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When the freshman enters Yale University, Mr. Levin says:

“I just published a book that includes the best lectures I’ve done in the last 10 years, including my annual college freshmen speeches that use different metaphors for each of the speeches, based on different literatures. The same message was conveyed on the three whales I wrote, questioning everything, studying hard and thinking independently. ”

During my study in the United States, I realized that this kind of encouragement by students of Yale University to encourage students to think independently and to question all educational concepts has become more than just the educational philosophy of Yale University and its principals. It has become widely accepted and seriously practiced by Americans A kind of educational philosophy. Americans believe that if children are allowed to have critical thinking, they will be able to enhance their ability to think independently and be able to persevere in their pursuit of truth in order to break the human relations and achieve “I love my teacher and I love the truth.”

Humboldt University mentioned above, the nineteenth century Humboldt founded the University established the principle is: academic freedom, freedom of teaching, learning freedom. These three principles had had a significant impact on the higher education in the United States. For the history of the United States, Humboldt University had followed the example of learning German education and reforming education in the United States. Nowadays, higher education in the United States has also formed the three A principle:

Academic Freedom

Academic Autonomy

Academic Neutrality

The United States education, an independent thinking, questioning everything and daring to create an innovative spirit, is already the long-awaited and accepted social education soul of the United States.

The second girl “job dead”: family education and training urgent
Preview May 20, microblogging users lead a strong message of concern. A father working in Hangzhou found his 11-year-old daughter copy homework, dragged her daughter to the shed, hang up and hit, after playing, his father left himself, and after a half-hour came back and found her daughter is not fast It’s Later, his father hurried to the hospital. However, it is regrettable that the girl eventually failed to be rescued and declared dead on the afternoon of 20 days. (May 21, Modern Gold News) On May 20, 11-year-old girl was killed by her father because of the plagiarism in the warm atmosphere of “I love you”. This is a family tragedy, but also a social tragedy. In order to let more parents know how to educate their children, in order to make the tragedy no longer repeat itself, the implementation of family education and training is urgent. Admittedly, many parents do not know how to be good parents now. Nowadays, many young parents, many of whom grew up in the context of family education that is not scolding or scolding, have virtually accepted the influence of their parents on their own ways of education and are thus inevitably rude on the issue of educating their children . There is also a considerable part of the children have a demanding mentality, requiring their children “must not make mistakes.” There are still some parents because of working life and other reasons neglect of children management, laissez-faire. Unfortunately, there are very few specialized agencies and organizations in the community that guide our parents in solving the many puzzles in educating their children. Family education and training lack of serious, not alarmist. A father puts a heavy hand on a child’s plagiarism because not the father does not have love, but the father does not know how to love. Our society has a responsibility to let every parent know … … [Read full story: girl “homework dead”: family education and training urgently]
Chapter 3 China also needs “rich education” Tan Chuan Bao
Preview – Obara Kuniyoshi’s Fostering Thought and Its Realistic Significance Obara Kuniyoshi (1887-1977) is a famous educator known to the world in modern and contemporary Japan. He integrated the philosophy of East-West education and put forward the theory of holistic education with the aim of realizing the values ​​of “truth, goodness, beauty, sanctity, health and wealth”. Among them, the “rich education” (Fusu education) not only for Japan at the time, but also for today’s education in China has a very important enlightenment significance. How to educate the younger generation on the concept of wealth and teach them to correctly view, use and create wealth has now become a “compulsory course” urgently needed by Chinese schools in today’s era of material prosperity! Education must be absolute “holistic education” Kohara Kokunori believes that “there are six aspects of human culture, namely, knowledge, morality, art, religion, body, life, etc. The ideal of learning is truth, the ideal of morality is good, the art of Ideal is the United States, the ideal of religion is holy, the ideal of the body is healthy and the ideal of life is rich. The ideal of education is to create the six values ​​of truth, goodness, beauty, holiness, health, and wealth. “True, The fourth four kinds of value is called absolute value, the value of healthy and rich is called the means value. “The content of education must include the entire human culture, so education must be absolute ‘holistic education.’ In Ohara Kunimoto’s axiology system, rich education is an integral part of holistic personality education. On the other hand, it is one of the important ways to realize absolute value and complete unification of personality. Therefore, Ohara Kuniyoshi clearly pointed out: “In order to live, we need bread, and in order to make it more effective, we need many means.” “To ignore the value of wealth, spiritual civilization can not be established. Without the development of spiritual civilization, we can not expect the material Progress in civilization. “…… [Full Article Reading: China also needs” rich education “Tan Bao Bao] [American educational philosophy]

[American educational concept] 6

If we must give a real purpose to university education, my point of view is to cultivate a good citizen in society. The art of university education is the art of social life whose purpose is to make people adapt to this world. On the one hand, university education should not focus on certain occupations, on the other hand, it should not create a hero and cultivate genius. In fact, the genius of Albert can not be made artificially, heroic ideas are also known. The university is not the birthplace of poets, immortal writers and school founders, nor colonial leaders or conquerors’ training institutes. The university is not committed to creating a host of Aristotelian, Newton, Napoleonic, Washington, Raphael, and Shakespearean giants, though these natural masterpieces have previously appeared in the college walls. In addition, universities should not be content with the training of critics, experimenters, economists and engineers albeit within the context of university education. University education is a great and ordinary way to a great and ordinary goal. The purpose of university education is to enhance the knowledge and atmosphere of the society, cultivate the citizens of the people, deliver the national taste, provide real axioms for impetuous publics, provide definite targets for public ideals, expand the thinking bank of the times and inject calm thinking, Promote the exercise of political power and enhance the quality of interpersonal communication. University education should be managed to recognize its own views and judgments, and correctly play, eloquently described, strongly stressed. University education should teach people to see the true colors of things and grasp the key points directly. They should teach the people to unite their minds, find out the sophistry and discard their irrelevances. University education prepares people for any position they can, as easily as possible to master any subject.

In addition, he said:

How to adapt oneself to others, how to convey one’s own ideas to others, how to influence others, how to understand each other and mutual tolerance should be taught in university education. He is in harmony with anyone in any group and has something in common with anyone. He understands when to speak and when to be silent; he is good at talking, he is good at speaking; and when he has nothing to say, he can raise questions moderately and receive his teachings; he is always eager, but from He does not interfere with others; he is a pleasant partner, a friend whom one can depend on; he understands when to be serious and when to frolic; he takes the liberty of wit and playful without losing elegance and seriousness Granville. He lives in the world and calm, full of indifference. He possesses a gift of talent to spare him as he serves the public, and gives him spiritual support after he leaves. If there is such a gift, even if wealthy, nor vulgar; if such a talent, even after setbacks, full of disappointment, but also its own charm. It is the goal pursued by university education that aims to educate all of these people about skills that are just as useful as acquiring fortune and acquiring healthier skills, albeit comparatively hard to grasp, Difficult to determine, more difficult to fully possess.

He said that the connotation of citizens is very rich, and Newman’s goal of this education is to cultivate qualified citizens whose thinking has had a great impact on the United States.

Followed by Dewey. Dewey is a pragmatist educational thinker in the United States. His educational thinking education is life, and his school, that is, the social educational thought, has profoundly influenced American education. In fact, Dewey is still a populist educator, and he firmly maintains that education is to train qualified civilians. He propagated the idea of ​​populist education and proposed two elements of populist education: developing the wisdom of individuality and developing the habit of collaboration. He strongly advocates education to cultivate civilians and citizens who are full of personality and cooperation.

Principals of some famous universities in the United States have also upheld this view. As former president Harvard University Dr. Babb said, colleges and universities have eight functions, namely, the goal of higher education is: to improve communication skills; to develop analytical skills; to strengthen the ability to solve problems; to develop the ability to value judgments; to improve social interaction and interaction Ability to develop personal and environmental understanding of the individual to improve the ability to understand the world today; develop arts and humanities knowledge. This is the view of the “enlightened education” (or “liberal education”) of the United States. According to this view, the starting point of education is human beings, and fate is still human. Education has the responsibility of serving the community, but the ultimate goal is to serve man. Dr. Marlett, the former president of the University of Miami, further believes that the fundamental responsibility of “enlightened education” is For “people” and “citizens.”

