360 18% 18% and Google search the whole world is laughing

this paper hunting cloud network readers submit

today is such a news smile is broken:

according to the domestic authority flow statistics institutions CNZZ the latest statistics show that 360 search (www.so.com) 7 month hit a record high, the market share in the 7 at the end of reach 18.07%.


Google ? The share is on the same day 2.9% .

I am stunned and my friends! To do foreign trade is an indispensable marketing tool Google , every day, millions of other webmasters also without access to Google Analytics , but by the two large user groups, Google how also not only a miserable 2.9% !!!!

, CNZZ is the most diligent update traffic statistical tools, the more difficult is that it is free of public use, also does become the domestic many practitioners and an essential tool for webmasters to do research and decision-making.

but about data and predecessors are inculcation: don’t believe that any data, because you never know behind the algorithms and possible technical problems, no comparative data more different systems.

the meaning of predecessors is simple: see almost went, seriously you’re lost.

said at a time.

a statistics,?

first CNZZ samples.

which websites using the CNZZ code? According to the CNZZ the official data, mainly small and medium-sized websites. That is, CNZZ statistics is generated by using small and medium-sized web site users. According to this law, CNZZ statistical samples and macro Internet users, there is a big gap of data, can not complete mapping netizens use habit.

again, use the CNZZ code of the web site for more entertainment sites (most programmers will use Google Analytics ), so the traffic composition high end Google will be relatively disadvantaged, and would take advantage of some other search engines.

more troubling, the sample of small and medium-sized websites to cheat “it left a lot of space. First of all, if A search engine specifically for these implanted CNZZ ranking websites are special statistical system optimization, make these sites can get more traffic from the search engine, A search engine can be CNZZ