1287 km per hour! Do you want to experience the dismount tusk Hyperloop super railway?

on August 13, news, today, musk is finally revealed Hyperloop super railway details.

this is a city to urban overhead transport system, it supported by solar energy, as long as 30 minutes can passengers from Los Angeles to San Francisco.

according to the design of musk, passengers sitting in the aluminum alloy, pods in the tank car, it is sealed in the pipeline. Musk described, the design is a bit like a shotgun, pipeline is side by side in the most of the journey, the ends of the loop seal. Pipeline in lines installed, 50-100 yards apart, the passenger compartment of up to 800 miles per hour. Tanks can carry people, can also transport car. Musk said: “you drive inside, will leave.”

due to the elevated structure, can avoid to take up too much land. Pipeline can be along I – 5 highway construction, I – 5 connection Los Angeles and San Francisco. Musk estimates Hyperloop if only for the people, need $6 billion to build; If both man and loading, you need a bigger car tank columns, need 10 billion dollars to build. Overall, musk railway railway three times faster than California proposal, costs only one over ten. As for the price, much cheaper than flight.

how safe? Musk said: “there is an emergency brake. In general, there are five miles, the distance between the hold from Los Angeles to San Francisco to install 70 tank, every 30 seconds. Just like Disney’s space coaster.”

to take passengers very enjoyable. Musk said: “it’s smaller than the lateral acceleration, because the tank as the plane into the pipeline. And aircraft is different, it is not affected by air, no sudden movement, running very smooth.”

super railway used to link distance less than 1000 miles, the flow of large city. Under 1000 miles, Hyperloop has the advantages compared with the plane, the plane take too long time ups and downs. Musk said: “from San Francisco to Los Angeles, from New York to Washington, d.c., from New York to Boston, Hyperloop very well. More than 1000 miles, the construction of the pipeline cost is too high.”

some critics have pointed out that musk plan almost impossible. A long distance pipeline to seal, need a lot of energy, can also produce a lot of air friction and heat.

musk responded that Hyperloop is the middle way. Pipe is not completely vacuum, nor place under ordinary conditions, Hyperloop pipe pressure is very low. He said: “people tend to either side, or the tendency to the other side, they are exactly the opposite, rather than thinking about depression.”

in the pipe, tank installed on the inconel production of skateboards, skateboard very thin; To raise the space of products of the company will use the alloy, it can endure high pressure and high temperature. Skateboard has a small mouth, can breathe the air, forming a cushion. In the front of the class, there are two air jet entrance. The front of an electric turbine compressor compressed into the air, and then into a skateboard and cabin. In skateboarding magnet and electromagnetic pulse, can let the car tank to obtain the initial impetus; Then driven by the engine, the car cabin. In addition, the railroad didn’t sonic (when the vehicle speed is close to the speed, there will be a strong resistance, make the craft produces strong oscillation, velocity attenuation.) Full of warm air in the pipe, it is with the wind, can high speed car compartment, will not break the sound barrier (vehicle speed is close to the speed, will catch up with their own sound waves caused by seismic waves, thus produce obstacles to accelerate phenomenon.) Musk said: “the car compartment, relative to the air speed just below the speed of sound.”

sounds like science fiction. From tesla, raise more than a dozen individuals to help design Hyperloop musk, examine its physical properties.

, professor of physics at the university of California, Los Angeles (Martin Simon) Simon thinks, from a technical perspective Hyperloop is feasible. He said: “it sounds, known technology can solve all the problem, it does not require any new invention.”

Simon said, musk proposed accelerating method has been used in the playground on a roller coaster. Some companies also in the study, want to use the technology of passenger and freight transport. Differences is that Hyperloop using air cushion car compartment frivolous.

musk said: “I just put forward solutions, it is an open source design. Clearly, it can get better, you can correct mistakes, optimization design. He acknowledged that will Hyperloop into reality, there are still many things to do. Musk said: “I hope not I put it, I will continue to operate to ferry and tesla, they are difficult.”

below summarize the main points:

1, the picture is Hyperloop section.

2, the main building of Hyperloop proposed, is I – 5 according to the California highway deployment, from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

3, musk description on experience: like sitting in the plane. The beginning will accelerate, and then you won’t feel it.

4, maximum gravity will not exceed the gravity when on a roller coaster, musk, said: “super smooth feeling, very quiet, no any air.”

5, what moves a cabin? Musk said, motor, similar to Models S tesla motors.

6, car tank will gradually accelerated, a top speed of 800 miles (1287 km).

7, musk said, it is difficult to crash, it is difficult to cheat.

8, musk admitted that could eventually, but not quickly built.

9, it is open source? Musk said: “I’m not going to earn a lot of money through it, but it will blossom… “

10, the energy consumption. Musk said, the most fundamental question is whether there is enough energy, the air from the front to the back, it can be done, “he said.

11, as long as the $6 billion it wrong? Musk says $6 billion cost correctly.

12, you will invest my money to build? Musk said: “I have been set up enterprise investment to me… I could build a prototype, and then let it.”

13, for creating an enterprise that do you have any idea? Musk: “I was meant to establish a company, but I’m more worried about the technical details, less focus on building a company.”

14, how many people participate in the project? Musk said slightly more than 10 people, it is called “background tasks”, not all people are full-time participation. About ten months ago, these people start with musk.

15, estimate how long will use artificial out first “capsule” car compartment? Musk: “it depends on manufacturing cost much time.” He estimated completion to four to five years, and to truly transport, 7 to 10 years.

source: sohu digital