Six, pay great attention to the cultivation of humanistic spirit. Americans believe that the humanistic spirit is essentially a spirit of freedom, self-consciousness and criticism, judging from good and evil, beauty and ugliness, right and wrong judgments, tolerance, respect and cooperation, and even harmony between man and nature, Are humanistic spirit. The American schools and American professors I studied and interviewed, including the American families, attach great importance to cultivating children’s humanities and humanities. In the 19th century, once the United States studied the principles and the university spirit of Humboldt University in Germany, Humboldt University in Europe is a famous university that attaches great importance to cultivating the humanistic spirit of students. Until now, Humboldt University still put humanities science and humanistic spirit of students in a very important position. Humboldt University learned the lessons of World War II. During World War II, Hitler incited ethnic hatred, massacred Jews and killed 6 million Jews. Some prominent Humboldt scientists have even helped Hitler kill people, just as softly. Therefore, even if a person is a scientist, there is not enough academic and academic professional standards, but also the conscience of the society. Humanities and humanities must also be possessed.

I went to American families, schools, many parents and students to say that they had to read some well-known articles carefully. For example, “I have a dream” mentioned above. For another article, there is an article entitled ” People, the famous scholar Fang Long published in 1925 “tolerance.” Americans believe that “tolerance” and “preface” is a kind of beautiful language that cultivates tolerance. In the Preamble, Fang Long summarized the history of human progress, elaborated the history of the development of human thought, explained the emancipation of thought, advocated tolerance toward dissent, and condemned the evil in suppressing new ideas. Americans think that children read this article on tolerance, how much will leave some impression about tolerance, may affect his life. A professor at Stanford University said that tolerance is the humanistic spirit one must have and more important than freedom.

Seven, independent thinking, questioning everything. American education believes that freedom is the mother of creation. Americans, especially American schools and education professors, think it is the soul of American education to think independently and question everything. Here may refer to January 24, 2004, CCTV Channel 2 “Dialogue” on the head of Yale University, Mr. Levin and Peking University Xu Zhihong principals dialogue materials. From the request made by President Levin on the students and teachers at Yale University, it can be seen that the educational philosophy in the United States places a great deal of emphasis on thinking independently and questioning everything.

Mr. Levin said, “It’s about asking students to question anything, whether you’re from this school’s teacher, from your classmates, or from what you read in the book. The question of curiosity, you should be willing to challenge you to hear the second point is to learn, although you should first ask questions, but need to study reading, get more information to answer these questions, study hard. Think of your own conclusions and learn how to think independently. ”

For teachers, Mr. Levin said:

“First, a clear exchange. Without this quality, it would be a common teacher flaw, they are very familiar with the teaching materials, they assume that students are also very familiar with these. They are usually higher Students are confused by the requirements of students, teachers are expressed in professional language too early, and students do not understand them well. I think we should try hard to work with different levels of students clearly and clearly in the learning process Encourage others, we should say that if you are a teacher, you choose the lifelong occupation of education.Why should students learn? You should give them a good reason.So you have to find ways to motivate your students, Let them feel the passion you had when choosing this profession.Fifthly, there is no doubt that we should encourage independent thinking.In short, we should ask students to question everything, ask teachers to communicate clearly, and make efforts to study hard for students. Encourage students to think independently and encourage teachers to think independently. “

[American educational concept] 5

First, the federal government uses surveys and macroeconomic goals to influence and promote further education equality and equal access to education throughout the country,

Education Digest “American Education Concept” (http://www.unjs.com). In education, since the 1980s, the United States as the federal government has far-reaching effects on two things.
First, the survey report “The Country is in Crisis: Education Reform is Imperative” was completed in 1983. On August 26, 1981, U.S. Secretary of Education Bell set up the National Education Outstanding Committee, which investigates the quality of education in the United States. The report was submitted in April 1983, which states: “It is both a report to the Minister of Education and an open letter to the American people.”

Why does this report say that the United States is in crisis? The core idea of ​​the report is that in education, the United States has not fully realized the promise of equality for all during the founding of the People’s Republic so the United States is in crisis. The report states: “Some of the promises originally made on this land are in crisis, and the promise is that all people, regardless of their race, class or status, have the right to a fair chance of receiving To maximize the development of their personal spiritual and spiritual power. “The report states:” For a free and democratic society to promote a common culture, especially one that is proud of pluralism and individual freedom It is absolutely necessary to enjoy a high standard of education together. ”

The Report wants people to see that American education is in a dilemma that does not happen overnight. The responsibility for causing such a dilemma is in all aspects. Therefore, to get education out of the woods requires the efforts of the entire community. The result of the educational crisis is that all people are concerned about education, that the entire population is concerned about the quality of education and that education is equitable and educational opportunities are equal.

Second, “the United States 2000: Education Strategy.” In April 1991, Bush, the president of “education”, dished out his plan to rejuvenate U.S. education and put forward six major national education goals toward 21:

By the year 2000, all children in the United States have been prepared to study since they attended school. By 2000, the graduation rate of secondary school students will reach 90% or more. By 2000, all levels of the United States, which have completed four, eight and 12 years of study, Students should have corresponding abilities in the key disciplines such as English, mathematics, science, history and geography. By 2000, the American students’ mathematical and scientific achievements will depend on the world. By the year 2000, all adults in the United States must get rid of blindness But also to master the skills necessary for global economic competition and to transform the rights and responsibilities of citizens. By the year 2000, every school in the United States must be drug-free, non-violent and provide discipline conducive to student learning A well-ordered environment.

In April 1993, Clinton announced “Goal 2000: Educational American Law” and continued with the great reform of education, with the goal increased from 6 to 8, an increase of two. By 2000, the national contingent of teachers should find ways to continually improve their careers Skills and to seize the opportunity to continue to acquire new knowledge and skills to teach American students to prepare for the next century; by 2000, every school should strengthen cooperation with parents, parents should be more Participate in activities to promote children’s social, emotional and academic growth.

This is the eight goals of the famous American education. The core of these eight major ideas is to improve the quality of education in all aspects and to achieve education fairness. President Bush and President Clinton think that if education is not fair, there will be no education quality. To achieve equity in education, we must promote everything from popularizing education, eliminating illiteracy and promoting balanced development among primary and secondary schools, and each school should have good Teachers, all parents should cooperate and so on.

Second, the U.S. president attaches great importance to equality of education and equality of opportunity in education. Many U.S. presidents claim that they are “presidents of education.” Both President George W. Bush and President Clinton mentioned above are just like that. This is not exactly a slogan. There are many measures that have really been taken and are effective. Up until today, when Bush took office in 2000, he proposed an agenda for governance that includes the following: education, taxation, social security, defense and diplomacy, abortion, health care, agro-science and technology and new-born industries, environment and energy, international trade, Gun control and charity. He put education in the first place. At a cost of 46 billion U.S. dollars, Bush lasted 10 years, set a high standard and promoted an education system that promotes personality. He also said that reducing the federal government’s intervention and safeguarding campus security will also examine the educational achievements. A $ 5 billion fund will be rewarded for students with outstanding student performance, and a 5% government grant will be deducted for schools with poor student performance. When the public school frontier in a certain district can not meet the standard for three years, the government will use the federal tax To subsidize students’ parents to send their students to private schools; Bush also encourages more schools to innovate; and to increase university scholarships, the government allocates $ 8 billion to save families $ 5,000 per year in tax-free education. On January 8, 2003, Bush signed the “Do not Let Children Fall Backs Act,” aiming to raise the quality of public primary and secondary schools in the United States and to further promote the citizens’ right to equal education. The Act requires that all Year 3 to 8 students in the country, starting from the 2004-2005 school year, have to receive statewide reading and math exams each year, and each school district must report and compare the test scores of each school. For example, if the performance of the church in the frontier of a school is poor, the students may transfer their studies. If three consecutive years of teaching quality has not improved, the school’s staff will be adjusted. All schools must shorten the gap between the poor and the rich, whites and ethnic minorities. States issued a pledge to make all teachers qualified for appointment within four years. And increased the federal budget for primary and secondary education in 2002 from $ 18.5 billion in 2001 to $ 26.5 billion. And expand the selectivity of schools and students and their parents to promote a balanced development among schools so as to ensure fair education.

