7 inch tablet, carrying four prototypes, sells for $199, nvidia prototypes Note tablet, is really the Nexus 7, the second generation?

last year, with nvidia prototypes 3 Nexus 7 199 $price and abundant functions performance refresh people for Android tablet ratio of cognition. Standing at the front desk scenery is Google and asus, and nvidia is the force behind this unprecedented price possible: nvidia Kai project has greatly reduces the cost of each component.

however, Google and asus joint production of a new generation of Nexus 7 but abandoned the nvidia plan, and adopt the qualcomm Xiao dragon S4 Pro Soc , inner nvidia decided to recreate classic: 18 day, nvidia announced own brand tablet prototypes Note . This fellow 199 $tablet on the function of the the first generation of Nexus 7 more give prize, has many exciting function. 7 inch tablet carrying the latest prototypes 4 processor, built-in carefully customized touch screen pen. Thanks to the prototypes powerful image processing ability, prototypes Note equipped with cameras can shoot HDR photos and slow lens. In addition, the prototypes Note basic configuration including the fuselage memory, MicroSD card expansion slot, Micro HDMI slot, etc. The prototypes Note the only inferior is the screen resolution. After all price 229 $ the Nexus 7 but have high resolution. and prototypes Note will directly face from the Nexus 7 the second generation of competition.

prototypes Note is specially designed for audio part, configure the nvidia called “provide the most abundant quality experience for tablet” in the bass reflex ports. At the same time prototypes Note also expanded the remote control experience. As long as the tablet after access television, is not only their own production of shields remote control handle, the other bluetooth connection game of manipulation of the handle can be remotely on a flat plate. Another added, prototypes Note i.e. photos leak last month prototypes Tab , just changed a name. Official explained, from the point of a lot of feedback, handwritten pen will be touch prototypes the main buy tablet. (and therefore changed its name to Note is more in line with this feature.)

perhaps more notable is prototypes Note the launch of the scope and sale business. Nvidia’s director of mobile business Matt Wuebbling said, nvidia will be solely responsible for prototypes Note the design and production, but not to sell this tablet. Nvidia will copy GeForce image processor business model, and the EVGA , ZOTAC manufacturer cooperation, such as the manufacturer is responsible for sales, while nvidia is responsible for provide pure android tablet experience, and publishing software updates. Nvidia said in the official blog, through such cooperation pattern, to sell manufacturers to provide technical innovation at a lower price, function, the eye-catching tablet, while nvidia can share these vendors mature sales channels of distribution. Believe it a win-win situation.

nvidia has also admits, prototypes did slightly hysteresis, the advent of the current market situation is not ideal. Through the launch tablet, nvidia is for prototypes 4 processor has opened up new markets. Wuebbling revealed that, after the nvidia processor is likely to continue this (with the corresponding digital device) market model.

the nvidia tablet plan will lead to a few big players on the market launch of the tablet similar characteristics? (a different name, but almost the same as powerful and cheaper) nvidia think the answer is no. Nvidia said that the choice of cooperation manufacturers in their respective responsible market does not exist in the area of competition. And from the analysis on deep meaning, the cooperation manufacturers’ equipment is not necessarily the same. Future nvidia or is likely to change the plan, allow sale manufacturers on a flat plate, customization, to a certain extent. Wuebbling said, “everyone wants to be able to heterogeneous and development, we also love it, in the development of the future we also waiting to see. “

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