A new version of the Mini or will carry the Retina display as early as July

the Mini is rapidly growing as the backbone of the apple products, according to the news that the the Mini can even is apple currently sells the best tablet. This mini the 11 early release. On the apple quarters as much as 1950 all recorded in the amount of pin , the Mini to be reckoned with. Therefore, the future for apple the Mini upgrading equipment, such as carrying Retina measures such as the retina screen is imperative. According to the MacRumors the website of the latest report, released this summer apple may carry Retina screen the Mini .

the NPD “analysts said Retina screen may be in June and July cellulosic ethanol, producers will mainly , not broken samsung relationship with apple. Load the Retina screen the Mini continue with 7.9 in screen, the resolution will be up to the pixels. Pixel density is expected from the current 162 ppi to 324 ppi , or with the iphone 5 326 ppi . Based on the above configuration, the Mini can well compatible with specially designed for full size the Retina screen design. At the same time, because the screen size shrink, the Mini the pixel density is higher, the same application to use there will be more exquisite and visual experience.

Retina plane production start date will be subject to carry Retina screen the Mini the estimated shipping date to adjust . Estimated shipping date in about 7-9 month. according to the recently apple CEO Tim Cook (Tim? The new cook) statement to see the new Mini is likely to be available in the autumn. In the latest apple investor conference, Cook to we are looking forward to the autumn or 2014 years apple will launch a new product, it suggests that at least until then to see if the new device Mini general amazing products .

the Mini on Retina screen, will help apple to solve so far the reviewers pointed out the only weakness. When the the Mini the evaluation of the launch, the reviewers generally mentioned the Mini did not pick up Retina this screen. Of course, there are a few sound pointed out that this is apple’s gross negligence. Although opinions vary, the loading of the new screen can at least meet those more Retina technology, let them make a high praise.

earlier leak photos show that the next generation of the Mini will be slightly thicker than now release version . This apple launched the first Retina screen the , in order to adapt to the Retina screen, while the is slightly increase in girth and weight. But the author expected the only early prototype. After all, the first 2 , 3 and size between the change of the weight is too obvious, even some eliminated the benefits brought about by the new screen.

in the war in the tablet of the merchants, apple did not fall. But some competitors also began to power. Companies such as asus of earnings report released this week, for example, its revenue data have been compared with the past presents obvious gains. Asus tablet were sold last quarter 300 ten thousand units, of which the asus cooperation with Google’s the Nexus 7 took up a large proportion. the NPD “ said amazon’s the Kindle Fire series tablet will be on board of a new generation of products 300 ppi or more resolution display. As a result, the apple on the new generation of products using the best display will be of significance to stabilize its industry leadership.