8 third update details: Microsoft officially released WP significantly improved, but there are still defects experience

Microsoft yesterday formally released the third update – for WP8 GDR 3 (). Was previously reported, the upgraded system is in order to better serve the big screen (5-6 inches), high resolution (1080 p), carrying qualcomm MSM8974 quad-core processors.

the following is a major update of WP 8 GDR 3:

, in order to better use of the size of the big screen mobile phone, the new system adds a more dynamic magnet, which means that the WP screen orientation and emission up to six column icon; In addition, the new system also arrange more applications will use the big screen, email, photos, contacts, music, video and other built-in applications will also be expanded;

, finally introduced function and can be customized prompt screen rotation lock function;

new driving mode. Through a bluetooth device, driving mode allows the user in the process of driving, restricting certain notification. In addition, the driving mode, the system will also received SMS automatically reply;

, add “WP 8 mobile auxiliary functions”, launched a series of application, improve the easy sex. Features such as screen reading can help the blind receive text messages, notifications;

, the task bar to make updates, has a direct close function of application;

bluetooth, wi-fi, upgrade. Add out-of-the-box wi-fi access function, furthermore, via bluetooth connection to share network hot spot.

however, the GDR 3 still did not inform center control ring, the status bar display power, as well as size and media playback volume.

it is understood that it is not clear how soon will the GDR 3 formal 8 posted on all WP (estimates over the next few weeks or months). However, developers by Microsoft “developer preview” project can be in today’s experience the new system after the upgrade.