A nine years old and senior staff in the eyes of rising “reduced” and “salvation”

sina science and technology Shen Yunfang

in August 2013, the first year of free anti-virus software industry in China has been in the past five years, “” 3 q war happened in less than two years, the industry has changed completely.

the division in zhongguancun building, the old antivirus software vendors in this office. Rising in zhongke building for 10 years or so haven’t move out, one of the reasons there is speculation that feng shui is good. Zhongke building was the first on the first floor, zhongguancun today under the mask of tall buildings in the tripod and dragon have been pedestrians ignore risk.

rising position in the industry and the building is a bit like: qihoo 360 with free mode has become the Internet security industry first, the market value of over $8 billion. Jinshan, though in the past few years have been marginalized, is trying to return to the mainstream through the mobile Internet business layout. Another veteran jiangmin antivirus manufacturers, have basically been forgotten. Rising situation is not good, but not to the most bad: in 2011, business comprehensive focus on enterprise products, in the fierce competition in the personal level business found a chance to live. But as a result of enterprise business attention than individual level business, rising in the industry’s attention more and more small.

“rising height, by software can sell $7 a year, including personal level products accounted for 70% to 80%.” On August 2, rising marketing director Tang Wei in zhongke building 12 th-floor office said. Tang Wei joined in 2004, and was in the building for nine years. Compared with other Internet companies modern office building, division 2 meters high and narrow corridor ceiling has somewhat backward. The corridor on the full range wall stickers, now or rising security software 2010 version of strip posters.

Tang Wei said is a “golden age” of 2006-2008, when domestic anti-virus software is sold, the form of a stand-alone software and antivirus software sold most s to the fire. Also at that time, the rising was out will be listed on the news. In 2007, also started with antivirus jinshan software listed in the Hong Kong stock exchange.

2008 became a subversive anti-virus software industry, including rising, jiangmin, jinshan, kaspersky, mainstream manufacturers are in a passive. That year in July, qihoo 360 announced the release of antivirus software and adopt a “permanent free” strategy to encroach on old vendors of the market. “We were not aware that this mode of disruption, the free model because not clear how to survive.” Tang Wei said.

not Tang Wei they surprise, 360 antivirus and 360 security guards since the market share of all the way up, now has become the biggest market share in domestic security software vendors. More importantly, security software became qihoo 360 on the PC “lifeline” products, with the two software channel capacity, qihoo 360 successively to expand out of the browser, such as site navigation and search “cash cow”.

in March 2011, the decadence of individual level business, have to make “DuanWan:” announced permanent free personal level products. This measure is the trend of The Times, also be compelled helpless. 2008 years later, rising antivirus software sales have been falling, the most depressed when a day can only be sold more than 1000 sets. Declared free of charge at the same time, rising the focus shifted to the enterprise products, the focus is on government forces, financial, telecommunications enterprises.

“the transformation of the focus of the enterprise also is to let the company to survive. Personal edition we didn’t give up, our personal level 2008-2008 the number of users of the products is falling, free after is steadily rising.” According to Tang Wei, rising at present enterprise product sales in more than a $a year, individual level of antivirus software users at around 20 million.

in the past five years, rising experience is not only the pressure on the level of performance, and competition around the team. Around the year 2010, the high-level of erosion. Responsible for the market, vice President of Mao Yiding departure in October, almost at the same time and leaving the company market governors’ forum. In 2011, rising the CTO liu because of body reason, followed him and leaving the company, the two technical backbone. This round of instability directly influenced the rising in product development: the rising antivirus 2011 release time delay again and again, the new version of the stability and the user experience also exist obvious problems.

let problems we face at home and abroad the company began to follow the opponents do “sideline” to make money, such as the browser and the web site navigation. Now, there are still a small team in charge of the site navigation, the multimodal transport business such as games, but these business contribution to the company’s income is not big. Rising now “lifeline” is the enterprise products. After 2010, rising to determine three strategic business direction:

is a enterprise security domain, in addition to the existing enterprise market, rising based on cloud computing and virtualization is the new direction of security solutions. Rising with huawei recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement, cooperative development virtualization solutions.

2 it is enterprise mobile security management (MBM) system , rising are developing MBM products of the enterprise, and as a new growth point of rising performance.

is a people level of three mobile Internet products , rising in the mobile security team separately formed mobile Internet products group.

look from market pattern, rising above listed three areas will face rivals. In terms of enterprise market, golden hill network in March this year the enterprise edition anti-virus software group split, through MBO pattern formed “kingsoft security systems company”. The company’s business will direct conflict with the rising of enterprise business. Qihoo 360 also launched a free anti-virus software enterprise. Mobile Internet, qihoo 360 phone security guards had occupied a considerable market share, and with “360 mobile phone assistant” in the mobile terminal has formed strong distribution capacity. Jinshan, tencent has been in the field of mobile security since last year. The competition is relatively moderate enterprise mobile security management system, this also is rising business of the most promising new growth point.

“our goal is to return to the first. We are also aware of the industry structure and the problems of its own. If goals are set is the second, third, it can’t do the second and third.” To question whether rising stage a comeback, Tang Wei gives a slightly fuzzy response.

how much of a rising this 5 years of experience, there is still hope to reverse the situation? Can listen to Tang Wei the senior staff to tell:

here are Tang Wei readme:

once great

I’m interested in computer computer from high school, it began to self-study, buy “computer signs up for” and “public software”, also do clippings. In 1998 I is the rising of the user. I read in the capital normal university is computer application, graduation, more than a year later.

my first knew of rising from CIH virus. The virus is in the late 90 s, Taiwan students), every year on April 26, especially famous. My first computer in the virus, don’t know how to kill it. Understand the computer, then find the told me to buy, to kill, I bought it. It is a floppy disk version of the rising of the 98 version, I was particularly impressed: floppy disk into, into the DOS, flashed a clean kill, that’s great. Then I have been use rising to 2004, then to rising threw a resume to the company.