Thirdly, the federal government has promulgated some special laws to ensure and promote the equal development of educational equality and educational opportunities. The United States has a relatively sound legal system of education, including the National Defense Education Act, the Genius Education Act, the Adult Education Act, etc. In addition, there are some education laws that address one aspect. For example, in 1862, the Congress passed the Morris Law, giving land to universities and prompting the universities to open their education from the nobility to the public. After the Second World War, a large number of demobilized soldiers were transferred to work, and the Congress passed the “Great Ancestry Law,” so that these people could enter Schools receive higher education, so that the further development of university education toward the popular equality. There is also a law on how to further promote equality in education and how to improve the quality of education, as mentioned above by President George W. Bush to sign the “Do not Let A Child Behind Law.” These bills, the central content of which is to promote equality in education and equal opportunities in education not only in primary and secondary schools but also in universities.

In addition, the U.S. folk also echoed the government and loudly called for the benefits of equality of education and equal opportunities in education from the perspectives of economic benefits and social benefits. The main conclusion of the education research report made by the well-known think-tank Rand in 1999 is that education fairness can create tremendous financial revenue for the government and bring enormous economic benefits to the society.

This long-standing and unremitting pursuit of equality, freedom and equal opportunity by the government and the people makes the education in the United States today more equal to the goal of fairness and equal opportunity. Advocating equality of educational opportunities and fairness of education leads to the diversity and openness of American education (open to people with learning abilities and economic conditions at different levels), international and flexible (people of different nature meet different goals Needs, there is no unified education system in the country, and 50 education systems in 50 states), so that American education can meet the needs of people of different populations and at different levels, ensure fair education and equal opportunity, and can satisfy and fully Give full play to the individual characteristics of different education objects so that education is full of vigor and vitality.

Five, the goal of education is to train qualified citizens. Americans think that, on the whole, schools can not cultivate genius, but cultivate citizens. Citizens have good cultivation and talents. There are two educators influencing the educational philosophy in the United States. One is Newman and the other is Dewey. Both advocate that education is a good citizen to train the community.

First Newman. John Henry Newman was born in 1801 and died in 1890, is a religious leader and educator in Britain. In his “Idea of ​​a University” (translated as “The Ideal of a University”), he argued that the purpose of education is to cultivate a good citizen in society. In this regard, he said two famous words, he said:

[American educational concept] 4

Fourth, the pursuit of equality in education and educational opportunities. In its 228-year history since the founding of the People’s Republic of China on July 4, 1776, the United States has always been loyal to the ideals of justice, equality and freedom that the founding fathers of the United States have relied on to establish their country and tirelessly pursues the goal of equality for all. Although many bumpy paths have taken place in this process and many sacrifices have been made to this end, the Americans, especially a large number of Cheshili devoted themselves to this ideal, are nine death-minded and yet regretful. Today, the phrase “guaranteeing equal opportunities for education and improving the quality of education” has been widely recognized as an educational concept as the motto of the U.S. Department of Education, which is embedded in the marble walls of the Ministry of Education headquarters.

In the history of the United States, there are various kinds of inequalities. In particular, there are serious racial discrimination in the United States. Minority African Americans are the main groups subjected to discrimination and they have no equal right in all respects with whites. There is no equal right to equal education and equal opportunities in education. Historically, blacks have no right to vote. Carriages, meals, schooling, employment, housing and even the toilet have to be separated from whites. Many state laws require that blacks and whites must be segregated. Racial riots in American history continue until 1963, African-American civil rights leader Martin Luther King made one of the most famous speeches in American history, “I Have a Dream.” What dream? Is the dream of pursuing equal rights and free rights for blacks and whites. He said:

“One hundred years ago, a great American signed the Declaration on the Emancipation of the Black Man and today we are just standing in front of his statue, a solemn declaration that is like the lighthouse of light, giving millions to the unjust The suffering of the slaves in the fire brought hope, and it came as a dawn of joy, ending the long night that bound the Negro.

However, one hundred years later, we must face up to the tragic fact that the blacks have not yet enjoyed freedom. A hundred years later, under the yoke of apartheid and the shackles of racial discrimination, the black lives are squeezed. Today, a hundred years later, the Negro lives on a poor island in a well-supplied sea. One hundred years later, blacks are still shrinking in the corners of American society and aware that they are exiles in their homeland. Today we meet here to make such horrifying statements public. ”

He said: “Now is the time to fulfill the promise of democracy. Now that it is time to climb the bright road to racial equality from the barren valley of apartheid and now open the door to opportunities for the children of God, it is time to turn our The nation is saved from the quicksand of racial inequality and placed on the stone of brotherhood.

“My friends, I say to you today, and at this very moment, despite all the difficulties and setbacks we have suffered, I still have a dream that is deeply rooted in the dream of the United States.

I have a dream that one day the country will stand up and truly realize the true meaning of its creed: “We think these truths are self-evident: everyone is born equal.”

I have a dream that one day, on the Red Hill in Georgia, the sons of former slaves will be able to sit with the former slave-owner’s son and share brotherhood.

I have a dream that one day, even the Mississippi justice will disappear and oppression will become a desert, like an oasis. It will also become an oasis of freedom and justice.

I have a dream that one day my four children will evaluate life in their kingdom not in their skin color, but in the merits of their character.

I have a dream today.

I have a dream that one day, Alabama will be able to change, and although the governor of the state is still dissenting and against federal decree, one day black boys and girls there will be able to join hands with white boys and girls alike.

I have a dream today.

I have a dream that one day, the valley rises, the mountain descends, the road is full of ups and downs, the holy light is disclosed, the world is full. ”

He finally screamed: “When we let the voice of freedom ring and let the voice of freedom ring from every village, every state and every city, we will be able to speed up the day when all of God’s Children, blacks and whites, Jews and non-Jews, Protestants, and Catholics will all join hands to sing an old Negro spiritual: “Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, and finally we are free La!'”

At the time of the publication of “I Have a Dream,” 100 years after the Liberation Declaration signed by Lincoln from the United States when the founding of the United States in 1776 and Thomas Jefferson of the United States issued the Declaration of Independence, “We do not think these truths are true Metaphor: Everyone is born equal “is 187 years old, but the Negro has still not been able to obtain legally complete equal rights and freedoms. Moreover, Martin Luther King was assassinated and killed by racist elements in Tennessee on April 4, 1968. It can be seen that the history of racial discrimination in the United States is long and serious. However, with the development of the civil rights movement in the first half of the 20th century, the Supreme Court of the United States passed a series of judgments announcing the unconstitutional and ineffective laws of racial discrimination in the southern states and directly promoted the Congress’s adoption of the Equal Rights Bill in 1964 The legal issue of racial discrimination has been eliminated. The issue of racial discrimination is legally settled, but it does not mean that equality is fully achieved in all respects and in practice. Americans believe that equality in education and equality in education are at the core of social fairness and social equality and are a long-sought goal. Up to now, the U.S. government and the American people have taken many effective measures in pursuit of equality in education and education. Also achieved very good results.

[American educational concept] 3

Third, education is the guarantee of social freedom. The pioneer of this advanced educational concept is Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States. This is Thomas Jefferson, the first advocate of this idea in Great Britain, because his influence on American education is far-reaching.

For Jefferson, in fact, Americans and even people all over the world and historians have rated him even more than Washington and called him a democratic fighter who is anti-authoritarian and anti-tyranny; his life-long devotion to tyranny, tyranny to abstinence, freedom, Democracy is longing for no end and for the rest of his life, the United States calls it the “Prince of Freedom,” the “Father of Democracy.” His noble character and lofty realm are of great concern to the freedom and well-being of mankind, and his great achievements Has not only affected the United States but also affected the entire world. It will last forever and mankind will increasingly enjoy the well-being of a civilized system established by his ideological heart. The company is located in:

As a result of his understanding of education, Jefferson devoted his life to the development of education. He was the first person in the United States to propose a complete primary education. He proposed that citizens should fulfill their obligations to complete primary education. Jefferson wrote an epitaph for himself during his lifetime, saying that after I died, I put the engraving of his own coffin on his tombstone without adding a word, which he hopes people will remember. He wrote:

The United States Declaration of Independence and the Virginia Freedom of Religion Act, author of Thomas Jefferson, the father of the University of Virginia, were buried here.

