360 “security” who violated the “safe”?

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in the fall of 2013 the Internet, is destined to have blood, 360 March on the Internet again.

when people for the first time in lives with finely appreciation with zhou’s peace: the language of a calm look at tencent replaced 360 married bride, sogou all come to an abrupt end.

on September 16, 360, “suddenly” found “bundling” disrelish sogou browser, and amend the sogou browser the user’s default Settings to 360 or Internet explorer browser;

on September 23, 360 mobile phone guard “suddenly” to “according to media reports,” found that mobile phone QQ browser there “holes”, mandatory pop-up prompts, induced uninstall mobile phone QQ browser;

on the same day, baidu assistant blocked by 360 in the same reason; Then, tencent QQ, micro letter products such as coefficient of innocent.

is this day, Zhou Hongyi in his security conference 360 new concept: flood safety. When people are still in the speculation of a “safe” marginal exactly where 360, 360, take concrete actions to tell people, in your mobile phone whether pre-installed application “needs”. Don’t need is not safe, must be a key to “uninstall” by 360.

on cell phone uninstall pre-installed applications, “the little white no food” (hunting cloud network note: the account is opened and economic observer reporter for) the new “Zhou Hongyi ‘world” is such a view:

“just, now Yang Jie just know, generic security is far beyond the limit of some software installation and operation, is to want to see him not pleasing to the eye all together kill clean, and the reason is that…… Oh, baidu’s classmate say: there is no reason to, not because of safety, not because they scan the text messages, more not because these APP read the location information, but because they are likely to “is not needed, just possibly, zhou always use adjectives is’ non-essential bundles. (the author’s note: according to the 360 official, is “psoriasis”. Hunting cloud network note: 360 officials say uninstall built-in software just 360 launched a new feature, let the user know what are the software in the cell phone, what software to keep and delete user makes not aimed at any one company or product.

however, but, but, Yang Jie weak weak to ask, ‘if need’ or ‘must have’ – not by the users themselves to decide?

moreover, how do you know I don’t like bundling? Yang Jie like? Has better compatibility with the built-in, bundled software also relives me an application store to find an app store, for example, Google maps, Google mail, Google search, I also want to Google will give you another one give Yang Jie bundle Google glasses, do all advised me to uninstall? Return to ‘immediately uninstall’?”

“small white don’t dish” specified, 360, in the “bloodbath” event is a direct violation of the user the option to annihilate. A key to the “select” restore “as-is” do what, so for example:

builders built a rough neighborhood, please decorate a company (equivalent to a pre-installed application vendors) to decorate the interior decoration of the standardization, the user entered, this inner decoration, floor tile, wall paper or sanitary ware, there are always some can’t satisfy users very small place (if you are dissatisfied with the overall is not buying the house). But now small area public security, it said, don’t you have not satisfied place? I give you to a “safe”, “a key repair”, let you back in the old days, restore a semifinished product for you. Do you want to decorate, ok, I have a “360 mobile phone assistant”, I will satisfy all your requirements!

according to the business logic, do not need too long, in the mobile Internet world, no matter how much you have had a “ticket”, will all become invalid, all in 360.

will stay, I thought I heard you this story. That’s right. The “security” to “story” 360 talked about many times, tried.

as early as 2006, when the 360 with the complex of power of the father, personally killed by 360 China’s rogue software, the father of zhou personally created 3721 rogue software to open the door of the “security”, and “free antivirus” to China’s Internet a “safe” life and death token. , for safety reasons, then take the PC browser market, then, in the name of security, with 18% of the search market.

but up to now, also in the name of “security”, main mobile browser market; And the fire into the mobile phone pre-installed market. It is obvious that 360 sword refers to the mobile Internet.

in the name of security, I want, can take at any time. This is 360.

suddenly, remind of a fable, this is perhaps the most valuable fable of this year, even China’s Internet the most in place of the fable. This is per the report, “independent surveyor” “confessions” – “why I against 360”, in the middle is written like this:

in real life, we all know that one of the most simple common sense: the area of security company is service charge to the owner. One year, however, a certain city, to a K security company, announced that they will provide free services to community. After several rounds of twists and turns, eventually K security company takeover of small area public security business.

K company come after, of course, all K security guards, and quickly changed into K company specialty area monitoring and control system, every Angle of the village installed monitoring system. The owners feel that it’s really hard to find good thing ah, have free access to the best security.

soon, K company for security reasons, quit the property company, change into K security property company; Next, small garden service companies into K security landscape; Then, the owners all cars are fitted with GPS navigation K security; Then, logistics, security and farmers, K K K security safety clothing, K TV, K safety computer, refrigerator and water heater, K K security door control and door lock… All everything is changed into the owner’s village K safety signs.

K security company will be the owner of the replacing it all away, just for one reason: that is, all this “security” services, are free.

but one day, B owner couple when the bank of China the bedroom in the home, the dark as they should be found in the home, turn on the lights and a security guard is bed to monitor the process of the couple having sex. The couple ashamed and resentful) : how did you get in?

the security guard said: “I have the key, out of respect for your sex life security, I have the right to protect you.

B owner couple to security experts, to protect their safety and privacy, only to find that security is not only when couples sex thing can come in “free”, they can at any time free access to the owner of the room; They not only at any public space of residential area to install the monitoring system, at the same time in any one perspective of indoor owner, secretly installed monitor.

in the field of China’s Internet, 360 plays, this is the security company K.

in China, why 360 can obtain such an important market position, in addition to the user privacy, the right to know, the network of autonomy consciousness is not strong, the biggest problem is China’s Internet users for Internet or “white”, they have no way to see what did 360, also have no way to see what is possible, what is not feasible; Also don’t know some of the 360 act in what it means today, tomorrow and what it means.

my mind, has been repeated scenes of kafka’s novel the castle, you don’t know why, you also don’t know how, then, as people kill you.

white moonlight, the grinding agains the long dao… “

this is the essence of 360 uninstall pre-installed mobile applications – will this market, all the “K” logo, to be dominated by 360.

sadly, 360 unsafe for people, who have perception, but don’t know, where is not safe. Recently to China’s Internet a super Daniel said 360 indeed violated the user’s right to know, to choose, but in terms of privacy, although it is for the user know it all, but actually did not do bad things. This argument super folly. Or the “independent surveyor” this a for the ending in “confessions” and perhaps one day:

“against the couple decided to call all owners of the community K security all violations of the company.

but let village all owner abnormal surprise: the day before the trial, suddenly appeared a lot of B owner couple on the network of information, for example, B owner female buttocks have three pictures of mole large circulating on the Internet; B the owner couple the absence of sun wages; B owner male with former girlfriend of 10 years of love letters from his ex-girlfriend computer be dig out.

B owner couple swirl in network “

this is probably the end all Chinese Internet users in the future… This is just a parable?