360 application was apple shelves still has more than 100 days why not return?

as one of the most famous App Store, apple’s App Store will soon celebrate its 500th one hundred million downloads. Yet the to open, and win-win for the purpose of opening the app store in 2013 years, application developers in China does not tolerate, because brush list, violation of user privacy, copyright and other issues, many domestic well-known mobile applications have been pulled from the shelves, of which 360 related products is the most miserable. As of this week, its related products by apple’s App Store the shelves has more than one hundred days. Alleged fraud is more miserable, beautiful MIUI official prompt content induced users, 360 phone guard recently was millet app store comprehensive win.

to be apple’s App Store long time the reason of the shelves, 360 has not given the official response. But industry analysts believe that the shelves or with 360 security issues related to privacy. The news that 360 by calling the apple does not allow API , access to the user sensitive personal information and the underlying operating system, leak privacy problems. Actually has long been controversy about network security application of invasion of privacy is never cut off, but it’s not 360 , the numerous mobile phone security products on the market have suffered similar questions. Iresearch with tencent computer butler jointly issued the “2012 personal network security annual report noted that 2012 years most of the users of network security is not optimistic: 70.0% Internet users to worry about was the attitude of network security, of which 33.3% said very worried; Compared with the 2011 year, netizens fear of network risk point more concentrated in the “money loss” and “privacy leakage discharge ” two aspects.

as the crisis consciousness enhancement, in view of the network security in recent years the privacy rights of action are on the rise. In a 360 , for example, last year 10 month, well-known network anti-counterfeiting fang denounced 360 collect user privacy, questioned 360 software security. This year 3 at the end of the nanjing consumer Melissa found 360 browser exist to spy the privacy of their behavior for a long time, and in a rage will qihoo 360 company to court, has now formally put on record. In this situation, senior IT observer ( weibo) said that security software is an armed force in the Internet, it has a higher system permissions on the computer, you can get a lot of the underlying operating system information, if the security software itself is not independent, but by security software, saying to do other business, it’s a bit similar to the underworld. Keso, points out that because of China’s market supervision does not reach the designated position, the enforcement of these questions are tolerant, so many Internet companies are taking advantage of the law.

this, Internet law expert, said zhao occupation, after a spate of network privacy “door”, has had a negative impact on users and industry, in that solution is a key issues regarding industry development and the competition order, in addition to enterprise main body through legal channels, more need to the supervision of the competent department of the government, and to further perfect the laws and regulations, strengthen regulation and fighting. Southern daily reporter Drums

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