58 city strategic cooperative purchasing service satisfaction with pay treasure payment again

on May 8, 2013, 58 city famous domestic life services platform with alipay held a press conference, announced a strategic cooperation. 58 city CEO Yao Jinbo, small micro financial services group, the domestic enterprise group President ali FanZhiMing, iresearch CO O RuanJingWen institute of electronic commerce, the ministry of Commerce Department, national leaders and related it team present over the media to witness this historic moment .

as a consumer protection services to promote an important step in the 58 city to introduce the alipay online bear trading after application, the user in the platform for service life, will be able to achieve “ pay satisfaction”. It is reported, the service will take the lead in 58 city second-hand channels online, and will in the next phase in channel site in other categories.

life service platform for the first time online security transaction

in the development and the rapid popularization of Internet, more and more people through the network, especially life services platform to solve a variety of needs in the life. According to relevant data, only 58 city reached about 150 million unique users a month, life services platform already into every aspect of people’s life.

however, as Internet usage environment increasingly complex, such as false information, payment security problem has been plagued by the user. In order to effectively improve the user experience, last year after the first to launch a service consumer protection in the industry, 58 city to pay treasure to guarantee users launch trading services. This is 58 city to promote consumer protection services on payments and clear direction is an important step in the development, to provide users with more convenient, safe payment and settlement services.

as we have learned, through the service trades, temporary custody payment for goods, pay treasure will help users and inform the seller to deliver goods, the users are satisfied with the goods after confirmation, pay treasure will automatically “thaw” trading money, money to the seller. If users are not satisfied with goods and services, you can apply for refunds, at the beginning of trading money will be returned to the user from alipay. if the seller fails to perform the promise, buyers can initiate rights safeguard rights and interests, 58 city will quickly rev. move rights protection mechanism, the first time to help users deal with trade disputes.

“the whole process is very safe, convenient, the rights and interests of buyers and sellers can be ensured by the maximum.” 58 city CEO Yao Jinbo said.

according to the planning of 58 city, pay treasure to guarantee trading service will be first applied to the second-hand goods trading, and gradually extended to the rent deposit guarantees, second-hand car trading guarantee multiple directions, such as in the future, will also extends to the wireless platform. 58 city hope that through continuous perfection of consumer insurance service system, will position itself as everyone trusted life services platform.

guarantee transaction push life service industry further development

pay treasure as a trusted by users of the platform, after many years of excellent service, has already become the pronoun of network integrity. The pay treasure to reach a strategic cooperation with 58 city department, is the ali system, establish the development team, alone for the first time and according to the characteristics of the life services platform tailored payment security services. Analysis, the move will effectively improve the 58 city consumer protection service system at the same time, will also arouse the enthusiasm for life services sectors of online trading, life service industry development entered a new stage.

although life convenient service platform for users to create a variety of, but users for life service class online trading has been conservative, especially in terms of second-hand goods online trading, many users choose to meet offline way to trade. this is not only to the user transaction adds many time, manpower cost, intangible also limit the development of life services platform. And 58 city in introducing the alipay transaction guarantees after service, users through the “guarantee” model to complete the payment process, will greatly save time and communication costs, reduce the production of trade disputes, more effectively protect the user’s money safe.

“the introduction of pay treasure to guarantee trading patterns, problems of second-hand goods online trading ‘trust’ problem will be solved.” Yao Jinbo said it would pay treasure to guarantee trading patterns into 58 city consumer protection services after system, platform of second-hand trading disputes rate will be very obvious improvement, , he said is full of confidence.

and, in the eyes of market analysts, into pay treasure to guarantee deal model not only helps to improve the user experience, also can promote the longitudinal deepening development of the life services platform. “Second-hand cars, such as platform secondary commodities, such as margin trading of secondhand goods, housing rental deposit guarantees, can guarantee mechanism in a mature under the payment system of complete”. Wang Weidong iresearch, a senior analyst said.

In fact,

, pay treasure to guarantee deal as early as in the online shopping market of online trading obtained evidence. data show that in 2003, pay treasure to not present, the domestic entire network transaction 1 billion yuan or so, however, in pay treasure original guarantee trading patterns, driven by created explosive growth in online consumer market.

“like the appearance of alipay for network transactions in 2003 to promote, pay treasure to guarantee deal can also provide a service platform for the life of the second outbreak growth momentum. Wang Weidong said.”