11.11 is coming, look at the day the cat will be how to play this year?

getting close to 11.11, the established by taobao shopping has become a carnival people consumption of a dose of doping, let a person if delusion if crazy. This year’s carnival has a greater change, business barometer intention is obvious.

today, Tmall introduced this year in preparation for the 1111 shopping carnival activities, in general, this year’s event more focus on the new model of innovation. Mainly embodied in the interaction based on friend red envelope purchase, online payments, cycle of the fusion of O2O, and based on big data applications of personalized pages (one thousand thousand).

according to introducing, this year’s carnival brand merchants increased to 2 m, double compared with last year. Day, the cat said, this year 1111 will break line, online business integration across the country more than 1000 cities and counties of 3 m offline stores, by day cat wireless client and online comprehensive get through, make the common revelry online for consumers. In addition, in addition to the 1111 on the day of the traditional commodity 5 fold, this year will also pay 600 million direct feedback consumers – to send 200 million yuan without using threshold Tmall cash bonus; 100 million yuan to pay treasure to top-up red envelope; Free delivery 1 million worth 300 million yuan network set-top box day cat magic box.

based on the relationship between friends to send 200 million yuan red

this year, Tmall for consumers without any restricted cash bonus of $200 million. Is different with previous years, this year day cat will adopt the way of social delivery: consumers get the red envelope to share with friends, in the friends to share a red envelope at the same time, their own red envelopes also have the opportunity to get double.

a red envelope to share in PC and mobile terminal can be, among them, the PC is mainly based on the social relations of sina weibo, the wireless terminal is through Tmall products such as the client to interact. Wang Yulei Tmall vice President, said Tmall with sina weibo user system has fully open, consumers friend relationship on sina weibo, will become the basis of the red envelope flow. On the other hand, the mobile phone the red envelope will play the reality of social relations can relate to the man beside him. And this will also be to understand users’ interests to create “one thousand” “provides data base.

Wang Yulei said 1111 social send red envelopes, is actually the business in the future, will share the interaction into one of the most basic unit of social relations to try and break through. He said, after 1111, Tmall will derive more friends relationship based on sharing, recommendation and communication functions. And, more importantly, these share interaction will produce a large number of business needs, promote C2B etc. The new mode of business in the future.

introduction of O2O model online through

Tmall said, a large number of traditional brand has not only depend on make 1111 revelers Tmall flagship store, they will own the entity stores, shopping malls and other traditional business forms are integrated into the carnival, realize online through carnival.

Uniqlo, GAP, IT, toys “r” us, Formosa glasses, Yintai, haier, ordos, lepads were made more than 300 brand offline 30000 stores will attend carnival Tmall 1111 shopping at the same time. All the shops will cover more than 300 cities in China more than 1000 county, it is almost half the total number of the cities and counties throughout the country.

although Tmall temporarily has not announced details of O2O. But Tmall confirmed, will be sent to you by Tmall wireless client and Scott map brands offline stores to line the heavens cat flagship store to open.

under the large data of the one thousand thousand one thousand

there is only one main 1111 shopping carnival every year. This year, Tmall will be based on large data operation, let each consumer has a own exclusive venue, business in the most extreme personalization “one thousand” “implemented in 1111. At present, this page has been launched.

according to introduction, the main content of personalized venue based on user attention during activities preheating, browse, add a shopping cart, the collection behavior such as analysis of the data integration; In addition, consumers get the red envelopes, receive coupons, etc all the relevant information will be together, eventually forming consumer individual exclusive venue.

Wang Yulei Tmall vice President, said the building one thousand thousand face, meet the personalized needs of every consumer, is the long-term goal of Tmall. Believe that 1111 thousands today thousands of the venue in the near future will become the norm, everyone made landfall Tmall see content is different.

big data to guide logistics operation

every year Tmall 1111 is a big test of the national logistics industry. This year, the day the cat has made a key.

Tmall said that this year’s carnival 1111 will continue to integrate the express logistics resources of the whole society, common service for consumers. At the same time, also will use big data, through the guidance of big data, make the national express the whole logistics industry of the existing capacity can more efficient operation. Radar data at the same time, this year’s logistics has worked with the national weather service data center to implement the national highway of weather forecast and live, to guide the road traffic conditions in real time.

so far, the country has more than 1 million delivery personnel in the run-up to day 1111 cats. 13 big domestic express company for more than 150 new distribution center, increase the operating site of more than 200 square meters, of which, the nanjing EMS processing center can accommodate even 19 aircraft take-off and landing at the same time. Major express delivery companies added 4000 car, at the same time, in order to deal with possible bad weather in the north, this year a few big logistics express company prepared the railway resources.

technical preparation 2000 sets of contingency plans

in addition, ali group Liu Zhenfei, vice President of technology introduction, this year for 1111 website hosting is orders of magnitude more than doubled last year, can support the hundreds of millions of Internet users at the same time into Tmall. Tmall, taobao and other mobile wireless clients will carrying capacity is increased to 25 times that of last year this year.

this year in technology for more than 2000 sets of contingency plans. Big to hacker attack, small to the malfunction of the server room air conditioning has the detailed plan, each server room even prepared a diesel generator. Ali’s technical department has in view of the internal drill 1111 for hundreds of times, the entire network large-scale drills conducted more than 10 times.