A letter from former new egg executives: gang culture ruin the new eggs

article/Lin Fenglei

once upon a time, newegg have also is one of the representative electric business. Of course, this has been skimming activity in the past.

in jingdong mall is expanded to 30000 people today, in front of the new egg executive founded Yi Xun network successfully sell tencent’s arms today, former glory of newegg China in land for the family, the rumors out of China.

it seems to be another foreign companies fail at typical cases in China. But it may not be that’s all. I know a newegg former executives, at this point in time, delivering the email to me. Taiwan gang culture is, in his opinion, newegg China and even the entire newegg rout. Because you know the reason, I left out the names of the former executives.

not wordiness. Attach a small: (the title by the editor to add)

gang culture


to this day, in the left newegg after a period of time, I still often recall the experience, this is a very unique and unforgettable experience.

first joined from newegg, seems to , as long as join newegg, will choose a gang, don’t choose to gang , you can’t based in newegg, and in the newegg for a period of time, I met a variety of gangs.

, for example, the original Gu Jianxing is excluded. After 2011, Gu Jianxing departure, by substituting ChiYong letter Gu Jianxing position, about 3 months in the year 2012, with the new egg commission (newegg management of China’s top institutions) relationship better assistant general manager mike Chou become President after ChiYong letter is excluded, the COO has been stripped of power gradually, finally only marketing management, until in 2012 at the end of the year was out of the area.

trust only Taiwanese

in addition to the gang culture culture, newegg believe only Taiwanese, the biggest problem is not believe Chinese executives and employees.

you can see, besides Gu Jianxing, successive newegg executives, there is no Chinese.

Chinese employees is difficult. After mike Chou take over China , newegg and sent many Taiwanese executives take over many newegg key business units.

in fact, newegg have strong spirit of xenophobia. Newegg although rich in the United States, but its founder is Taiwanese, do it after, new egg white executives are driving out of the United States, senior management team are replaced by Taiwanese.

you see, the media had reported, newegg even in the United States by union protests, accused only hire Asian executives, and not provide jobs for the American people.

Taiwan executives really don’t understand the electricity

because gang culture, because trust only Taiwanese, so, many executives on electricity to outrageous levels do not understand.

, for example, incumbent President mike Chou is HR background, and found a batch do HR people to China as a key position. induction new egg, when the Taiwanese by local Chinese staff training for a few weeks they what is baidu, taobao.

in addition to the commission, the United States new eggs in the form of a “war report” to manage China’s new eggs. Is to regularly to each Chinese new eggs, head of the industry situation, competition analysis, coping strategies to make PPT, and then through the phone video conference, let us commission to review the “reports”. This mode of management, every song words that struggle to cope with China’s new egg workers to write the report, and don’t understand the Chinese market of the executive committee and with years of experience to Chen accused China of employees to do well.

such as the board of Jackson zhou, now retired lives in Canada, also from Taiwan, strong (an electronics enterprises), are ignorant of the electricity suppliers, with the past experiences of B2B B2C business to direct China’s new eggs.

two wonderful work example.

in April 2012, when China newegg “combat report” routine. Executives with Jackson zhou a conference call. At that time, newegg into a batch of wireless router, although the selling price is low, but sales are still not good, then we analysis the conclusion is that the main because of jingdong to sell the same kind of router is much cheaper than new egg 4 dollars, and according to the calculation of jingdong’s may lose money. Jackson zhou immediately made a move, he said: “let’s go to the jingdong 100 million orders, buy this router, could be 400 million, jingdong (jingdong) maybe will fall down.” At that time, at present you sweat.

and an example is, before the new eggs have a warehouse in south-west, because small shipments, warehouse basic idle. In the third quarter of 2012 and a report on “combat”. New egg logistics proposal is in a smaller warehouse, in order to save costs. who knows Jackson zhou through overseas telephone 1: “what change? Why not take advantage of spare warehouse to open a nightclub or karaoke bars? .”

the new egg employees squealed “reports”, every time is all-night meeting (in the United States, because the committee to cooperate executive jet lag).

even more interestingly, in March 2012, the new egg open platform with gome online to discuss cooperation, invite gome into new eggs open platform, gome online was also very active cooperate, promised to give 1% of the new egg into + some advertising. the results we are full of exciting commission agreed, such as the result the United States commission there asked: “gome is important? Why do you want to work with gome? Gome to absorb new eggs? Why don’t best buy?” It was completely don’t understand Chinese! as a result, discuss the case dragged on.

in October 2012, Taiwanese people are anxious to open platform to make money, and help gome online, said into to 0.6%, or later due to internal divisions failed to cooperation on new eggs. When I left, gome and the case without new eggs.

the executives of Taiwan does not seem to have to find a way to combat jingdong. weeks will start every Tuesday morning, mike Chou’s tone is this — – don’t worry, jingdong is to burn the vc money, their business model is not healthy. Vc money to burn, such as jingdong will collapse sooner or later, the new egg would have a chance.

communication cost is too high

and other foreign companies, communication cost is very high, long time period.

, for example, many important decisions, new egg to the commission for instructions, or to the management of headquarters in the United States called for instructions. Besides time, communication difficulty or if what is said above, mainly new eggs of the top management of the United States and China don’t understand the electricity company, also not familiar with China.

, for example, the new China to apply for a promotion, lower prices, but the thinking of foreign executives are difficult to understand, because the United States on the other side of the price and the tax is calculated separately, the price is include tax in China. Often has not responded to come over, to calculate the along while, finally decided to promotion, May Day lily is cold.

, for example, we talk about cooperation and mango net, the contract is signed, but new egg foreign executives are difficult to understand, the new egg so why sell digital products e-commerce sites to sell the ticket? This kind of thing too much.

new egg big boss’s mind is not in China

new egg big boss Fred Chang, a state of mind is not in China, especially in China the new eggs.

because the economy is bad, the new egg business in the United States also is not so good, he care on the Chinese side. Since last year, China began looking to sell and financing new eggs. I the deepest impression is that every once in a while, the company will be hung a banner, the effect is: “welcome to XX investment” or “welcome to XX company”. New egg finally did not sell and to get financing.

so, new egg crisis is established, and finally whether to withdraw from the Chinese, how to sort out the stall will have to walk.

PS: I posted the letter, is not the same as I completely agree with the point of view. The an is not a new egg “hacker”, just I think, if is described herein is true, then the new eggs really want to have a rethink, the other foreign companies or electricity companies in China are also want to have a look, if you have such a problem.