56 bet on a micro movie: differentiation to survive

Last night,

and in Beijing hosted the second and premiere, inventory of micro movie last year, the award of the award, the exchange of communication, home.

as a technology blog, xiao yun is not a movie to watch, but the video industry trend: 56 really intend to from micro movie?

video industry pattern: giant supremacy, the giant?

a series of capital movements and rumors, confirm the online video industry has begun to enter the giant the finale of supremacy. Youku + potato, strange love + PPS , sohu video + PPTV (complete), tencent video, plus onto another road music view… This is the video industry for the first three order several giant. Such as and , 6 so small and insufficient resources “years video startup”, how do you survive?

copyright, bandwidth, this is the video industry’s two biggest spending, advertising is one of the biggest piece of income. Can buy copyrighted content, also can self-control, but are the real gold Bai Yinhua net cost. Is there any pattern, and can make the content, and not to spend their own money, even can make money?

of course UGC , users create content. Now all the giant took almost all UGC , even the sohu video that is famous for “content” of the article are to vigorously promote the “user content”. In a blood UGC race, a giant video website still disadvantage, how the UGC ? and to answer is: micro movie.

micro film is film, especially advertising

generally refers to the micro movie theaters played, content is relatively short (a few minutes to tens of minutes) video works, it is two years of history. The initial context has two: 1 , grassroots, non-commercial. Ordinary people also director dream 2 , brand advertisers, advertising marketing, more like advertising type MV . There is two kinds of context fusion trend, and and at this kind of fusion.

dragon micro movie content marketing solutions

56 in micro movie, the film and advertising business, should be for the brand and service by the new movie at the same time. in micro movie that a , and should not only do video website, do you want to be more content production, channels and network driver for the integration of the whole content marketing solutions provider.

if some vendors, want to go to other video website advertising, it must make good advertising, and then put the above play forward (video advertising of ads users the most boring), or a traditional image ads.

if you want to implant the micro film to brand marketing, then they have to personally or recruit advertisement company agent: find director, actors, make up the story, right to get the video web site. Good-looking also good, if not too good, not to spend money to video website promotion also does not necessarily have good effect.

however, according to the and , if advertisers to recruit and . The and can provide one-stop service:

first, and help you find a magical, choose the story. and thousands signed director, in the field of original video boutique business years rich experience and data accumulation. Through data analysis, and may be more understand what the user wants to see what kind of advertising methods will not cause the user.

and again and , after all, is a video website, it has its own platform, although the traffic is currently not and giant, but these movies there is always a good channel to users.

the most important thing is: and through their cooperation resources (such as renren, baidu video channels, cooperation of microblogging “ V account, the local media, transit media, etc.) to the hype. Rely on the accumulation of data and experience, and necessarily better than traditional advertisers and advertising companies understand the Internet.

Difficulty in

this idea is very good, but is still difficult to achieve. One of the biggest problem is: and is a video web site, in a fierce competition if it wants to be a micro movie content marketing integrated service provider, it will borrow another channel. and help the video shooting, to youku potato planting? The somebody else give you play? If the advertising effect is limited to and and its channels, and the advertising effect will be satisfactory?

hunting cloud network directly to the and the net this problem are put forward. and net reply that on the one hand, and resource, is not limited to and platform, itself as renren’s company, you can try to use renren transmission of social resources, at the same time and baidu video, sina weibo many big V marketing accounts carried out extensive cooperation. As well as offline advertising such as bus media resources.

the second point is the key to good communication effect or content. If the content is good enough, in the