【 reveal 】 HP in China’s new chairman Bob MAO who is it?

HP announced yesterday in website appointed Mr Robert MAO chairman in China () and will report directly to HP, President and chief executive Meg Whitman report (Meg Whitman).

the name of the eyes is so strange that the industry media hastily launched the first time the page about this person also collect only a few are involved in the birth, education and career history entries.

as hunting cloud network of related news through history, who has more than 30 years of experience, telecommunications and information industry in Taiwan enjoy telecom “godfather” in the name of Robert Mao wants IT on both sides of the Taiwan strait of the past have resurfaced.

is a famous door division school

Robert MAO is the kuomintang civil war famous nations military 局座 hairy man chicken son of, originally from zhejiang, born in 1944 in chongqing. Chinese family moved to Taiwan after losing the mainland.

in the affiliated high school of normal university (Taiwan high school high school), which is the third largest read after their educations, Robert MAO began the study tour.

at Cornell University (Cornell University) in materials science and metallurgy engineering bachelor’s and master’s degree, and continued at the Massachusetts institute of technology (MIT), pursuing a master’s degree in management science.

ability Capital geometric

in 1972, Robert MAO joined the international telegraph and telephone company (ITT). He from a don’t understand the IT industry, responsible for the bag bag of assistant vice President of the asia-pacific region opened his own business.

“bag bag, is a process of growth.” , Robert MAO said: “look (position) is very small, in fact, development space is infinite.”

Robert MAO evaluation of this period is very important in his life experience. A short span of two years, he followed the vice President all over Asia, wrote numerous investment report, made itself than other people have a wider field of vision.

1974 that year, he just turned 30, and the team together, and came to Taiwan, on behalf of ITT talks with Taiwan telecom bureau, with $5 million in technology set up Taiwan’s first sino-foreign joint venture company: Taiwan nationality standard electronic (Taisel). From to buy land, build factories to relations with Belgium technology transfer enterprise bargaining negotiations, all hands, site was chosen in sand-layered soil (urban area).

“we (and gou) is a neighbor business together. (hon hai site is located in the industrial zone in sand-layered) “Robert MAO said with a smile.

“ability outside of the capital is equal to zero.” If this sentence said by Robert MAO, relative to some officer the second generation of air ball will be more convincing.

nortel China brought up all the way

in the 80 s, Robert MAO began to China telecom market. His footsteps continent more than 20 provinces, all the way to eat MOTOROLA, nortel, Ericsson’s market share. A single switch and revenue beyond $10 in China. MAO in the popularity of the telecommunications equipment industry is rising all the way. Go to the alcatel, general manager of greater China for two years, then by nortel China levied as chief executive.

new, nortel China but is a no well-known enterprises, the main business is the production of DMS digital switches. Then take over after, a series of radical reform of the guangdong nortel MAO:

a, first of all to reposition the enterprise. Nortel China repositioned as a full range of communication enterprises. In five years into it in order to set the mobile communication products, data network, access network and so on multiple directions of communication enterprises.

2, strive for the support from headquarters. Headquarters and the relationship between the nortel overseas companies to better understand China’s market, simultaneously lets the nortel China overseas headquarters of enterprise culture, organization structure, operation system has a better understanding.

third, strongly promote the localization. Robert MAO’s management idea: when the market is large enough, your resources and markets have to the nearest. Nortel r&d team has been expanding in China, guangzhou has its own r&d center in Beijing. Before the 3 g era, four big carriers of WCDMA field test of nortel in China. The td-scdma has started as early as 3 years cooperation with datang set up the joint development of laboratory test, and taking part in the field of unicom CDMA2000 test for unicom CDMA project construction of the seven important city.

02 global telecommunications industry suffered “cold winter”. But only the mainland market maintained a growth rate, become each big IT companies. 02 time from unicom’s hands, nortel China has received orders for 400 million. Company all the way to grow, which in the field of GSM – R (railway digital communications) gradually obtained the absolute dominance, covers the GSM – R half of the 19 core node market throughout the country. Until 6 years ahead of the departure, Robert MAO has accumulated for nortel China received more than $2 billion of the contract.

Robert MAO influenced by Confucian culture, adhere to “set an example”. MAO often convey to the subordinate a management philosophy – : how many managers report to me is not important, important is how many people I can support: “what is leadership, I tell you, we should not consider organizational structure is a system of reporting, it really is a support system, I am your boss, not because I’m older than you, you have to report to me, but because I should support you, when I am not able to support you, I can’t be your boss. Therefore, an organization is a supporting system, rather than a system of reporting, to think of the clear, it will be easier to do things. In the organizational structure, don’t go to do a decision, but learning is absolutely can go.”

mergers driver reimbursing

in 2006, from Bob MAO to accept the invitation of the 3 com nortel, a board member, originally wanted to fade away, retired, he was an unexpected failure mergers and drove to a fire.

