A new generation of autodyne magic MeituKiss begins at 8 o ‘clock tonight is scheduled to be hot?

5 and message, the picture show today in 798 held a conference to launch the MeituKiss phone, the phone main function of autodyne, front and rear camera are 800 all pixels.

MeituKiss 2199 yuan, 8 will today night point in formal official website accept reservation, the first batch of set limit to 18888 units, 6 6 launch day.

the picture show the founder Wu Xinhong said, they found that the autodyne is the user demand, but because of mobile phone front camera, a lot of take pictures are flawed. So last year 7 month, the United States decided to launch a flagship autodyne picture show a mobile phone.

but MeituKiss phone not only increased the front-facing camera pixels, but around the autodyne increased more. From the hardware, MeituKiss a front-facing camera for 28 mm wide-angle lens, suitable for collective self-time, at the same time also increased the take key. From the software, MeituKiss add many skin care function, and can display real-time filter effect.

as a popular image of modification and beautify the application, the picture shows has established a large user. The picture shows chairman Mr. CAI said today that the beautiful picture show its applications downloaded 4.45 , daily processing photo 4.6 .

MeituKiss phone configuration details:

system: a customised version of the Android 4.2

before: all the 8 million pixels. Have the f/2.2 large aperture, equipped with independent ISP chips.

after the camera: 8 million pixels

screen: 4.5 -inch, 1280 x 1280 IPS screen (326 ppi)

: CPU quad core 1.2 GHz MT6589 processor

shipped to save: 1 gb of RAM

memory: 8 gb of built-in storage

this kind of mobile phone configuration are mainstream. The target group is, of course, is not sensitive to the configuration, to take pictures and sensitive image processing of the female population, well, such a group of words or universal. Propaganda video appreciation:

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