1 million blackberry 10 who have been bought?

according to foreign media reports, the blackberry maker RIM, Canada announced recently signed a 1 million blackberry smartphones 10 orders, but a spokesman for the company because of the confidentiality agreement, so the inconvenience revealed that buyers’ identities. In order to be able to find out the mystery of buyers, the mainstream media began to make assumptions of science and technology.

earlier in the week, RIM announced had the company of the largest in the history of a purchase order, size reached $1 million, but declined to buyers who are RIM. Company spokesman Adam emory Emery (Adam), said to the media companies have signed a confidentiality agreement with buyer, so the inconvenience to disclose relevant information of the other.

1 million 10 news has just released a blackberry, a lot of people think the mystery buyer is certainly a mobile service operators. As a famous American operators AT& T and Verizon each book blackberry Z10 smartphones starting this week. So, some analysis of the big buyers probably AT& T and Verizon both a.

this explanation seems to also said in the past, but are weak. The reason is very simple, like AT& T and Verizon operators such as if under a such a big sum of the order, not careful to don’t want to expose the identity of the degree. And now the blackberry platform 10 has not been market verification, in this case protects the large-scale purchases blackberry 10, is irrational, the risk coefficient is too high. In, buyers should not operators.

Wedge Partners analyst Brian Blair (Brian Blair) which operators don’t think such a high risk to buy 1 million blackberry smartphones 10, because now also don’t know the user demand for the blackberry 10 what is.

that, in addition to the operator, there will be who can bite to swallow so large an order? This problem in the short term it is difficult to find the right answer. Mr Blair said the electronic products distributor buy blackberry 10 possibility is very large. Especially the global well-known marketers to have the ability to buy so many blackberry smartphone 10. Brightpoint company is one of the world’s largest wireless electronic products, operators, and the relationship between the Brightpoint and blackberry is also very long, firm. Brightpoint marketing network all over the world, and to focus on the emerging economies, such as the Malay west Asia. As to whether Brightpoint is this order for 1 million phone buyers, only after the truth comes out.

if RIM has sold 1 million units of blackberry Z10, so in order to boost the morale of the blackberry and flagging shares, at a news conference, a spokesman for will certainly ayers. But actual condition is not so, we know that only 1 million blackberry 10, so buyers are likely to have bought 1 million sets of different series of blackberry smartphones, 10 including Z10, Q10 and RIM promised to push out some other models this year. If this is really so, that RIM need several quarters to finish this large order. The key is the blackberry press conference to provide message is poor, so we don’t have enough information to verify these assumptions and exclusion.

although the news is really to force for blackberry, but perhaps this is not the media speculation. Order 1 million units of the smart phone is a good news for any company, but there are still many, many RIM needs to be done. Blackberry Renaissance is not only need a canny generous customers, more need to prove their own platform is can completely and iOS and android compete with mature system.

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