$1 billion, Facebook is in talks to buy civilian GPS manufacturers Waze?

according to local business publication reported that for a about to avoid traffic jams and the application of the navigation, Facebook is the final stages of negotiations with an Israeli company.

Assaf Gilad is Calcalist a journalist, he reports of this kind of news always went well, it is understood that in the Facebook think of high-level talks, 8 ~ 10 billions of transactions, another purpose is to strengthen its cross-platform and regional mobile business. We should note that this is not Facebook and Waze “marriage” first appeared in the news.

at the beginning of this year Waze reported takeover talks are on with apple, but finally was proved to be false.

Microsoft in the past has been linked to Waze you are interested, but it is said that the Redmond software giant, recently are busy another value 10 $acquisition. However, reports on Facebook to acquire Waze should report more believable than others.

Waze is what?

Waze is a social traffic and navigation applications, it is based on the road from must the driver friends to share information, share a lot of people are also involved in this activity.

when above rumors about apple in January this year, the Waze with 3600 all users, and that number is expected to double this year. It is said that the company today, the number of users for the 4500 , whereas in February for the 4000 .

2012 years, drivers in 60 million miles of road in sharing the 9000 ten thousand messages, as well as in the past year, 65000 a map editor in total completed 5 a map editing work, this makes the Waze update 170 than a change of the earth.

the local community to share project in 110 a country.

so far, the Waze has raised 6700 money, the money came from like Kleiner Perkins Caufield & amp; Byers, Li Ka Shing, Blue Run Ventures, Magma Venture Partners and Vertex these Venture capitalists.

Facebook and Waze

according to Calcalist , Facebook before 6 months ago with Waze , to talk about the purchase, is now drawing to a close, just sign the agreement.

Facebook and Calcalist earlier is a partner in the 2012 , 10 month, they launched a cooperation in the first time by Calcalist the operation of the software, it allows users through their Facebook to share their experience in driving. Facebook has on its home page Waze play the ads, but in fact, only appear in the domestic website.

it’s also worth noting that, in the latest mobile communication meeting, when it comes to the future of mobile, Waze Noam Bardin mentioned Facebook Home . Bloomberg news reporter in the report, about a month ago, Bardin Facebook company’s parking lot.

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