360 guards “fit” behind: the occupation of the mobile Internet

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the mobile Internet is, baidu is investing $1.9 billion acquisition – 91, easecredit joint operators challenge WeChat, Scott and baidu navigation rob to shout for free. Now it seems that 360 is going to give a little oil on the fire.

is the early hours of Saturday morning, on August 31, 360 security guards low-key launch 9.5 beta, the PC security guards and mobile guards integrated together, can use a computer directly to mobile phones do physical examination, remote management, guard against theft and WiFi security check-up and WiFi sharing (even my WiFi), it is to fully occupy the rhythm of the mobile Internet highlands. This weekend, tencent, baidu and other bosses is doomed to be unreal.

the advantage – 360 guards the strategy of “fit”

the so-called, just can use 360 security guards to physical, mobile phone antivirus, clearing up the rubbish, can also locate on the computer you stolen phones. The author also made product, the integration of the looks be like simple, but is actually very strong user, it will be 360 security brand concept exerts a inserted in the mobile phone users the impression, further stimulate the number of users increased 360 mobile products.

sogou wang xiaochuan said, “the search has not only the search of the war, is dominated by other clients ability change”. Baidu actually afraid of be 360 depth integration of search, mobile… Or more products and functions, and relying on the powerful capacity “the tank type”, but was afraid of what to what.

is perhaps the most let baidu tencent tension, 360 security guards to 9.5 PC check-up and mobile medical tied together, the overall score, it is for “out of control” users can’t refuse. We can imagine, 360 security guards interface if just add a “mobile phone” button, click rate will not very high, but if it is for the PC and mobile phone unified examination score, believes that many people involuntarily the phone connected to the computer, a medical good speedup can form positive incentives, become the user to take the initiative to use.

have to say, 360 command of the product and user experience psychology is quite skilled. Take the simplest boot startup management, provided the msconfig tool Windows, but generally small white will not use, also do not know what startup should be banned. 360 leng the startup management has made the meaning that the optimization Suggestions, start the optimization, a key, still use to boot time PK rank test result, other security vendors still have to learn. This time it did in the PC software, mobile phone safety 360 and went to the front.

“fit” is not the end – zhou to mobile search

and, believe that won’t end 360 guardians of fit. Zhou had publicly, 360 in mobile Internet now has two pillars, one is mobile phone assistant, is a mobile guards. Rely on PC is more convenient for the phone to download music and video input software, 360 mobile phone assistant very successfully become the nation’s largest android app store, the 360 guardian “fit” upgrade is undoubtedly in the tank type power of mobile security business.

Zhou Hongyi also said that the two pillars support can’t afford a house. Throughout the layout of the existing 360-360 guards + 360 mobile phone assistant, 360 guardians + search (Ctrl + Ctrl), 360 guardians + mobile guards, 360 strategy clearly, blockbuster new products will share 360 security guards. Now, more than 360 users, 360 security guards for 360 any product, took in more than 50 million user level are very relaxed.

the author feels that fit real purpose is to consolidate the image on the mobile end 360, safe, convenient, help them in the mobile distribution, market and future possible products gain ground. Believe that is 360 choice in such a sensitive time, announced the PC, the mobile end double guard the root cause of the “fit”.

not crisis – someone to scold “bundling”

so, 360 strategy seems to be very robust, but there are risks. Almost certainly, within a week, criticism of 360 security guards “bundling” mobile guards will from all corners of the commentary.

actually, 360 from the idea of product integration, to avoid the risk of many may have been users make fun. Now look at the software bundle, usually have a heap of check box in the process of installation, the option to the user, but is actually take advantage of the loopholes in the user “do not pay attention to, careless”, and each other most of the bundled software has nothing to do, like chat software bundling a player.

look at 360 integration, such as in the function of 360 mobile phone assistant, icon, in that you point my will; Ctrl + Ctrl search, you can set the close call no longer; Again see the guard “fit” in the machines at the same time for the phone when a medical check-up, would be convenient to use, at least in the province of holding a mobile phone to every optimization under acceleration.

I feel 360 found the strategy of giving full play to the advantages of PC users, using the product experience to users, just like micro letter to launch aircraft games, products out there, the number of active users is sufficient to shock. In the scramble for the mobile Internet ticket team, at least in the field of mobile security, 360 found his “rob tickets” plug-in.