2013 Intel developer BBS: four new Chrome OS devices, Windows and Android’s latest processor at the same time

the apple to a vigorous new iPhone conference, Intel also pulled open 2013 annual developers BBS ( IDF ). What is worthy of our attention at the conference? The following is a cloud network hunting for your exclusive comb out “essence”.

1, Google released three New this and a ChromeBox , Toshiba, asus, for the first time into the Chrome OS

in the IDF message conference, Google Android and Chrome head skin looked and Intel vice President Doug Fisher ( Doug Fisher), a common shows participants three New this and a New ChromeBox . Three Chrome Book manufacturer respectively for HP, acer, Toshiba; The ChromeBox comes from asus. It is reported, this is the first time that Toshiba and asus to enter Chrome OS field. Due to a New generation of Chrome equipment are adopted ( Haswell) processor, their battery life and performance than the previous generation will be improve 50% and 15% . So far, we don’t know the details of the these four devices.

Chrome 14 HP notebook: 14 inch screen, hayes, a processor, orange, white and blue. 16 gb SSD, two years free local use Google Drive 100 gb. In addition can also enjoy the two years from t-mobile monthly 200 MB of 4 g networks.

2, Intel released “Bay Trail” processor: performance improvements, and could carry Windows and Android system

Intel Bay Trail processor

Intel said, Bay Trail will make the original tablet CPU and the GPU twice the processing performance of ascension. In addition, will also bring the 10 hours of battery life. Even in the case of no fan, can support for three weeks. In addition to the improvement of performance, Intel also said that carry Bay Trail tablet price will be low to 199 us. However, the most desperate people eyeball is characterized by the processor, it can support both Windows and Android system, and can switch between them.

Three, Dai Erchong

Venue “brand, introduced New Windows 8.1 tablet

in the year to give up Venue smart phones, today in the IDF meeting, vice President of dell Neil handler ( Neil Hand) showed participants New tablet Venue . It is understood that the inch tablet will carry Windows 8.1 system, screen resolution achieved 1080 . In addition, it also will use Intel’s today Bay Trail processor. Next month, says that it is in the 2 disclose more details about this product.

dell Venue 8 inch tablet

4, lenovo, asus, HP, dell announced in next year’s laptop to join in the action tracking camera

in today’s IDF conference, Intel announced, asus, lenovo, dell, HP will be in the 2014 laptop is carried out in the second half, add a 3 d camera. This device is similar to device, can recognize the user’s actions, provide better man-machine interaction experience.