12 million user selection: just to let you easily from GR “move”

just is a RSS Reader, and is considered to be a GR (Google Reader) the best “successor”. Today, the application of cloud platform — came out. It is reported that will serve as a powerful storage facilities to the original application, and will serve other diversified reading applications. In addition, is the most exciting, without having to install any plug-ins and extensions of web just appearance.

today, just Cloud daily in hundreds of millions of resources, the need to handle up to 25 million copies of the subscription (feeds) and billions of articles. Before closing news as early as in the GR, just has 4 million users. According to foreign media reports on The Web of science and technology, by The end of may, The use of The application number has more than 12 million.

just rapid growth due to its “community” development philosophy. Feedly Cloud is a typical example. As a platform, in addition to providing open API for developers, it will also build up publishers, successful bloggers as well as the bridge between users, at the same time satisfy the above four kinds of customer requirements. Today, a total of 9 models based on just the application of Cloud release:

: it can be you just account and other 63 kinds of services. Including company, Google Drive, Gmail, Pocket, Instapaper, Facebook, Twitter, sets, bursts, WordPress, etc.

: this is a social application management platform (now Web version, version of iOS, Android version). Users in the use, just browse data can Sprout Social issued directly to all kinds of Social networks.

: this is an application based on doing and Windows operating system. Based on Metro UI (the main screen is divided into several blocks, commonly known as block style) design style of Nextgen Reader has a fast and powerful subscription. On Microsoft’s equipment, it can be and just account unicom, read the cloud of the document.

gNewsReader: a, outstanding and universal news for and read the application, the current can be compatible with all just function.

: is it a reading on the Android device applications. To provide users with convenient, fast way of reading, special is also contains an offline reading function.

: a simple, fast and intuitive read Android applications. Features are beautiful, support the theme of the blog and offline reading function.

: a suitable for the iPhone and the reader. In addition to using the newspaper arrangement style of the “unique”, along with offline reading, image cache function. The application also supports feedly account at present.

: a flexible reading plugin (only Android version), comes with a variety of skin to choose from.

: one can show just for all the projects in the client application. It can be read by setting the state, seed label, and the content and so on ways to classify articles. In addition it also has voice notifications (Snarl).

9 in addition to the above applications, most lets the user feel surprise will have several Web version just released today. This means that just will like GR, support all browsers, including Opera and IE. In addition, users no longer have to complicated to install is suitable for various Feedly plugin or extend the platform, which greatly simplifies the users’ reading behavior.

two weeks GR will disappear forever, maybe just is the best substitute, user because gently only, all the resources you can easily transfer into just.