The epitaph is very plain. Jefferson’s magnificent great life is finished with two lines. In the eyes of people, Jefferson, who had been president for eight years and appraised it so much, did three things: two articles, one school. The Virginia Code of Religious Freedom is about 2000 words translated into Chinese and is not written by himself. He is only the lead author, plus one university, and so on. Today it seems that history has proved that the future of mankind will also continue to prove that these three things must never be underestimated. The strength and prosperity that the United States can have today are closely linked to these three things.

Look at the first thing, the Declaration of Independence. This “Declaration of Independence” is an entry into the fight by the United States out of British colonial rule. It chronicles all the misdeeds and atrocities of the British colonial rule in the Americas (the 13 states in the United States) and announces the fact that we ten It is just right for the three states to be independent and just. From then on, the people of the 13 states of the United States, inspired by the Declaration of Independence, started the British colonial rulers with a rather feeble beginning. From there, there was the birth of the United States of America. The value of the Declaration of Independence is far more than that. For the first time in human history, the Declaration of Independence proclaimed solemnly to the world in an official and legally binding form that “we consider these truths to be self-evident: that all men are born equal, that they are The Creator gives them inherent, non-transferable rights, which include the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness …. The people have the right to change or abolish them in the event of any form of government compromising them … ” Advanced concept of human rights. The concept of natural rights and human rights proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence was enshrined in the Constitution of the United States of America and became the consensus of the American public, government and political parties. Since then, “everyone has become equal” became the American dream and became the dream Americans have pursued for more than two centuries.

The second thing is the Virginia Religious Freedom Act. This “decree” laid down the religious and religious policies of the United States so that there will be no major religious dispute or rejection of vendetta in the history of the United States, which is much better than in Europe and Asia. The Middle Ages in Europe have an endless chain of religious, heresy and fire burning scientists. It is in this “Act” that Jefferson stipulated that the coexistence of all religions and religions and the separation of religion from religion would strongly advocate the basic concepts of freedom of belief and religious narrowness. It can be said that such concepts make the coexistence and peaceful coexistence of the American religions peaceful and coexist with justice American religion really became the source of holiness, the source of morality, and became the spiritual home of people. He wrote in the Act: “Fallacies are not terrible, and if fallacies do not allow others to refute, they are terrible.” “If the power of the government interferes with the field of thought, then the government is corrupt.” The “Decree” strongly advocates Inclusive ideology and tolerance are filled with the highest ideals and wisdom of mankind, displaying the great ambition and spiritual realm of a great man and the human virtue of tolerance.

The third thing is to set up the University of Virginia. This is Jefferson’s another masterpiece. In his later years, he was determined to run education and built a school, running around and putting all his mind and body into this school. He personally site selection, planning, construction; personally selected textbooks, school motto, school rules, hired teachers, selected courses. Experts believe that the University of Virginia is still the most suitable place for study and research so far. The beautiful scenery, the natural environment and the cultural landscape blend with one another. With a broad and deep serenity, artistic conception, rich natural and humanistic atmosphere, the harmony between tradition and modernity fully demonstrates Jefferson The ideological realm and educational philosophy.

Jefferson attaches great importance to education, devotion to education, devotion to education in his later years with all his energy and wisdom. Why did he value education so much? He said: “Only a country composed of educated people can remain free.” He believes that he devoted his entire life to anti-authoritarianism and anti-tyranny, committed to establishing a democratic and free political system. If the people are not well educated, the state is not Constructed by educated people, his efforts and dreams will all come to naught, or collapse like a tower over the sand, or collapse like a mirage, after all, a fantasy. His whole life’s emphasis on education and his educational thoughts can be said to have laid the basic idea and basic framework for American education. The reason why today’s education in the United States has become the world’s source of strong drinking power has benefited from President Jefferson.

This educational concept has elevated American education to a realm closely related to democracy and freedom in the United States. As Jefferson once said repeatedly, democracy and freedom in a country can only be guaranteed forever. On the contrary, a country composed of uneducated people is a hotbed of autocracy and tyranny. However, the successors of the United States continue to enrich and develop this concept of education, which has become a widely accepted value among society and the public. This concept has influenced the education of the United States for more than 200 years. This concept has given birth to innate independence and social education in the United States Conscience, so that the United States will never have the dictatorship and tyranny of the hiding place.

[American educational concept] 2

Second, education is the pillars of the country and society. The United States and the U.S. government think that the United States is like a building that supports the building with three pillars. One is the government, and the U.S. government is divided into four levels: the federal government, the state government, and the county government (some are translated into “counties The concept of the U.S. government includes the three powers of administration, legislation and judicature. Usually, the three rights that we call the separation of powers belong to the government. As a country, a society can not become a state and a society without a government. The second is religion. Among the Americans, there are statistics that 9 of 10 people are religious and 1 is also religious. Among them, Christian Protestantism accounts for 57%, Catholicism 28%, Judaism 2%, and other religions , Believing in Protestant Protestantism, the United States being a country ruled by the rule of law and rule of the gods, and implementing the religious policy of separation of religion fromism and freedom of religion. Third, education, the United States complete educational system, sound system, each state has its own characteristics. In particular, there are nearly 4,000 different types of universities, private, public and ecclesiastical; the education of thirteen colonies has its own characteristics and scale before the birth of the United States of America; therefore, American education is naturally born Independence. Some people have commented on the university spirit that American universities adhere to: the university spirit that American universities adhere to is to make the university a place where human civilization can be preserved, become the place where wise men are trained, become the best school for the transmission of human spiritual resources and knowledge, and become A melting pot of ideas with independent character, full of creativity and innovation, has become a spiritual home that rejects vulgarity, upholds integrity and strives to use social ideology and spirit to call for social conscience and guide the society to move forward. As American education has become a unique and indispensable force in the United States and in the United States, the United States government and people all think that education has in fact become one of the three pillars of the country and society.

[American educational concept]

The United States is a big educational country and also an educational power and an American educational concept. It is a very complicated issue to discuss education in the United States. Since the United States is a culturally diverse country, it is reflected in its education and the education in the United States is diverse. The United States does not yet have a unified national education system. Fifty states have 50 different states Education system. In my opinion, what kind of educational practice and education system can a country and society have in its mainstream educational philosophy? There are many reasons that influence American education and form the education system and education pattern in the United States today. However, I think the most influential factor in American education is the educational concept. This notion of education is not just the theoretical system of education or educational theorists on education, nor is it written on paper or on paper, but is accepted by all the people in the United States government, political parties and the whole society The educational philosophy to be followed is something that goes deep into the minds of almost all people and is characterized by its extensiveness, depth and practicality.

First, education is a kind of faith. The Americans believe that no matter what position a person is in, there are two things that must be done and are accompanied by a lifetime of education and new religion. Education is parallel to religion and education is as important as religion. Americans attach importance to education and reach the same pious realm as religion. In 1620, the first European immigrants arrived in the Americas with the ship “Mayflower,” ashore now at Plymouth in Boston, Massachusetts. Today, a number of “1620” written on a stone at the time of going ashore is a memorial to this major event. At that time, the immigrants lived an arduous life. However, since 1620, the immigrants founded schools and teaching at the same time and founded Harvard University in 1636. Therefore, Harvard University teachers and students are very proud to say that the United States can not do anything , First Harvard, then the United States. Everywhere after Europe immigrated to the Americas, we must first do three things: first, to build a church. Most of these immigrants are Protestants who were persecuted by European religions. Building a church is one of the first things to be done. They think that there are The church, the spirit of the people have a destination, people have spiritual home. The second is to build schools. They think that schools are the source of enlightenment and the only way for a man to move from savage to civilized. Education can eliminate many malpractices in many humanities. Third, it is a post office building a bridge linking the outside world. In the past, the post office was an advantageous tool for people to contact the outside world and know the outside world. This idea has been deeply rooted in the people for a century and a half before the birth of the United States. Education and religion are also beliefs that have a very significant impact on education in the United States. Therefore, the understanding of the government and the people about education is not an activity that is carried out as a purely utilitarian purpose. People have a Religious piety.

Niubi’s educational philosophy has arrived but four words

Eleven participated in Tokyo rattan kindergarten sharing sessions, plus the usual graduate school of Chinese Academy of Sciences on the development of children’s education, so many children’s education courses read down, the biggest feeling is that every Chinese parents are unhappy Childhood, so all in the fight to study the global concept of education, hoping to give children the best education. However, again Niubi’s educational philosophy, bluntly arrived but four words, to put it bluntly four words:

Say! pass! body! teach!

