A loophole in Facebook “friends recommend” has 6 million user privacy

according to foreign media reports ReadWrite science and technology, has always been to “rapid development to break the rules” for the idea of Facebook, but because of some defect in technology and more than 6 million user privacy was leaked.

as the world’s biggest social networking site, Facebook contacts map is quite strong, on the basis of the “strong ties” of “a friend recommended” function, but also to expand the scope of social users. However, it is this “big data” based intelligent recommendation feature, led to the leaking of the user. By “than” the user’s E-mail address and phone number and other personal data, Facebook’s “recommended system” is quite intelligent and accurate. But because there are a BUG in the software system, leading to some contact information of the user are stored by other users’ personal information. When users to download the file, also in unwitting circumstance “theft” of the others’ personal data.

Facebook in its official blog to admit the fact, and said the “leak” privacy is not intentional of lost. In addition, they point out that so far, no evidence can be used for malicious behavior suggests that the privacy. Facebook also didn’t receive any related user complaints.