3 b war in the second quarter, baidu put down the “dignity” as Achilles heel is found?

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Achilles was unmatched warrior, but when he was fatal to the exposure in front, will be to protect, and the Greek god of war will ring no longer.

when we think about search engine battle “3 b” should go away after, in fact, the battle of smoke dark far without cease, but has been quietly into the second quarter – both sides began to melee combat. It is reported that today (April 27) formally charged 360 and Zhou Hongyi, baidu said it framed, on its own search engine and alleged unfair competition, make its nearly ten thousand yuan for compensation and apologize publicly. Strong side baidu for events, why to succumb to “dignity”, is suing the company and prosecute individuals, and then from finding “agent”, to begin to enter the forefront?

a …… “3 b war” in the first quarter: the war between agent

since August 16, 2012, after rolling out comprehensive search qihoo 360, less than two weeks to occupy more than 10% of the market, to see such a “rising star” and “leader” of the battle, the first thing we see is not the leading role of close combat, but the agent between the wars. Last October 11, fang on weibo by attacking SiMaNa by, is actually a sharp showed his attitude, “360 secured browser collect user privacy, upload the user password”. And party a SiMaNa relentlessly, in addition to say the crusader against hype himself, but also pr for others. A third party immediately spat between the “agent”. But I think everybody can understand the reason behind the baidu, and would be tried in 360 both dark war. It is obvious that the two sides have not condescend to larger foe.

2 medical search field: bidding and physicians to search of

if the war is the direct cause of this morning, 360 suspected of framed baidu, and unfair competition, so it also is the real reason behind the recent 360 launch of the “physicians to search the service”. For is considered to be a very potential project, baidu has long been in the field of pharmaceutical layout planning. As the most widely used search engine, Chinese medicine, hospital and so on related service has always been the hot spot of the Internet users to search, one of the search of direct income is very considerable. So this attractive big cake became one of the focus of the search engine for nature. 360 is also settled on this vertical market, its “good search” the weapon on challenge baidu pharmaceutical bidding way of advertising. The cause behind the battle over the search content is clearly in the interests of the opposite.

we don’t forget, in fact, the search engine will be some filtering, and intervention (Google, Yahoo, Bing, is no exception), its false and cheating server content has ruled out. But in many cases, some search engines in order to maintain their profit on the ranking method based on this, will be artificially set barriers, paying customers ranking to ascend, and even in some keyword search ranking in the first place, this way of intervention nature of search engine will get a profit. But this way for users is a kind of cheating and damage. Vast amounts of user queries to use search engines to his needs every day, if it is a rigid demand, such as illness need search medicine or hospital for treatment, then find is substandard medicines, the false drug, so imagine the consequences. For baidu this traditional mode, 360 physicians to search obviously struck a baidu profit directly, will naturally be excluded and resistance. Price compared to the baidu ranked way, to reflect 360 physicians to search for a kind of innovation of search engine, but the battle is behind the two around the medical field, for the benefit of the most direct, the entanglement between the two sides will continue for a long time. That is the most direct reason for baidu to succumb, because when you are the most fundamental interests are strongly challenge, any company will become the behemoth of awakening, to defend their territory.

3 baidu’s share price fell 40% from a catastrophe

this morning Forbes China in a “li’s worst age?” Article analysis way, “the richest man in China since 2011 li in March to now, baidu’s shares have dropped by 40%” or so, and direct challenger is qihoo 360. Familiar friends of capital market should be very understand, for investors and analysts on Wall Street, a model is a serious challenge, its shares becomes the norm, and evaporate a year 40% of assets, for baidu lead Chinese stocks in the us market, is clearly a big disaster. Then obviously is not just the disaster from challenger, the most fundamental reason is that baidu own business development appeared some problems, this is the Achilles heel.

4 all hit a wall of giants now why

from last year, li released in internal E-mail asked baidu to put an end to “small endowment”, all staff began after the Wolf sexual culture, in fact, baidu in the rapid development of Internet, mobile Internet, the new pattern in the war, still lost. Popular mobile games, social applications from 2012 (represented by micro letter microblogging service) ways, such as baidu almost no capital to compete with emerging powers, and in its main business and received 360, sogou search engine market share under the background of eating, baidu like a no head of flies around the wall. Baidu is very rich, its cash flow can be bought in addition to ali, any Internet company tencent, but its innovation. Acquired become its avoid represented by innovation works and other startup challenge a behavior, at least baidu think so. But in the year to buy UC rejected, acquire good much cash to prop up 123, are still declining market share, and to layout, in the field of video acquisition of PPS, and so on case, baidu’s trip to hit a wall, I’m afraid still continues. Because once the Chinese Internet pioneer, if already become companions even chaser.

as Achilles baidu, the giant of the heel is exposed, and the need to do, in addition to have the full support of the a war to the death, more important still is grinding his spear some more sharp.

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