However, it seems that not many parents think of these four words.

Parents of our generation, who fight for their children to buy and buy, want to give him the best things in the world, even a piece of soap, a bottle of shower gel. Furthermore, we dare to study, learn child care education, spent tens of thousands a year to the early childhood education center parent-child swimming pool. I used to be such a mom. I bought a box of boxes of toys, one more than one luxury, one bigger than the other, but the children lost most of their interest after spending a few days. At this time, I found out that he likes to play with my cell phone.

why? Because the phone will shine it? Because the phone looks fun? Acoustic optoelectronic toys which is not fun than the phone?

The answer is very simple, because when I was with him, always sitting on his side while playing mobile phones; feeding time, one hand to take the bottle with a mobile phone; sleep to sleep, he lying on my shoulder, I single-handedly holding him play cell phone. For eight months, he was naturally interested in watching me play a tile. He loves everyone’s cell phone, including a stranger’s cell phone in the elevator, and wants to reach for it when he sees it.

I was wondering if he’d read a book in his hand as soon as he was born, and he would not like to draw a picture now. A ready book cover full of books and a variety of friends to send expensive children’s books, one have never opened, bought from the United States a hundred dollars a book, I thought he would like, But that is, turn a few times and then thrown to the corner. There is nothing comparable to the excitement every time he sees my cellphone, and the screen can be drawn with your fingers without teaching.

I suddenly realized that children’s imitation ability beyond my imagination. I always thought he was too young, what education is too early, he let me see people from birth to every step of development and change. Everything is so fast.

Many people in the sharing group at night shared their experiences. Some people say that Montessori has made a big difference. Some people say how much Talent regards talent. Some people say that international schools are the best choice. Some people say that the most basic education in public schools solid. However, while all education experts are saying that family education is the most important, it seems that every parent thinks his home is very happy and does not have any problems. School education plays a decisive role.

But recalling my childhood education, those who directly attack their own character growth are all from the family. I can hardly remember what teacher has hit me to make me become like. For example, when my family said I was singing and running, I never heard songs from the age of five or six. For example, my relatives always made me joke at the party that made me embarrassed that I now have difficulty in participating in group activities. I think perfect family education does not mean just being happy and happy with three people and one family. For example, I often teach children in all kinds of courses, if the teacher to stay homework, 90% of people are copying each other (I too), or bought a class late class (I too). Parents are like this, children can not copy it? How many parents read books everyday, can children like to read books? Parents are idle all right watching television to buy buy, on what basis requires children to study well. Think of these, it shudders.

I always remember one of my boss’s little things.

My boss is a particularly overbearing man, I first saw him feel very scared, like a triad. I am his assistant, so I took it for granted that I should do some work. But every time, he is very polite and polite to say thank you. He said thank you once, I shuddered once, feeling that I was not doing well enough to make him so polite, is not it my job? Thanks to thank you? Once I could not bear to say to him: “Boss, do not thank, too kind, scary.” The boss said: “I am a child, I want to lead by example.” Later, I never refused Thank you, though I still not used to it.

It was a very small affair, when I had no children, but reminded me of what it means to lead by example. Lead by example is not installed, not in the presence of children into another look. To lead by example is a habit, a routine, a thing that people can see but do not mind. If you lost something good and adult as an adult, get yourself back as much as you can. Not come back for a while, but always come back.

Eight educational concepts parents must understand 6、7、8

Six, let the children have their own like things

While educating children’s intelligence, parents should not neglect their cultivation of non-intelligence. They should make the younger generation have lofty goals, extensive interests, warm feelings, strong will and independent character.

The happiest thing is to let him like one thing, even if it is flowers, raising small animals, so spare time, energy has been pinned. Every child, in the family, at school should make him a hobby. What is the best? Now the best score, others are losers. In fact, the children learn too hard, and some have a lifetime of knowledge, what is the value? Education should let the children have their own favorite things, that he even if admitted to the University, can not take the brand name, there will be health Life, happy life. Different children have different values. Fudan that suicide graduate what value? Many talented people, they did not accept the formal university education. But what they learned during their growth, such as kindness and diligence, far surpassed that of the university. Each child can have a different path of growth, so that he likes the same, will affect the quality of life of children’s lives. It is important whether one’s spiritual life is happy or not.

Seven, let reading become a child’s way of life

Reading, children purify the soul, sublimation personality is a very important way. For children’s growth, the main task is to study. But nowadays students rarely study unless they read textbooks. Any child who studies a lot of books, in general, must have an open spiritual field and its spirit must be fulfilled. His ambition is bound to be lofty and its pursuit is bound to be persistent. A person’s spiritual history, is the history of this person’s book.

Reading is the most important aspect of human growth. Those nations with a strong vitality in the world must be people who love reading, such as Jews. In modern history, the three greatest people come from the Jewish nation. Marx transformed human’s view of society by materialist dialectics. Einstein established a brand new cosmology with the theory of relativity. Freud used psychoanalysis to get a more accurate understanding itself. Forty percent of the world’s rich are Jews. The Nobel Prize winners are also the most Jewish. Their attitude toward reading is almost religious. When a child has just given birth, he paints it with honey and licks the child, meaning that he can read books sweetly. They also must never allow the book to step on their feet. Each of them has an average of 60 books a year, with only 5 per capita in China. A person who is not reading is not far away. Whether studying with him is a university graduate has nothing to do, the book is a real university, is the paradise for spiritual growth.

Quiet to Zhiyuan. People who study are not necessarily rich, but he may be a rich man.

Eight, let the diary with children grow

Diary is a good habit. By writing a diary, you can make your child summarize and deepen his / her thinking about your study and life. They can exercise their ability to observe life and their ability to drive a language and improve their writing skills. They can let their children talk about their emotions and adjust their emotions ; Can cultivate his independent personality and ability to handle things independently; can exercise his will, broaden his mind, purify his soul. Not only children write, write teachers, parents can write, there are many successful examples. Some even completely changed the status of a child, a parent, and a school. Because you want to write wonderful, you have to live wonderful, wonderful.

It is a common fact that, just because parents feel they are not geniuses, they particularly expect their children to be geniuses. A proposition is certainly correct, as long as parents and children grow together, although we are not genius, but we can become a genius parents

Eight educational concepts parents must understand 4、5

Fourth, the childhood back to children

We often feeling: children now have no childhood, no happiness. There is no good time as long as you go to school. Before entering the kindergarten, parents with many dreams, let the children play the piano, drawing, singing, dancing … Into the school, into the examination circle, many parents to withdraw from the previous game. Of course, learning is not to give children happiness, but sustenance of many fantasies. Gradually, the reality of their dreams to break, to junior high school, those beautiful fantasy hobby will be cut to death. The rest is “bitter”. As the children said: “The earliest is me, sleep the most is me, the most bitter is me, the most tired of me, is me, is me, or me.” Yes, every morning Hurry to rush on the road is a child, the lights out every night or the latest child (and possibly mahjong). Now the children are really bitter than the peasants! They do not enjoy the happiness they deserve!

Happiness is an experience, enjoy the happiness of education, this is a realm of education. Asked the child happy? The answer is no. May Confucius “On the Book of Confucianism,” the first said: learning and learning, enjoy it! Learning should be happy ah. Why not allow children to learn in games, activities and play? Why is it called learning in the study? Our parents, we should pay attention to children’s psychological happiness index! Do not let Fan Jin reappear!

Five, unlimited belief in the potential of children’s development

1, Appreciation leads to success, Complaints lead to failure. Let’s start with boys and girls. The toys we give girls are like dolls, and the toys for boys are often models, and they are active. That contains the hope that we girls gentle, quiet, hope the boy brave, lively meaning. The result of a girl fight will be a bitter training: Now it’s crazy, how to do it later? The result of a boy fight is being appreciated: a naughty child is smart. Children grow up, people say: girls to high school will not work, boys to high school just fine. To know that lies repeat thousands of times into truth. Girls are implied by the “no”, boys are implied by the “line”, which gives them a different state, so as I wrote in “enjoy happiness”: “Say you, you will go , If you can not do it, you will not do it or you will not do it. “If you want to have children, you should cherish every chance of their children’s growth, appreciate their growth and appreciate their words and deeds. If you want children not , Then complain, blame them.

