A new version of Google maps will be open to all users

remember at this year’s Google I/O conference, held a new forward? Google Google today formally to all users to develop forward web page version of Google.

the new forward the user interface of Google has been exposed for some time. I suppose, as Google’s loyal users, you must have already to start their invitation version forward the Google (to Google to send mail to apply for, to be invited to rear can use). Underneath, small make up just tidy it up for you the new forward the updates of Google:

§ map full-screen

§ use vector data, instead of the original easy to load and handle graphics data

§ spectacular view: when you click on the satellite image button, the map can give a perspective of what brought you to Google Earth. Street view you can also view the most places, and for some support Google map building, you can even walk into the building.

§ navigation will present transit lines beside the driving route. To do so in addition to more to know each other to provide information, I estimate is to reflect the environmental awareness of the Google.

there must be a lot of people have gone to map.google.com now, don’t try so hard, the focus in the back. The user directly open the Google Map and saw the still original Map. If you want to try out, then to access and use immediately after clicking the button. In this way, your forward (web version) is upgraded to a new version of Google maps.