A new version of the iPhone or will be released next month to 10

science and technology of foreign media reported All ThingsD, apple is likely to be in on September 10, launched a new generation of iPhone.

close for some time, (13.2%). On the one hand, Android devices have dominated the low-end smartphone market, on the other hand, as the strongest rival apple, samsung and apple’s war continues to upgrade. However, with the iPhone, apple still took away most of the profits in the market. As a result, the appearance of the new iPhone will undoubtedly give apple’s arm into a needle.

in addition, the uproar was hype, also is likely to set off a new round of “apple fever”. Though, it is unclear whether always with elite whether apple will be down, take low price strategy challenges Android, but apple’s promotion has already been done. In order to encourage consumers to buy their products, the apple for a year or two ago, the boss of the iPhone, usually for us $100 – $200 price promotions.

other aspect, mainly concentrated in the performance of the new iPhone. For example, a new generation of the iPhone camera, processor and.

although, photos, code frequently exposed, but the iPhone is still a mystery. So far, the only thing we can be sure of is that the next iPhone will use iOS 7 system.

hunger marketing has always been apple’s best marketing strategy. Apple will WWCD conference in June each year, and fresh air at the conference to the media. After lots of news about apple’s new system, new equipment, prompted speculation about apple’s products. Not only that, in the new equipment released a few weeks before, also have countless so-called “people familiar with the matter,” the Revelations about apple’s new product photos, code, and a new function and so on. Over the years, apple this campaign strategy, has become a fixed pattern.

at present, the company has not yet been to the rumors that comment.