A new generation of Nexus: the Nexus 5 still manufactured by LG, carrying the Android 4.4, the screen is slightly greater than 5 inches (video, images)

hunting cloud network has just reported that Google official a new generation of mobile operating system Android 4.4 Kitkat a Nexus of unknown device. Foreign technology media have speculated that the device is likely legend new generation Nexus: the Nexus 5. Xiao yun through repeated exposure look at this video, found many interesting details.

this should be a new generation of Nexus

first of all, let’s look at the details:

1, from the point of appearance, this is a mobile device instead of tablet (please note that the size of the mobile phone and grip palms).

2, this kind of mobile phone in the Android 4.4 propaganda video, and also the time for the annual renewal Nexus. how to don’t let a person recognized it as a new generation of Nexus?

3, the Nexus of the big Logo on the back of equipment from bottom up, with the second generation is the Nexus 7. and the first generation of Nexus 7 tablet and Nexus 4 Logo are upper sideways to write on the back of equipment.

my own new Nexus 7 tablet:

video exposure in the screenshot of the new Nexus:

look like? But there was an obvious with the Nexus phone cameras below flash, and is the size of the mobile phone is not the size of the tablet.

4, new phones looks bigger than the Nexus 4 (4.7 inch screen), is likely to be greater than 5 inches (note that LG’s new flagship LG G2 screen size is 5.2 inches)

Google male staff in his hand on the left is the Nexus of 5, is the Nexus of 4 on the right side of the female employees take

5 is still likely to be made by LG Nexus foundry

through careful observation of video capture, small make up found at the bottom of the bottom of the Logo with existing Nexus 4 information almost unanimously. That should be in LG LOGO. familiar friends all know that the Nexus equipment Nexus lower back is the production side of the Logo and the FCC Logo, screenshots of the red circle part that was only an icon and two letters, is unlikely to be a sign of MOTOROLA or HTC and samsung. Careful contrast Nexus 4 and the mysterious equipment, we can infer that carefully, the new Nexus still contract by LG.

Nexus 4 back:

official video screenshots of the new generation of Nexus back:

what has been discussed above, we infer that a new generation of Nexus will launch the Android 4.4, and listed in the current quarter. The device may be called the Nexus of 5, the screen size slightly bigger than the size 5 inches, is still by LG contract.