360 launched since the media platform Has been the first in

learn from insiders, 360 since the media platform of “360” wikipedia comes online today, is expected next Monday will be replicated in each platform in the company.

hunting cloud network login the page found that since 360 the media is the slogan of the encyclopedia, “take you find better WeChat weibo!” Will be on search engines, the platform for weibo and WeChat fetching the public platform for content, and content aggregation, search, navigation and other key page promotion in 360. Now according to the humorous jokes, finance and economics, science and technology, film, photography and travel and so on more than 30 categories collected a large amount of the media accounts, and summary display, hunting cloud network has been the first online.

however, the current page is somewhat monotonous, insiders revealed that the media platform version is expected to officially launched after 2 weeks, the function will be more rich.

it is understood that in addition to direct scraping, 360 is also establish contact with many people from the media, hoping to get authorization and even exclusive license, to avoid the copyright disputes.