3 q micro letter commercial: application of a black hole can engulf everything?

at the beginning, god created the heaven and earth, the earth was formless and empty, and deep darkness. The spirit of god is running on the water. God said, let there be light, and game center. This is good, see god will separate the WeChat. God calls himself services, said to disturb others. Service experience, users bother, this is WeChat 5.0. — — the product the bible genesis

tickets, tickets, tickets.

not good communication with the media always low-key bosses, Mr Ma, perhaps by the movie “2012”, he blew up the word “ticket” in the trend of mobile Internet reports. Tickets, became the “entrance”, after another Wells willow term, practitioners and media quoted.

ticket with the word WeChat bundled together. The domestic mobile communications products, by far the biggest winner, actually not necessarily can say with smile in the end, in other words, its profit space was given its infinite praise exaggerated by public opinion. The commercialization of micro letter, probably still strong production of body fluid.

our first question is:

when micro letter is application of a black hole, it can devour everything?

the entrance is behind the user time and the use frequency of the competition, even today, the biggest winner WeChat become mobile end, it firmly occupied the people contacts, through QQ import relationship chain, set up the relationship between the chain, the chain, it swallows the user time and effort. We call WeChat such user’s desktop, on top of the dominant in the use of frequency and duration of APP, called a “black hole”, “black hole” APP, it will become other low-frequency entrance to an APP, even playing the plane in the 5.0 every day, love to eliminate this kind of APP become WeChat built-in APP.

not long ago, China merchants bank credit card center, and we chat, head very casually complained that micro letter, micro letter does not allow bank credit card center of micro signal through the jump, activate the CMB credit card APP, open the browser allows only micro letter. The typical cases of merchants WeChat service is a credit card number, however, it’s not good to work on both sides.

WeChat with people on both sides of the CMB credit card attitude, we can understand, for CMB WeChat platform can provide service customers, really good, but these users are WeChat, but in the final analysis, it is also a bank credit card users. Why should my customer service, need WeChat license, or to provide corresponding charge? Moreover, bank credit card APP can provide service experience, is far better than WeChat.

for WeChat, it is firmly in the user need, targeted traffic, whether which enterprise, it need to do customer service, etc., all need according to the head to collect fees, or directly to give the annual fee produce. So, it would also ban the enterprise service, raise their users through WeChat, promote their APP, usually after all big not niang, enterprise APP users more and WeChat, though is likely to be the same kind of people, but between the APP and WeChat is a zero-sum game, that CMB credit card users, WeChat received the money will be less.

this kind of situation, not only limited to WeChat, such as independent electrical business, they are on the move into taobao, Tmall, will continue to do your own electrical business platform. Eggs cannot be put in a basket. Enterprise service APP and WeChat service game, continue, but if anyone has the ability and consciousness of enterprises, will be double path, they would neither to WeChat surrender, doing nothing, also won’t abandon WeChat completely.

our second question is:

WeChat whether performance is good, at the same time the referee status and identity athletes, not split?

WeChat commercialization, the earliest and the most ridiculous attempt, from Mr. Dai team. Small life service, failure of the project was palpable, as a nationwide service, try doing O2O, it requires a lot of manpower and material resources, need carpet sweepers, sales and service control, also requires a large amount of management resources. In a word, it is not the economy, and also do however Meituan more professional team, public comment on this.

for WeChat such big and wide range of products, the commercialization of it, it should be took the form of platform, rather than into the specific business, consumption of energy and cost.

in the game, the electricity, the biggest bane WeChat is, it will never be able to straighten out the identity of the referee and athletes. It with electricity, for example, but its electricity both platform, also have Yi Xun, it play a game, tencent has both its own game content, also do distribution channels.

zhou said that 360 games distribution advantage, is that they would not have been playing games. That is to say, 360 only do the referee, don’t do athletes.

in fact, the identity of the referee and athletes, are also reflected in the WeChat above 5.0, WeChat dubbed the name of the supremacy of the user experience, will disturb the user think WeChat public, divided into service, and subscribe, however, their game center is in the WeChat grandiose. Of course, the biggest irony is that WeChat and didn’t have the courage, place the game center in all versions, because WeChat above have a referee, apple’s APP Store.

our third question is:

in addition to the game, WeChat what new value space, can develop?

small life after, the letter also tried to face charges with the game, in fact this is a QQ the rest of the game. Play the plane with love to eliminate hot everyday, for capital market to see the great potential of micro letter. In fact, an inappropriate word, it is tencent’s internal struggle, and tencent is inherently have game industry the position of the boss, as, hand Q, QQ and WeChat killing each other, also won’t have too much space.

the Internet realized three way, games, electrical business and advertising.

WeChat played, but it is unreliable, there is a saying, “we are standing on the top of the mountain, had no choice. Tencent in strength in the game, can do 1/9 separate accounting, tencent take 9, developers take 1, this is the peak of the strong channel, micro letter, in the end still retains a strong channel of tencent genes, but the game industry is need content, we do not deny that tencent powerful game development ability, however, the game development is not micro sphere of influence.

WeChat also can do, however, it is the key, tencent is electricity bound together, with a glorious all glory, broken, taobao has explicitly force-out WeChat, other electrical contractor may also let WeChat chock flow easily. Power is even O2O, sweep out even micro letter open links by dangdang, amazon China, this kind of cooperation pattern, also we are the first and the second problem: first of all enterprises will not easily give up the initiative, micro letter can share of the cake is limited, and, because the referee and athletes status, micro letter will face internal pressure.

as for advertising. Micro letter to do advertising, need to face some mountain, 360 mobile phone assistant, 91 mobile phone assistant this kind of distribution channels, taobao union, more importantly, the micro letter’s largest challenger, baidu.

in our opinion, the mobile Internet portal, two modes: one is the APP black hole pattern and search engine, and two competitive potential, so much is “micro letter” and “baidu” phone.

look at the two dark war. Micro letter 5.0 introduced a sweep out the “street view”, the function such as qr code, and mobile phone iPhone baidu also recently put it in the secondary function of the scanning function such as qr code on the front. WeChat 5.0 “scan” function, is not so much “augmented reality”, as its essence is the “search”, and it is not surprising that Google wearable device of product is “Google Glasses”, according to Marshall McLuhan, “Google Glasses”, is an extension of the human eye, and the search engine is collective the outsourcing of the human brain. Similarly, the smartphone camera is the extension of our eyes, it is essentially the search, WeChat “scan” can be regarded as tencent low-key into mobile search.


recently, baidu, robin li, the author puts forward the concept of Light APP, the so-called Light APP, is actually a web APP box computing, baidu cloud as the underlying technology, to baidu advertising income as the benefit sharing system. For micro letter, its advantage is to enter the search traffic and user base, it can firmly hold 2/8 of search ads, but in the long tail market, it lacks corresponding ability and gene – after all, tencent search also dou is lifted up.

well, as WeChat users, we also really regrets, thank you, tencent, this product is xiao-long zhang is indeed a good product manager, WeChat is mobile Internet at present the biggest winner, only, it is the future of some excessive expectations.

micro letter commercialization in the future, the biggest challenge, maybe not from the outside, but tencent internal. The success of the micro letter, and search failure, said is actually a story.

source: sina science and technology, the author: ZenNew