29 years old! The youngest vice President ming-yuan li into baidu inc

Ming-yuan li, baidu announced today by internal mail promotion to vice President. He previously for baidu mobile – cloud division general manager (executive director level), still responsible for baidu mobile business after promotion.

from ming-yuan li, according to baidu space ming-yuan li at the age of 29 years old. After the appointment, ming-yuan li also became the youngest vice President in the history of baidu.

online data shows, ming-yuan li in 2004, with the identity of the interns to join baidu, as baidu post bar’s first product manager. Began in 2007 promoted to baidu e-commerce division general manager, responsible for baidu C2C e-commerce project, because of “personal questions” after left baidu in March 2010, after join to join UC gifted as worked as a vice President in charge of UC heaven, etc. In November 2011 to join baidu, again will act as senior director of mobile products division, mainly be responsible for the mobile products division and formally promoted to baidu mobile last February – cloud division general manager

mobile business is the top priority of baidu in recent years, shortly before the baidu buying several mobile business firms in a row, and wireless revenue will be at the cost of $1.9 billion in 1.9 billion. And about ming-yuan li promoted to vice President of baidu, we can also see baidu’s emphasis on mobile business. Mobile data shows that baidu search, the monthly active users have been million; Baidu spent a year in the field of distributed application, the distribution of capacity growth more than five times.