’t repaired repaired two days. Had to give up, to replace the motherboard and power supply. Tears…


trading for the first time had a sweet return

although I dig the currency is saved in the hand of appreciation, but after so much money, the in the mind of the most pressing thoughts into this back, must buy hardware money back as soon as possible. So, dig COINS left to his son’s idea thoroughly abandoned, immediately to currency into RMB become a new target.

two mining computer work day and night, after a few days had a 0.4 COINS. Open trading website, found that the market is good, a currency can sell for 970 yuan. To quickly!

trading process is like this, you first need to get a coin purse on the trading site address, and then fill to dig site address, from mining sites will dig into the currency import trading site, and then you can sell into RMB.

principle is very simple, similar to sell stocks, they offer, subject to, who offer cheap sell first. But steps more simplified, more like online games to sell the equipment inside. When an option is $970, for example, pen to sell as soon as possible, priced at 960 yuan, after a few seconds will be bought; The second trading market is 870 yuan, the price of 880 yuan, the result two hours after successful selling.


but there are multiple charge process, such as mining sites will charge, trading website will charge, and wants to sell renminbi cash withdrawals to gain tenpay or pay treasure inside to also be clasp for the formalities Fee. I can not help but sigh at this moment, no matter what age, miners are subject of exploitation, mining people will never be a rich man, really make a lot of money always provide mining tools and trading services.

of course, a few hundred dollars to get work, always feel very sweet in my heart.

find team started to dig into a fake currency guerrillas

although the domestic large number of people dig the COINS, but discuss basic technology and experience in the QQ group, it is not a definitive BBS. The author dug two weeks alone just joined a small COINS QQ group, it then turns out that the miners here the world far more colorful than imagination, finally found the team!

there is a good friend work in the room, for example, just put all mining computer company in the computer room, according to his months can save hundreds of dollars a year in electricity bills.

another build platform for the mining cost is very low, the CPU, mainboard and memory are second-hand, 3 big add less than $150 — because to dig the real work mainly by the graphics card.

in order to give computer heat dissipation and save costs, many miners in computer chassis, but with the cheap Angle from a shelf, accessories hanging above the computer directly to the “naked” operation.


but most everybody discussion or what “shanzhai” currency income is higher. Because more and more people are due to dig the currency and the benefits already. Now from several similar principle and the currency of the “shanzhai” COINS, such as the LTC, the FTC, FRC, CNC and so on, these COINS though the value is not high (for example, the FTC is only 2 yuan a), but dig difficulty ultra-low, overall revenue more than COINS. case Dig the currency such as the author of the computer every day can only receive income of 100 yuan, but dig FTC returns at least 200 yuan of above.

of course “shanzhai” money, after all, as well as the currency strong, even if temporary income is high, fall too quickly, but also gains better fake currency will come at any time. So the netizens become to play a gun, the guerrillas elsewhere, today everyone put COINS, heard that the FTC gains good dig the FTC to tomorrow, in two days good again to dig CNC CNC revenue.

epilogue: after spent nearly six thousand yuan of funds, the author deeply has been difficult to extricate themselves, digging the money selling currency has become the most care about every day. Regardless of how to evaluate public opinion even talk down the currency, prick silk miner’s life will continue.