7 dumped by new Nexus, nvidia in the tablet market how broken?

in the tablet market, nvidia has wonderful performances of plot, plot the hero besides nvidia, there are two leading role, is a Google, another is asus. It’s a pity that the time go by, much transformed, Google and asustek to find new love, lone nvidia in tablet market how can break?

2012 years, the first Nexus 7, which will cause the extensive concern of the market. But, you know in this behind the little fellow, not only Google and asus. Its chip makers nvidia once for the launch of this product, has successfully.

and the second generation of the Nexus 7, the first Nexus 7 is not used in qualcomm chip, in order to quickly grab market, Google chose the prototypes of nvidia 3 processor. The nvidia launched a program called “Kai”, hope that through as much as possible to reduce the price of tablet accessories, to compete with the price of similar products the Kindle Fire. However, after seven success at the Nexus, nvidia has been abandoned. Released last month, the second generation of the Nexus 7 adopted from qualcomm Xiao dragon S4 pro processors, rather than the latest nvidia prototypes 4. In addition, asus, a feet chuai open nvidia, the tablet is from Intel’s chip.

in the face of such situation, a chipmaker, also can make? Maybe the nvidia can choose their own brand of hardware. The prototypes Tab may be a difficult step nvidia.

this week, the domestic electronic products website, revealed a and are very similar to the first generation Nexus7 tablet. The same as for 7 inch size, matt sandblasting back cover, as well as the style similar signs, all of this is reminiscent of the Nexus7. This just called “prototypes Tab tablet,” to have two functions — a mini HDMI interface, and a handwritten pen slot.

in addition, the site analysis, the tablet is likely to be from a company called at home “Shenzhen hui wei Technology co., LTD.” (Shenzhen Homecare Technology) contract. In recently, the company announced to launch a carry 4 processor prototypes, with a touch screen pen tablet. Not only that, the two products is also very similar in appearance. It is reported, hui wei technology recently, contact with nvidia executives frequently. One picture caught the attention of the media: nvidia zhang jianzhong, vice-president of China’s standing in front of a white board, and the words of the pages clearly write Nexus7 (this is speaking to N 7 for combat target and learning object yao… )

we found in prototypes Tab from the brand logo of TM emerged in the upper left corner, this means that the product will not only released in China. In fact, in the United States in April this year nvidia has registered the trademark “prototypes Tab”.

whether previously reported, or nvidia yesterday announced it will itself as a new generation Surface RT production processor, we are not difficult to find, once the chip manufacturers are actively develop their own market. Although it is impossible to judge its future trend, but there is no doubt that in order not to repeat the story of the sad, nvidia has decided the direction of more independent.