2, the child’s potential is always greater than what has been achieved. Research in modern science has long proved that human potential is great. Can Zhou Zhou, a disabled person, also become a great conductor? Zhou Ting, a deaf girl who grew up as a top student at a famous American university, is the masterpiece of his father Zhou Hong’s appreciation of education. Let us believe in the potential of children’s development unlimited!

Eight educational concepts parents must understand 2、3

Second, without the growth of parents, there will be no children’s growth.

Say that parents are children’s role models. In the same way, a person can not find a sound personality and can find conflicting and contradictory factors in his family.

Parents send their children to primary and secondary schools, always like to say: “Teacher, this child to you all, please!” The underlying line is “with me” has nothing to do. In fact, this is definitely not the case. Leveraging the hand of the earth, is to promote the cradle’s hand. Good families are often accompanied by the common growth of parents and children; bad families tend to negatively affect their children. There is such a real story can be confirmed. Zhangjiagang × school a sophomore children at home late at home to review the exam, his parents invited a few friends to rub the mahjong home, the noise disturbed the child, the child reluctantly said: “11 more, but also fight, how can I tomorrow Exam? “Ma friends are in the ascendant, ignore the words of their children. When the child is angry, he turns on the TV and adjusts the volume to make the neighbors neighbors protest. His parents feel lost and face him. Children run away all night …… Friends often ask me how much time each week with children? I said busy with work, I communicate with children is not much, but as long as the child saw, I must be reading, writing, not Need to speak. Teaching is far more than preaching it. How much time parents spend time studying at home, how many books at home, and cultivating children’s realm is not the same. In 2004, the China Publishing Association conducted a survey: 45% of our families have no books and no bookcases; 96.8% of South Korean families have an average of over 500 books. There is no scholarly family, how can there be a scholarly school, a book to see the society?

In a learning-based family, parents and children grow together and even influence each other. They often have some ways of influencing success, such as parent-child reading, parent-child communication, story-telling stories, and more. Parents grow as children grow up, there is no end of the process. Parents continuous progress, continuous learning, its impact is invisible and profound.

Third, the character is more important than knowledge, the state is greater than the method.

1, the most important task of family education is to build personality Great Wall. People in life often see a handsome cover hundred ugly. With high scores, good grades are considered good kids. In fact, the factors that affect lifelong development, the score is not the most important, plays a restraining role is the character, character, is a happy man, is welcomed, respect, not knowledge. The impact of bit by bit, will lay a solid foundation for the sound development of personality. We noticed that many parents care too much about learning, as long as the test results, what the requirements are agreed, what the wishes are met, what promises are honored. Low morality is not concerned, some children lie, get things at home or something else, self-centered, do not consider other people’s feelings. This concept of education, way of worrying.

My child also took home things when he was young, but we let him know that the penalty for making such mistakes far outweighs the failure of exam knowledge, letting him know that dad and mom did not value scoring, He became a modest man. The formation of behavioral habits is also very important. My child was thrown all-day long when I was a child. The ruler I bought today is thrown away tomorrow. I ride to school in the third grade, and the keys are often lost. I often have to send us off. How to do it! Then we decided: the key was lost and ran back to get his spare key. In fourth grade, he carried the car home. How much time and energy it takes, but in return the key is no longer lost. Therefore, parents should pay enough attention to the development of moral education.

2, destruction of life is silent, like dripping stone; Similarly, people who live in life are silent. Only by focusing on the details and processes of life can it be achieved by life only by becoming the master of life. The new education experiment has a slogan: “The state is greater than the method, the method is greater than the hard work.” The reality is the opposite, which is “hard work is greater than the method, the method is greater than the state.” In fact, the biggest gap between people is the state. With the state there is a way, with the state wanted to do things, it is possible to succeed.

Not long ago, a graduate student committed suicide in Fudan University, he was once a top liberal arts college entrance exam, should be said that academic performance is outstanding, but then what? Parents raised his white, might as well stay in college Children, no contribution to society at all. One scholar has said that the difference between philosophers and ordinary workers is much smaller than that between wild dogs and domestic dogs. The difference between philosophers and workers is caused by the division of labor. The gap between people of the same type in a unit is caused by the state. Some people are clever, but he has nothing to do, blaming others, he has nothing to do. So, the most important thing is the state, the spiritual method. Those who help to cultivate their mental state should do it. Where they are helpless, they should do less or not.

Eight educational concepts parents must understand

Education is not an easy task, a lot of taboos, a lot of precautions. Parents who will raise children must understand the following eight education concepts, take a look together.

First, family education is the easiest place to go wrong

First, most of our parents have not been specially trained. Whether it is a child, or grow up in love with family, whether in school or in the community, few people say to us how to be parents. Even if someone said, it is only elders. They may say “stick out dutiful son”, “do not fight not grow up” … These ideas in the life of the right? This requires us to reflect on.

To do the driver needs to drive school to learn 3 months to get a license, but to parents 3 months to learn it? Parents of different languages, behaviors, education will be in the child’s body to leave a different imprint, without special training Parents will inevitably go wrong.

Second, the parents hope their children make a success and look forward to women’s psychology, which tends to deviate from the direction of family education. There is a natural emotional connection between parents and children. In particular, mother-child relationship leads naturally to expectation. It is unrealistic that parents should not expect to realize their own accomplishments instead of sending their hopes to their children. A “Harvard Girl? Liu Yiting” sold millions of copies, it is the psychological reaction of parents. Over-care of parents, over-care deprived of children’s growth space. According to a survey conducted by the reporter of the “Yangtze Evening Post”, college students nowadays do not know how to arrange their livelihoods. Actually, many of them are young and old, do not think about anything and how can they grow up? Too extreme restrictions and excessive interference Will also hinder the release of children’s potential. We often stay at the table for the “Parents”: “You are my own life, I let you listen, you do not listen, I’m beating!” Thus, lack of “equality of personality” in family education – as stipulated in the “Charter of the United Nations” The fundamental spirit of how to make children healthy growth?

Third, many parents overlook their own educational responsibilities. Due to the general concern of society is school education, more parents consider school education, ignoring their own is the real basis for education, it is the key to determining the fate of children. As the saying goes: three years old. Childhood education affected people’s life, children’s initial understanding of the world from parents, family education unforgettable impact on people. Parents’ customary concept of parents is actually a derogatory term in English, which includes “patriarchal” and non-democratic meanings. To have a child to complete a thing must have a real understanding, acceptance, to be able to do a good job. Disregard of educational responsibilities, the bias of the concept of education will naturally lead to family education error-prone.

Personalized education concept 4

Educational innovation editor
Low-carbon counseling is to maximize the concept of personalized education extension and development. Low-carbon counseling is a new educational concept put forward by Plum League Education at the end of 2009 by private and post-primary individualized educational institutions both at home and abroad. The core idea is advocating the establishment of a harmonious, efficient and convenient education learning atmosphere, reducing students’ negative exclusion of learning, Physical and mental exhaustion, and excessive loss of parental concern for children’s learning, thus making personalized education truly popular. As a founder, advocate and practitioner of low-carbon counseling education, Ping Meng Education pointed out that the concept of low-carbon education runs through all aspects of learning for primary and middle school students. Low-carbon education is a personalized education model based on low time consumption, low consumption and low consumption. It can improve learning habits, improve learning efficiency, improve learning personality, improve learning methods, and strengthen examination ability by cultivating interest in learning Means to reduce the academic burden on students as much as possible, reduce the concerns of students and parents about learning various uncertainties, and achieve a win-win educational development pattern of quality education that achieves the learning ability and social needs of primary and middle school students. With regard to the development of low carbon education, Ping Meng pointed out that low-carbon education means not only reducing the energy consumed by students in learning and living, thus reducing carbon emissions, especially carbon dioxide, but more crucially, low Carbon education, for the majority of primary and secondary students, is a learning attitude, is the maximization of learning and examination ability. In order for children to win in the future competition, parents should actively promote and promote their children to practice “low-carbon” education, starting from the daily study.
In practicing the concept of low-carbon counseling, the Plumtus education focuses on: to provide students with the convenience of the nearest counseling conditions, stimulate children’s learning ability in all directions, focus on children’s physical and mental development, to help parents and children to establish a harmonious and comfortable parent-child Relationship, the concept of personalized counseling education runs through every practice counseling. The concept of low-carbon education should be further deepened in the hearts of parents of primary and secondary students. The analysis of the Plenum Education pointed out: 1. The education resources in our country, especially the high-quality education resources, are facing a severe situation in the fairness. The per capita educational resources of students occupy less and the quality education resources are relatively scarcer. With the improvement of the material and cultural life of families, the demand for educational resources from families and families will continue to increase. 2. The issue of educational equity in China has generally been developing well. However, the situation in some areas is grim. The conflict between the demand of parents for quality education resources and the shortage of education suppliers remains. The trend of individualized education in extracurricular counseling has become increasingly prominent; 3, the serious educational resources status quo has become more and more social topics, aroused widespread concern in all aspects.
Education is a major event that affects millions of households. The core of the concept of personalized education lies in strengthening the research and development and promotion of learning efficiency of all kinds of disciplines and grades, helping Xiaosheng early, senior high school entrance examination, college entrance examination reform practices continue to advance. Low carbon education is the only way for the development of personalized education. It will inevitably replace all kinds of extracurricular classes that are high in loss, high in time consuming and not suitable for the individual needs of students. The education of Plum League pointed out that low-carbon education is a scientific concept of development in the field of education, saving educational resources, making students and learning harmonious development an important concept, promoting students’ ability of learning and examination in coordination, Music healthy learning development.

