A ban on foreign tourists visit to north Korea, the mobile Internet

Beijing time on March 27, news, according to foreign media reports, the Korean tourism website notice said, into north Korea foreign visitors will still be able to buy a SIM card to call international long distance call, however, they have been banned from access to the mobile Internet.

north Korea has only just allowed foreign tourists to visit its 3 g wireless Internet, less than a month now and cut off their contact between the mobile Internet.

a long time, the mysterious country is strictly limited within their borders to foreign tourists to access the Internet through mobile devices, as well as requiring foreign visitors before entry to the cell phone in the airport or immigration. Last month, announced the country would soon relax the regulation. The country’s residents are expected to use some voice and SMS services on the 3 g network, but also not allowed to access the mobile Internet.

on March 1, the north Korean government holdings of business of 3 g mobile service provider, the company began to provide mobile services, allowing foreign visitors to carry its compatible WCDMA mobile entry, or lease phone and buy a local SIM card at the airport.

however, Korea tourism website recently published a notice, according to the program has ended. The notice is as follows:

“notice: 3 g network access services are no longer give into north Korea foreign tourists. Sim card can still buy to make international calls, but the mobile Internet has banned access.”

the site did not say why the termination of foreign tourists visit the mobile Internet. North Korea to make a move, however, is precisely the background of the relationship between north Korea and South Korea and the United States into once rigid. Recently, north Korea was accused of a south Korean newspaper, Banks and government web site launched a massive cyberattack on several times.

translation: tencent technology