29 – year – old billionaire: zuckerberg ten anecdotes

guide language: the CNN website wrote on Tuesday, summarizes just over the age of 29 years old Facebook co-founder and chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) ten anecdotes.

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this Tuesday is Mark Zuckerberg, Mark Zuckerberg’s birthday, he was 29 years old. For a billionaire, this young inappropriately, but don’t forget, he founded the Facebook is less than 20.

there is a lot to celebrate: zuckerberg he accumulated great wealth, one 7 people attract global use of his product, also changed the way of communication between human beings. All this, it is before entering the 30.

a few decades ago, at the age of 29 of Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs) has launched the Macintosh computers, and Bill Gates (Bill Gates), 29, is preparing to launch the first retail version of Windows. In contrast, the average age of 29 May have a lot of trouble for the rent.

no matter what, we all have to congratulate Mr Zuckerberg happy birthday. As a memorial, we collect the ten anecdotes of the avatar of science and technology:

1, zuckerberg is red and green color blindness, to blue to identify the best, because of this, is it Facebook’s main colour blue.

2, he developed an early in high school called Synapse of the product, can make use of artificial intelligence to understand the user’s music listening habits. For this reason, AOL and Microsoft tried to recruit high school students “zuckerberg.

3, his Facebook in gray T-shirt, almost every day because he was too busy, so I can pick clothes to save time in the morning.

4, although zuckerberg wore casual, but he said that in 2009 that year, he wear a tie every day, in order to show the Facebook growth in the face of the global financial crisis is highly valued.

5, zuckerberg is almost a vegetarian, he once said, only eat their own to kill animals. But he had been “like” on Facebook page content including McDonald’s and In – N – Out Burger.

6, he has 220000 followers on Twitter, but he only had sent four years 19 tweets, 15 months not sent the longest.

7, in October 2010, zuckerberg with a bunch of Facebook employees to public theater watching “the social network”, the film tells the story of Facebook. In subsequent public comments, he criticized the film described him as an established in order to obtain social status to Facebook.

8, he has a Hungarian sheepdogs, called the Beast, the dog’s Facebook page has attracted 1.5 million fans.

9, last year gave his wife Chan Chan (Priscilla Chan) bought a ruby ring, worth about $25000. But he was worth has reached around $19 billion.

10, if you are in Facebook comments window input “@ [4-0]”, then press the enter key, his name will appear.


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