A panoramic review five years: in those years together we overtake Android machine

five years ago, a smartphone, then it carries less poor . Few foresaw that mobile phone will become the next five years “leader” of change, more no one can think of it will promote scientific and technological progress, will bring the man-machine interaction (computer) fundamental change.

this phone is HTC G1, which is the first “Google phone”. What’s with this phone does not: look clumsy, full of bugs sliding type touch screen and a physical keyboard. Therefore, the phone was selling is not good. In 2008, the mobile phone market focus at that time is still relatively young apple iPhone and variety of blackberry, such as the initial Bold 9000.

we cannot arbitrarily say the G1 is the mobile revolution began, as science and technology progress of the motor will never stop, as a result, it doesn’t matter what the start and end. G1 also is a beginning:

G1 is the beginning of the era of Android.

look at Android development course of the past five years, you will be surprised to find the Android mobile phone has been changed. From G1 to the Nexus 10, from many aspects, such as a hardware, software, all loopholes, poor mobile phone, to now become a well-made, with leading mobile processor technology equipment. In the past five years, Google and his partners have fought the good fight. In the next five years, they will also be served for us?

a lot of people are expected on Wednesday to Friday’s Google I/O, Google will release a new version of the Android mobile phone. Google in November last year to update its flagship Nexus series products. New Android, President Sundar pillay looked (Sundar Pichai) to those who are looking forward to learn from the I/O recently Google’s latest product information of enthusiasts firmly pours cold water. On the I/O last year, Google released its new product — the Nexus 7, can be the case this year will be different. According to reports, sundar, skin looked, points out that Google on the I/O may not release new product information. How things, can be in the next two days.

with growing Android, Google will put the focus on those partners for its manufacturing equipment, such as samsung and HTC, this is the Android as a platform to gradually mature. Here, let’s review, who push the Android to age forefront.



: 2008 , 10 on 22 ,

hardware configuration: 3.2 inch screen (320 x480), 1150 mah battery (mobile), sideslip physical keyboard, 256 MB of memory (space can expand), a 192 MB RAM, 3.2 million pixels rear camera.

built-in system: the Android 1.0

the G1 (also called HTC Dream ) is the first Google flagship version of the smartphone. At that time it let people how much a little curious. People are most interested in is how this phone will put Google system application (for example, Google maps, Google street view, Google calendar, Google search) into the smartphone market. In the United States, the G1 only by t-mobile release.

Motorola Droid milestone


: 2009 , 10 on and ,

hardware configuration: 3.7 inch screen (480 x854), 1400 mah battery (mobile), sideslip type keyboard, 512 MB of memory (scalable space), a 256 MB RAM, 5 million pixels rear camera

: built-in system Android 2.0 (Eclair)

this is an explosive boom. Motorola Droid is the first truly be sought after by the masses of Android smartphones, it issued by Verizon for consignment. This phone is endowed with multiple tasks, its goal is to “do the iPhone can’t do”. Later, the “do” the Droid can also be collected into the weirdo’s sayings, when MOTOROLA also accomplished its high level in the smartphone wars. At first, the Droid is built-in Android 2.0 “Eclair”, but will soon be upgraded to a higher stability of the Android 2.1.

the Nexus One


: 2010 , 1 on 5 ,

hardware configuration: 3.7 inch screen (480 x), 1400 mah battery (mobile), 512 MB of memory (scalable space), a 512 MB RAM, 5 million pixels rear camera

: built-in system Android 2.1 (Eclair)

the Nexus One is Google launched the first self-owned brand Android mobile phones. This kind of mobile phone made by HTC, and soon became the most attractive Android smartphones on the market. From then on, the Nexus series mobile phone has become the new released Android “barometer”. The emergence of the Nexus One also opened up Google bypass carriers, direct sell phones to consumers through its website. This phone or first configure the NFC (near field communication) wireless function of the Android mobile phone. No among consumers in this experiment, the next Nexus series products are all sorts of partner selection from the Google version of subsidies, such as AT& T, t-mobile and Verizon and Sprint. Later, Google released no equipped with Android 2.2 Nexus device, in fact, after provides upgrade services, it will be the Nexus One as the flagship product of Android.

the Nexus S

the release date: 2010 , 12 on 16 ,

hardware configuration: 4 inch screen (480 x), 1500 mah battery (mobile), 16 gb of memory, 512 MB RAM, 5 million pixels rear camera, VGA front-facing camera

: built-in system Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)

With the

2010 years Galaxy S, samsung began to become Android at the top of the pyramid. Google to discover the South Korea in addition to its production partners, let it help Google Nexus equipment production in the next two paragraphs, the Nexus S is the first product of their cooperation. Is the Nexus S Android 2.3 Gingerbread’s flagship product, and the Android 2.3 release after a year, is still the most popular mobile phone operating system market.

Motorola Xoom

release date : on February 24, 2011

hardware configuration: 10.1 -inch screen x1280 (800), 6000 mAh battery (not mobile), 32 GB of memory, 1 GB RAM, 5 million pixels rear camera, 5 million pixels front-facing camera

: built-in system Android 3.2 (Honeycomb)

in the built-in Android 3.2 Honeycomb Nexus series products, Google to rest for a moment, immediately and cooperate with MOTOROLA, built for Android Honeycomb 3.2 flagship product. Can be proved that the Honeycomb and the Xoom is the worst part of the Android ecosystem, never cause any interest of the consumers and content developers. Honeycomb is irony as “intermediate”, even Google has never officially released the open-source Android kernel code to the system, and also there are few equipment using this system. Honeycomb is also considered Google for Android tablet this problem, a mismatching in the paper. Aiming at this point, is the only tablet Android release all configuration of Android or Gingerbread, for large screen devices, the two versions is the best choice. Honeycomb is identified as the Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich excessive version, between the two versions a good blend of the Android advantage ability between mobile phone and tablet, and conducive to the producer according to the screen size for its development and application.

Galaxy Nexus

release date : 2011 , 11 on and ,

hardware configuration: 4.65 inch screen x1280 (720), 1750 mAh battery (mobile), 16/32 GB of memory (no external memory), 1 GB RAM, 5 million pixels rear camera, 5 million pixels front-facing camera