5.0 micro letter with the new mobile phone QQ is finally here

hunting cloud network on August 5

today, many popular products all, from the morning weibo taobao and WeChat, to today’s morning WeChat V4.2.1 version 5.0 and the mobile phone QQ also launched apple App Store together, moments that make you refresh, also effectively counter the WeChat rumors of delay.

among them, the most make you excited or long-awaited WeChat 5.0, although mind-blowing function as early as before the media exposure, but do not seem to affect everyone’s attention, and even many downloaders App Store briefly congestion phenomenon.

the new micro religious before had significant changes, the new are as follows: 1, the new game center, you can play games with friends; 2 shop, expression, the expression of fun here; 3, “scan”, can sweep barcode, books and CD covers, street view. Number 4, bindings, bank card, in the public, a key to achieve sweep in the qr code, App payments, 5, and the new collection function, as well as new ways to add friends: “hold the add friends” 6 fold, subscribe to news.

V4.2.1 synchronous online mobile phone QQ version of one of the biggest change is the game center has been added, the first line of products for the “love to clear every day”, this has to do with WeChat remain the same. At this point, tencent mobile gaming platform official appearance in an all-round way.

hunting cloud network, according to the android version of the mobile phone QQ is expected to be launched today afternoon.