2013 times one hundred big influence character: 13 characters of scientific community Kai-fu lee on the list

Beijing time on April 19 news, time magazine on Thursday unveiled a 2013 “time magazine’s 100 most influential people” list, Mr. Lee.

in the list, a total of more than ten characters on the science and technology, including the industry giants, there are artists, and engineers. Some of them are household names, such as marissa mayer (MarissaMayer), Alan Musk (Elon Musk) and Cheryl Sandberg (Sheryl Sandberg), etc.; Also some from Kickstarter, well-known technology companies such as samsung and sets a behind the scenes to the front.

magazine initially chose 151 candidates, then gradually narrowed to 100 people, so as to create the list. In the process of phasing out, amazon founder Jeff Bezos (Jeff Bezos), Google co-founder Sergey Brin, (Sergey Brin), Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, (Jack Dorsey), and file sharing website Megaupload founder Jim Dortmund, Mr (Kim Dotcom) and others have been kicked out.

the raising Kickstarter, chief executive of Perry Chen (Perry Chen) is the “time magazine’s 100 most influential people”, one of the final list of famous actors, he won the “queen of the raise” Christian bale (Kristen Bell), the latter with the executive producer Rob Thomas (Rob Thomas) cooperate with Veronica Mars (Veronica Mars) all Kickstarter project recently broke the well-documented record.

“his (raise) the idea, there are too many intelligent and magical things.” Bell when evaluating perry Chen wrote. “To connect consumers and creators, let the former to vote with their money. I had never met with perry Chen, but the reason I am looking forward to that day, so I can face to face to thank him for his wisdom.”

meanwhile, space exploration technology company (capsules) and Tesla motors, Tesla CEO elon musk, also boarded the “time magazine in 2013 and 2013” sealing surface, one of seven special issue on the cover of the issue and other singer Jay Z, actress Jennifer Lawrence (Jennifer Lawrence), Pakistan’s radical activist girl lala, especially popular game (Malala Yousafzai) and tennis star li na, etc.

“no doubt that people said that is impossible to make anything, musk all did come out, let them into the real thing.” , founder of the virgin group, like musk is the exploration of space enthusiasts, Richard Branson, (Richard Branson) in evaluating musk wrote. In addition to the space exploration technology company and tesla motors, musk is also helping to create a PayPal.

last week, according to the time magazine voted to publicize, according to the results of the world’s first build sandbox game “my world” (Minecraft) developers Markus Pearson (Markus Persson) was chosen as the second influential people in the world. This week, he and the combination of the game developers, Jane bergen Stan (Jens Bergensten) on the final list together; In addition to the two men, no other game developers on the list.

the sim city (SimCity) designers Will Wright (Will Wright) declared, “my world” a new generation of children on the path of computer programming. “Many people are trying to find out how to teach children under the age of 7 coding method, it is very difficult.” He said. “And on the road,” my world “is one of the clearest signs.”

in the last week of online voting procedures, Pearson received nearly 156700 votes, second only to the Egyptian President Mohammed mursi (Mohamed Morsi), the latter’s votes to 173000 votes, but did not enter the final list of “time” magazine.

entrants in the field of science and technology are as follows:

– Perry (Perry Chen Chen) : the chief executive of raising Kickstarter

— John ivey (which Jony Ive), apple’s chief designer and senior vice President of industrial design

– Marissa Mayer (Marissa Mayer) : yahoo’s President and chief executive officer (got Google executive chairman Eric schmidt)

— — Elon Musk, Elon Musk: space exploration technology company chief executive officer and chief designer; Tesla motors and PayPal co-founder

— Andrew Engels (Andrew Ng) and Daphne Koller (Daphne Koller) : online education startup founder of Coursera (got bioethicists and biographer, Ezekiel Emanuel, a evaluation)

– Markus Pearson (Markus Persson) and Jane, bergen Stan (Jens Bergensten) : “my world” developers

— — Sheryl Sandberg, Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s chief operating officer (got pioneer feminist gloria steinem)

— Kevin strom (Kevin Systrom) : a photo sharing social networking site sets a chief executive (the TV and radio show host and producer Ryan seacrest)

— — tang “Max (Don Yeomans) : NASA (NASA) neo program chief rock mass observers (got the founder of the B612 foundation, carried out the task of” Apollo 9 “astronaut rusty, biting carter)

— Peter Thai singh (Peter Theisinger) and Richard Cook (Richard Cook) : Mars rovers drivers (the voyager probe project chief scientists Edward stone)

– tube Ted saran more (Ted Sarandos) : streaming video service provider Netflix’s chief content officer (got “arrested development” actor Jeffrey tower “)

— Christopher Fabian (Christopher Fabian) and Erica cowell’s (Erica Kochi) : use technology changed the face of the humanitarian aid and international development (got jack dorsey, evaluation)

– li: innovation works, chairman and chief executive of (got the huffington post co-founder, media star characters, arianna huffington, evaluation)

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