Personalized education concept

Educational program editor
Learning psychology test → subject knowledge test → discipline expert consultation → subject experts to develop a “personal learning counseling program” suitable for students; front-line backbone teacher counseling, learning manager full track, psychological counseling regular psychological adjustment.
Group education editor
According to the characteristics of the students themselves, and with reference to the results of the comprehensive assessment, students volunteer to participate in the study group. The group is taught by excellent middle and primary school teachers, focusing on academic performance and learning ability, while cultivating the collective learning ability and mutual learning habits of students. Keep up with the normal teaching progress, test out the ideal result. Learning psychology test → subject knowledge test → grade of the same, learning ability, academic achievement close to three to six people to form a learning group → subject experts to develop “group learning counseling program”;
Math, language, English, chemistry (secondary only), physics (secondary only) Tutors take turns readings and tutoring every night Monday through Friday. Subject specialists regularly focus their attention on the learning manager’s follow-up and psychological counselors on a regular basis.
Concept summary editor
Personalized education concept Advocating people-oriented, teaching students in accordance with their aptitudes, is the influential primary and secondary personal education institutions Ping Meng education first proposed and increasingly perfect quality education and complementary concepts of science and education, into Xiaosheng primary, secondary entrance examination, college entrance examination Pro forma preparation, the main purpose is to develop students’ self-learning ability and examination ability. [1] mainly includes six aspects:
1, develop interest in learning, this is the source of learning power;
2, to improve learning habits, this is the daily learning requirements;
3, improve learning efficiency, this is the essence of the competition of learning;
4, improve the learning character, this is a manifestation of learning temperament;
5, improve the learning method, which is the theoretical realization of learning;
6, to strengthen the examination ability, this is the last word learning results.
The above six points rely on each other, mutual causation, are indispensable, unified constitute the core of the concept of personalized education content of the six elements.

Type of education4、5、6

Informal education editor
Informal education refers to the original forms of education activities and forms of existence and social life and production, there is no stable educator and educated people, nor fixed places of education nor normative educational contents. The education of primitive society belongs to this state.
Formal education editor
Formal education means that educational activities have become independent from social production and life and have become a form of specialized social practice with fixed educators, educators, educational establishments and more standardized educational contents. School education belongs to this form.
Institutional education editor
With the interactive development of education and society, the relationship between education and society is getting closer and closer. In modern society, people generally recognize the important value of education and devote great efforts to the education of social resources so that education becomes a complex and three-dimensional network system. In order to make education methodical and high-speed operation, many countries regulate the content, form and method of education by law. This is an institutionalized education. After the emergence of the capitalist mode of production, with the gradual expansion and sophistication of the scale of education, education has begun to enter a institutionalized form. School education system (referred to as the school system) is a typical manifestation of institutional education [1]

Type of education1、2、3

Family education editor
Usually refers to parents or other elderly in the family to their children or other junior education, mainly for young children and adolescents in the family. The main tasks are: to make children’s physical and mental health development; to help children lay the foundation for receiving school education prior to school enrollment; and to facilitate children’s normal development in moral, intellectual and physical capacities after schooling with children in school. The contents of family education mainly include: developing children’s hygiene habits; providing children with basic social and cultural norms and standards of value; developing children’s ability to use the language; and developing children’s personality, interests and hobbies. There are many forms of family education, the most important of which is to exert influence on children through the precept and example of their parents. In sociology of education, childhood as a critical period of individual socialization holds that during this period, the family shoulders the major social responsibility and family education has a very important influence on a person’s life. However, as children grow older, families The role of education is diminishing.
School education editor
It refers to the education of students in all kinds of schools at all levels. The targets are mainly juveniles and youths. The main task is to systematically, systematically and purposely impart social norms, values, knowledge and skills to the student system and to develop them into people of a certain social or class service. The content of school education includes: (1) Moral education aims at enabling students to have beliefs, ideals, moral qualities and worldviews that conform to certain social or class requirements; (2) intellectual education, which aims to enable students to gradually master the accumulated knowledge and experiences of human beings and develop their awareness and The ability to transform the world; ③ sports, designed to enable students to have a healthy body; ④ aesthetic education, aiming at cultivating students’ aesthetic standards and the ability to appreciate beauty and create beauty. School education in some countries also includes educating students on labor concepts and teaching basic productive labor skills. The form of school education is mainly classroom teaching, supplemented by a variety of extracurricular activities such as social activities, science and technology activities, sports activities and labor. Sociology of Education argues that for young people who are in the early stages of socialization, the school has replaced the family as the most important socialization route. In school, educators, in accordance with the requirements of society or class, guide students to transform the experience of their predecessors into personal mastery experiences, internalize social norms and standards so as to play different social roles and become the talents needed by society.
Social education editor
Mainly refers to the non-school social and cultural education institutions for adolescents and adults education. The main task is to enable educates to further establish ideological qualities and worldviews that meet the requirements of society; to popularize scientific and cultural knowledge, to increase and update the knowledge and information stored in people’s minds, and to guide people to engage in healthy cultural and sports activities to make educated people qualified citizen. There are many contents of social education, such as traditional education, ideal education, moral education, culture and technology education. Forms are also varied, such as visiting tours, organizing lectures, cultural and sports activities, reading newspapers and magazines. Sociology of education sees socialization as a human activity throughout the life of a person; and that social education replaces schooling and continues to influence people’s socialization after individuals conclude their school life. Social education plays a very important role in helping individuals to properly perform their duties and obligations in the social role they play.

The top ten ideas of 9、10

Ecological harmony concept
The growth of natural objects requires a good natural environment, and the healthy growth of human resources also needs a loose and harmonious social and ecological environment. Modern education advocates that educational activities should be regarded as an organic ecological whole, which includes not only the affinity, harmony and harmony among teachers, students, classes, practices, elements and methods of education but also education Activities and education of people living facilities and cultural atmosphere of the collaborative interaction, harmony and unity, the harmonious and harmonious spirit of education in each focus on the organic elements and links, and ultimately the formation of a unified education ecosystem as a whole, so that the healthy growth of talent The required soil, sunlight, nutrition, moisture, air and other factors have a harmonious resonance, to achieve ecological harmony and education. Therefore, modern education advocates “harmonious education” and pursues the overall construction of an organic “ecological” educational environment so as to achieve the goal of teaching and educating people as a whole, managing and educating people, serving and educating people, and educating people in the environment so as to create the most talent growth Good ecological zone, promote the healthy and harmonious development of talent.
Systematic concept
With the advent of the knowledge economy and the arrival of a learning society, lifelong education becomes a reality. Education is one of the most important activities that accompany people’s life. Therefore, education is no longer just a matter of one-sidedness with the school. It is not only a matter of personal growth, but also a major event of social progress and development. It is a matter of universal improvement of the quality of the entire nation. It relates to the construction of spiritual civilization and the coordinated development of the two civilizations It is a complicated social system project composed of many elements and involves many industries and departments. Therefore, it requires the universal participation and joint efforts of the whole society to do a good job. Therefore, different from traditional education, what is being formed in our country during the transitional period is a kind of social education system. It needs unified planning, design and integrated operation under the guidance of the concept of system engineering in order to cultivate people’s learning ability and enhance people’s Survival and development as the goal, based on the coordinated operation of all departments within the social system and the overall linkage of the various departments within the social system, to improve the healthy operation of the education system by taking the sound social network of education as the central task of the educational environment And orderly development to meet the urgent needs of the learning society for the development of education.

