360 domestically: miss sogou means by baidu strangled?

this paper hunting cloud network readers contribute Confucius, does not represent our position.

regarding 3 bt bid for sogou, the latest rumors is a wholly owned, baidu has shares in the form of cash + love, both satisfy the baidu to search lair to defend, and round the video dream of zhang. High! It is high!

this battle is 360 opened the first shot, and is the most active, most 3 bt sincerity. What is the reason? Surface is 360 hope through sogou precipitation technology, perfect channel power, as well as a more powerful end actually behind the deeper reason is: 360 domestically, now already is a spent force, sogou is the only chance to save its external forces.

so, if baidu indeed scored sogou, that 360 will no doubt be facing the most severe crisis since its founding. Moreover, this could be the turning point of the company to the weak.

1:14 years at home and abroad for executives of immigration

according to the insiders, 2014, 360 will be a large number of cash management, including VP senior and middle managers. After 360 has now executives, including 2011 from blue to move sin’s chief marketing officer Richard xu, xu push led to the 360 cooperation with Google. In the same year from lenovo job market vice President Chen, Chen time in less than one year; And from baidu chief human resources officer joined zheng bin, etc.

for a large firm of thousands of people, the senior management team adjusted for various reasons, this in itself is not a problem, but the reasons behind the 360 executives almost all point to a: 360 slaves culture. It was revealed that Zhou Hongyi and qi’s management style is very strong, to follow the old employees well stand for many years, airborne especially hard to adapt. One of the most typical is Chen, Chen is said to have worked with before leave Zhou Hongyi has broken the fierce conflict.

2: at home and return apple stores in sight

so far, 360 App products by apple all the shelves has more than 100 days, it is by far the most severe punishment. Despite the Android platform share occupy a position of strength, but lack of channels of apple, 360 loss is a number of high-end users, its mobile App strategy layout and lame.

, 360 adopted two kinds of curve of “saving the nation” means to make up: first, by technical means to bypass apple limits, using third-party App tools, let not escape machine also can normal installation, App; Second, in the Appstore platform in a developer “ma3 jia3”, continue to act. But the two plans are ineffective.

more it is worth noting that in 360 for mobile distributed entrance lightweight is not much, only 360 mobile phone assistant. And on the external acquisition and layout, but also poor reputation in the industry. And according to the 91 mobile phone assistant Xiong Jun founder, in 360 and 360 for such cooperation to jointly develop joint, then got the 91 mobile phone assistant all code, then take this launched 360 mobile phone assistant. “Work with 360 May be very very risky, and is unable to control the risk.”

3: at home security card in the mobile Internet doesn’t work

in the PC Internet age, the core of the business model of 360 is to rely on the safety lever, a steady stream will import the browser, and realized by way of navigation, searching and transport.

but in the era of mobile Internet, despite the security problem of the Android platform is still serious, but more to return to its tool attribute mobile security App, and far less PC in the name of the security to establish strong distribution capacity. That is to say, the users to install 360 phone guard App just to ensure the security of mobile phone system, but such App cannot be induced by the movements of the additional 360 other users to install the App.

this means that 360 need to find a new distribution mode. But up to now, there is no good.

foreign 1: tencent, baidu tacit understanding siege of 360

tripping Internet company in China, baidu and tencent is a clear-cut stand against 360 power, any better factors for 360, are the two factors of suppression and blow. In 360 this issue, the two have already established the tacit understanding. For 360, something.

this bidding event, is the most actively involved in the baidu, tencent noncommittal on the surface, in fact, the main reason is that “baidu charge before, and none for tencent on”. Assume that once the disadvantage in the baidu and 360 bid for PK, tencent will immediately jump out to, adopt a more radical way blocked.

another case more telling, golden hill network as the same attitude specific anti – 360 company, tencent and baidu has to be the strategic investment.

2: foreign search share growth almost stalled

360 most fatal hidden trouble in the growth of the search business. As an extreme type pure channel search company, 360 at present nearly 12% market share for almost all come from the days of 3 b war, in the next six months the share is growing. Corresponding to this is that 3 b war, baidu’s market share is not affected.

to achieve breakthrough, 360 only move, or take the sogou, or working with Google to restart. But since Google announced his retirement from the Chinese market, its voice in the field of Chinese increasingly weak, and no one can solve the problem of frequent access failure. So only the sogou can break the peace, let apparently tilt, otherwise high inadequate low not 360 search will be boiled frog, missed the final chance to counter attack.