2007, and 2008 is the height of the rising, at that time we sell one year by selling software $7, including personal products accounted for 70% to 70%. Qihoo 360 announced in 2008 that free antivirus software, our income structure began to change. Buy less obvious anti-virus software, a sharp drop in our paying customers. This is not only us, including all of the jinshan and kaspersky anti-virus vendors.

at first we didn’t realize this model the impact of the free. Don’t realize this model how to survive, when first we ask is, how to live free product? Second, the product won’t have a very good quality. Antivirus by very good technical accumulation, the industry must have very good technology, and the accumulation of this part of the technology is need a lot of input, can’t maintain sustained investment circumstances, your technology will lag behind, after falling behind, product is not good.

but the market display result is really out of our expectation. In 2010, the influence of the free mode is big. Rising personal antivirus installed when more than 80 million. In 2010, the lowest when every day is more than 1000 sets of new registered users. 1000 multiplied by 300 days, one year is 1000 users, the number is too little for us previously.

we announced in 2011 that personal level products for free. Before we can do $7, by the large channel sales model. After free agents across the country cannot accept. In order to appease the agent, we lost a big tens of millions. At that time is to give the individual level product distributors return or exchange.

zhou give everyone a lesson, no longer charge directly from the user, a different way to charge. This way then we can see, see.

announced personal level products free of charge at the same time, we put our focus to the enterprise business. Of course this adjustment is in order to let the company to survive. Personal edition we didn’t give up. In 2008-2011 of our personal user population is declining. But since March 2011 free, up to now we are in the steady growth of individual users, is now around 20 million.

labor personnel loss

we most people is about 2008-2011, nearly 600 people. Now is about 500 people, more didn’t how much more, little also not much less. Around 2010, we walked more high-level, the first market, Mao Yiding MAO always because of body reason. Almost, the marketing director ‘forum, they are gone. Focus on research and development on this, we will loss a lot. Development general manager liu left, went into business for themselves. And then the anti-virus Montana two, they are gone. They follow liu gang, and now with him do a safe product.

when the personnel changes is bigger, but the company internal collective mood also not pessimistic. I think should be in early 2010, wang’s boss (refers to the rising chairman Wang Shen) under a command, something of a guidance, let everyone doesn’t want to look at the others, concentrate on do their products and technologies. When the company collective atmosphere can actually. I stayed here for 9 years, we pay not the best, but it still has a can let many people become old employees, and became a senior employee of such a kind of power, this is indeed.

of course, there will be the influence of staff turnover, in 2010, the 2011 version of the product is not good. Because liu walked, a product manager halfway substitution, lead to the product in terms of user experience, stability, there are some obvious problems. Free before our voice is bigger, because investment is larger for both product and market. After free, we mainly give cut the market investment, but there is no cut product this. We focus on doing two things: first, to set up the personal version of the product research and development team; The second is to strengthen the enterprise research and development, including also made corresponding adjustments. Before we actually didn’t pay special attention to the enterprise business, now is the enterprise, while a person, is equal to the said walk at the same time.

then we also hire some people, but at the time may not be satisfied. Because rising antivirus circles whampoa, jinshan, jiangmin, now 360 and some of the foreign manufacturer, can be seen rising. In this case, we want to recruit directly from outside again particularly high level of people is difficult. So the hiring at the same time we use “mentoring” in the internal training new people, is very old, very good experience engineer to take these newcomers. We also give separate research and development team, because doing this thing if there is no safety team specializes in research, products, technology is not good.

2011 “3 q war”, our internal instructions is not involved in any war. Before and now I to this kind of rhetoric is disdainful attitude, I think to do their own to go, but now under the condition of the Internet, you miss, you have no voice may be marginalized. Now we still have to return to the first goal. We say when have this strength can be had, at least not now.

to return to the first target

, starting in 2011, at the enterprise level this power is a constant. , is now a relatively complete enterprise security solutions domestic manufacturers. We released last year “, a network terminal security management system “is aimed at small and medium enterprises of a more complete solution. Its functions include auditing, access, assets, etc. It is not a simple anti-virus software, because the enterprise the problem is very complicated, absolutely not to say that the antivirus can solve. And our wire type gas wall, network security early warning system, Internet behavior management system products, these are the hardware products. Now the enterprise income is about one hundred million more than a year. Clients are relating to main components before rising, but since last more than a year, we are also in constant development of relating to the user. Recently, a few examples, such as commonwealth bank of Australia, hangzhou bank, in the financial, telecommunications, energy, this three piece we now open up more. This year has a special big list in the field of education, doing now. On the other hand, the enterprise constantly seek cooperation with some top good mills, such as the recently developed virtualization solution and huawei. Why do you want to do that? Enterprise information security with the personal information security really is not the same, there are few one vendor can do really a complete solution, are in the field of a relatively complete. I said just now, for these products in fact it is not enough, is far from enough.

to return to the first not we now still have idea, but the goal. Go back to the first? The gene is safe, rising our main line is safe, how to achieve safe first, how to do? The market must be subdivided. Down to what degree? We now have three lines: first, enterprise is still a big market. After the outbreak of prism especially “door”, people all over the world to realize the enterprise information security problem is beyond the imagination of all people. Rising enterprise do more than ten years, one of the biggest problems is our education users affects only a small number of people forever. nullnullnullnull