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Open concept
Today’s era is an era of unprecedented liberalization. With the ever-changing science and technology, the information network and the globalization of the economy have made the world increasingly an organic whole that is more closely linked. The traditional pattern of closed education is broken, replaced by a new type of education in all aspects. It includes the concept of education, the mode of education, the openness of the educational process, the openness of educational goals, the openness of educational resources, the openness of educational contents, the openness of educational evaluation and so on. The openness of educational concepts means that ethnic education should widely draw on all the outstanding educational thoughts of the world, and the theories and methods are what I use. The openness of educational methods means that education should follow the path of internationalization, industrialization and socialization. The opening up of educational processes Sexual education should extend from academic education to lifelong education, from classroom education to practical education and information networked education, from schooling education to community education and social education development. The openness of educational goal means that education aims to continuously open up people The spiritual world and the creation of potential, and constantly improve people’s ability to self-development, and constantly expand the space for human survival and development; openness of educational resources refers to the full development and use of all traditional, modern, national, world, material, and spiritual , Reality, virtual and other resources for educational activities to activate educational practice; education content refers to the openness of education to the world, the future, facing the modernization of education and teaching links and curriculum content, so that the content of teaching materials from the closed , Rigidity becomes open, vivid and more realistic inclusive and novelty; education Openness means that the price of breaking the traditional evaluation model single text exam education, more flexible evaluation system and mechanism and establish a diversified education.
Diversification concept
Modern society is an increasingly diversified era. With the highly social structure, the increasingly complex and ever-changing social life, and the diversification of people’s values, education has also shown a diversified development trend. This is first manifested in the diversification of educational needs. In order to meet the requirements of economic and social development, personnel specifications and standards inevitably require diversification. Second, they are characterized by diversification of educational bodies, diversification of educational objectives and diversification of management systems. Thirdly, they are also characterized by flexibility Diverse forms of education, educational tools, standards for measuring the quality of education and human resources, and more. All of these put forward higher requirements and challenges for the design and management of education and teaching process. It requires flexible design and management of educational institutions and departments according to different levels, different types and different management systems. It is more in line with the teaching practice of education Flexible teaching and flexible management mode, advocate for the development of education to provide more relaxed social policies and regulations and public opinion atmosphere, in order to promote the prosperity and development of education.

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One of the important transformations from traditional education to modern education is to realize the transformation from informative education to creative education. Because the knowledge economy more demonstrates the creative role of human, the potential of human creativity becomes the most valuable and inexhaustible resource. Modern education emphasizes education and teaching process is a highly creative process, in order to guide, inspire, guide, develop and train students’ creativity can be the basic goal. It advocates creative education and teaching methods and beautiful education and teaching arts to create education and teaching environment so as to fully tap and cultivate human creativity and cultivate creative talents. Modern education advocates that the complete education of creativity is formed by the combination of innovation education (aimed at cultivating students ‘innovative spirit, innovative ability and innovative personality) and entrepreneurship education (referring to cultivating students’ entrepreneurial spirit, entrepreneurial ability and entrepreneurial personality) The formation of the ecological chain. Therefore, to strengthen innovation education and entrepreneurship education and to promote the combination and integration of the two and to cultivate innovative and pioneering composite talents has become the basic goal of modern education.
Modern education is a kind of subjective education. It fully affirms and respects the value of human subject, promotes human subjectivity, fully mobilizes and gives full play to the initiative of the main body of education, and transforms the external and objective education into the main body of the educated Active activities. The core of the concept of subjectivity is to fully respect the subject status of every educated person, and “teaching” is always carried out around “learning” to maximize the inherent potential and learning motivation of the students so that the students are replaced by passive and accepting objects Become a positive and active subject and center, so that the process of education truly become the activities of students and self-conscious process of self-construction. To this end, it requires that the education process should shift from the traditional teacher-centered teaching materials to the classroom-centered education system to student-centered activities as the center and practices as the center to promote independent education, happy education and success Education and research-based learning such as new lively and subjective education model to ignite students’ enthusiasm for learning to develop students’ interest and habits of learning to improve students’ learning ability so that students actively and vividly learn and develop.
Personalized concept
Rich personality development is the source of creating spiritual and innovative abilities. The era of knowledge-based economy is an era of innovation. It requires a large number of personalized talents with a rich and distinct personality to support it. Therefore, it gives birth to the concept of personalized education. Modern education emphasizes respecting individuality, facing individual differences, publicizing individuality and encouraging personality development. It allows students to develop differently. It advocates adopting different methods of education and evaluation criteria for different personality traits to create conditions for the full development of each student ‘s personality. It infiltrates the concept of cultivating perfect personality into all elements and links of education and teaching, and thus has a profound and lasting influence on students’ physical and psychological qualities, especially their personality qualities. In the educational practice, the concept of individuation first requires the creation and creation of a personalized educational environment and atmosphere, and builds a platform for personalized education. Secondly, in the educational concept, it advocates equality, tolerance and interaction with teachers and students, recognizes and respects the personality of students Differences, for each student personality display and development to provide equal opportunities and conditions to encourage learners to show their supernatural power; once again in the educational methods, pay attention to adopt different educational measures to implement personalized education, pay attention to teaching students according to their aptitude, from the commonalty education Mode to personalized education mode change, to the healthy development of personality to provide a relaxed space for growth.

Ten ideas

people oriented
Nowadays, in the 21st century, society has shifted from focusing on science and technology to developing a people-oriented society. Education, as a lofty undertaking to foster and develop qualified personnel needed by society to promote social development and improvement, should naturally embody the people-oriented spirit of the times. Therefore, modern education emphasizes people-oriented, focuses on the whole process of education and teaching in the whole process of education and teaching, focusing more on people, understanding people, respecting people, protecting people, and enhancing and developing people’s human spirits. It pays more attention to people’s realistic needs and future development Develop and tap people’s own endowments and potential, pay more attention to their own values ​​and their realization, and devote themselves to cultivating people’s self-esteem, self-confidence, self-love, self-reliance and self-reliance consciousness, and continuously improve people’s spiritual and cultural qualities and quality of life. Improve people’s ability to survive and develop, and promote their own development and improvement. In view of this, modern education has become an important means of enhancing national cohesion and has become the basis for comprehensive national strength and is increasingly integrated into the trend of the times, attracting much attention and people’s attention.
All-round development
Therefore, it is more concerned with the integrity and comprehensiveness of human development. In a macroscopic view, it is a national education oriented to all citizens, pays attention to the all-round development of the entire nation and vigorously promotes the development of people as a whole. Improve and develop the entire nation’s ideological and moral qualities and scientific and cultural qualities, raise the national knowledge innovation and technological innovation capability, and enhance the comprehensive national strength including national cohesion as the fundamental objective; at the microscopic level, it promotes the promotion of every student’s morality in Germany , Intellectual, physical, aesthetic, labor and other aspects of all-round development and improvement, creating a comprehensive development of personnel as their responsibility. This requires people to realize the education concept from the elite education to the mass education, from the professional education to the general education, in the education method to take Germany, Chile, the United States, labor and other education simultaneously, the overall education Education strategy.
Quality education
Modern education abandoned the traditional education emphasis on knowledge imparting and absorbing education ideas and methods, pay more attention to the transformation of knowledge in the process of education and ability to internalize the good qualities of people, emphasizing knowledge, ability and quality in the overall structure of the personnel Interaction, Dialectical Unity and Harmonious Development. In view of the defects of traditional education, such as knowledge transfer, light practical ability, heavy test scores and light overall quality, modern education emphasizes forging and comprehensive quality training and training of students’ practical abilities, and advocates that ability and quality are more important and stable than knowledge , More lasting elements of the overall quality of student training and improvement as the center of education and education to grasp, to help students learn to learn and strengthen the quality of the basic education goals, aimed at the full development of students’ qualities of potential, so that knowledge, Ability, quality and harmonious development, improve people’s overall standard of development.