360 and the Google cooperation: the meaning of the form is more greater than the actual effect

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at the end of last year, 360 search with Google on advertising, brought into capital markets a boost. At the same time, in early January, 360, their own ads and Google ads are search online in 360. Then I said to the Google and 360 cooperation, is good or bad, can help 360 how much income?

why can cooperation? 360 search quickly won 10% of the share, but the traffic is sure need to liquidate, 360 set up its own advertising system, construction of marketing channels will take time, cooperation with Google advertisers can change time, increase a lot of net income when their AD is not yet complete.

360 originally occupied half, Google flow station search the conversion rate is much higher than the high-end users and advertising. After 360 launches search, Google is not only the income loss, ROI is greatly reduced at the same time, made by eating consumption rebates agent is very difficult. So even if Google advertising is just a transition plan, Google for expedience also had to cooperation, but this kind of reluctant, also makes the negotiations drag for a long time, it was not until 360 launched his own advertising system to reach an agreement.

that Google’s advertising is? In fact over the years, as Google out of China, the attenuation of traffic greatly, and some inappropriate policies, agencies and advertisers are shrinking rapidly. Although its matching technology is still global advertising, but due to the number of advertisers and bidding price than before, it has far not what. Plus 360 call is for AdSense Search, advertising will not as good as Google’s own Search advertising.

when I was in January, 360 to test the effect of advertising and the situation of the cooperation with Google, his attempt to search for 200 query word, probably at the top left Google and 360 advertising the ratio is 1:1, but the most commercial value of the word shows their own ads. Probably can be calculated with the laws of the 28, the most commercial value of 50% of the words can contribute 85% of income.

here let me do a estimate, if baidu advertisements is 10, 4360 Google is because just the technical advantage and no medical only 1. Google to 360 divided into is 60%, so if 360 full use of Google ads, yield is 2.4. But now 360 in the two complementary way, Google has given its yield is only 0.36 (4 * 0.6 * 0.6, because the number of ads and medical advertising discounts, are likely to actually has not to this number), the total revenue of 360 was only 1.36, added to its total revenue is very limited.

and, Google because after leaving China, servers are in a foreign country, performance is very difficult to guarantee, to display ads in the form of after loading, it can cause “, “feeling, users see the search results, and jump out to an AD, the experience will have a negative impact, finally Google advertising revenue is likely to be less than previously expected.

what would happen to the quality of the Google ads? There is no Google Don ‘t be evil so beautiful. Once while I’m in the middle of sogou sogou with Google made a similar cooperation. When we found that Google, during the night if the search query terms related to the “beauty savage beast” erotic, always make an advertisement “city adults find stimulation…” , when we after verification, found that this is a bogus site. But false medical treatment, fake fishing advertising Google actually less also don’t have to other search engines.

360 search will actually affected by Google inferior advertisement, as it claims not medical advertising, if from sales side to control and is easy to implement, but to control the Google too much difficulty is big. The need to identify whether a query is medical, then if it is not to send request Google, to avoid minefield. But algorithm it is often difficult to perfect, there is no guarantee that almost 100% of recall, occasionally have a net, population will fall. Like this “old seedlings soup” event today, I believe that is because there is no identified were present medical words.

and, as a result of the most commercial value of the query words are out of the 360 their own ads, Google the rest of the advertising is often unreliable, and totally 360 his control. Like in January, is I caught a few very unusual Google advertising field.

in conclusion, I think, from the income added Google ads for its extremely limited. From the user experience, open performance, AD quality are uncontrollable, some medical advertisements have also been may leak. May, 360 to learn by cooperation with Google to some advertising technology, but I think in the current under the condition of the whole technology system has been very mature, it is better to dig the effect of several technical personnel more. So the individual thinks, the cooperation, may form meaning more than the actual effect.


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