3 com was a private fund Bain, Bain Capital bought for $2.2 billion, the two sides agreed on April 28, 2008, equity transfer, but by the joint venture was established with huawei 3 com in China China three (H3C), the congress of the United States based on national security grounds, rejected the deal. News, 3 com’s share price immediately fell from $5.3 to $5.3.

in 3 com Robert MAO thirty years deep management experience, be appoint as the new CEO, the board of directors for this hot potato, take to revive the 3 com’s responsibility. He took office, the first thing is to Wall Street to storytelling, restore investor confidence, “he said. Like babe Ruth trailer home placement, at first not believed, but if you really play out, the double absolutely impressive, “said Robert MAO.

he save 3 com strategy, is “Out of China” (China Out). Lay the basis of three 3 com against China at the time, has nearly 35% market share in China, almost equal with cisco to taobao, baidu and other bosses are their customers, but only single-digit market share outside of China.

“the average person would think, now that China is doing good, then continue to China, but he forgot about the growth of the limited here, again how efforts, results are not more bright eye; But in the foreign markets more than 2%, 4%, then all of a sudden can turn on a few times “Robert MAO analysis.

led him to do the internal transformation, the global research and development personnel cut half, all the rest of the focus to China, will China become a research and development and supply chain headquarters. Robert MAO let 3 com features, give full play to the small company using quick response ability, high degree of customization service, don’t lose the cisco product performance, coupled with a cheaper price, to carry the accumulation of experience and success in China, back to Europe and the United States market, fight for the French railway administration, the Swiss telecom, large customers such as Coca-Cola, attract the attention of capital markets. A year later, the shares of 3 com from the financial storm the lowest $1.89, soared to $7.9, and four times value growth.

it made in the field of CNC is cisco pressure all the way to play, no counter countermeasures of HP is bitter, take the initiative to talk to Robert MAO on merger and acquisition. In the end, it only took less than 4 months, the price is higher than the bain capital from the original $1 billion.” To a status of old, in such a short period of time when it comes to the price, but also three sides, is very not easy, “and Robert MAO met for many years, Jones day host Huang Ri can observe,” the old MAO (Robert MAO) always eight, think twice, like a flowing the bureau first good cloth, such as water to the show again. “

(the section from the hon hai merger and the company behind – build gou netcom empire’s war “)

sand-layered close hero pity

Robert MAO met with hon hai chairman terry gou has nearly 30 years. In hon hai is interested in buying the acer electronics, then the company directors, and general manager of guodian chian Robert MAO lu known as intermediary broker, allowing acquisition to proceed smoothly.

the first in 2002, when nortel China enterprise progresses day by day, and Robert MAO even by the invitation of the gou, briefly took over hon hai wireless communications sector for three months, but then they were nortel find back, since Robert MAO also served as the board of directors of foxconn and gou have been friends for years.

last year MAO watches the CEO’s interactive broadband (Ubee) belonged to acer CNC equipment brands. After 2006, gou bought the company, in order to avoid make it less than $50 million in annual sales, number of employees is less than 30 small brands, offend the cisco and other large customers, choose to separate out it. Robert MAO and hands-on fencing to buy interactive broadband, the company chairman, solved the gou.

are dying Hero unceasingly

since January 2012, Robert MAO began formally as Ubee CEO.

from 6 years of inherited MAO a little facade without resources without customer brand development for today has 140 employees, annual output value of 6 billion new Taiwan dollars () three times in three years, the status of the MAO’s unique business model has played a role: stick to close contact with the upstream customers, smell know customer demand in advance, lead step began to enter the stage of design and development. At the same time focus on the limited manpower, do research and development, brand, and all the rest of the business outsourcing, flexible features, play a small company to make customized products met the need of the enterprise.

Robert MAO since 2010 to HP’s $3.3 billion takeover of 3 com after into other companies, but in the past three years is still in the HP senior consultant, believe to HP is also quite familiar with. Call-up abruptly is understandable. In addition to personal ability, believe that HP value hair more understanding of the domestic market for many years, and is rooted in the vast network resources.

, a 69 – year – old Mr Robert MAO hopefully will be the last time to the front,’s final game in the face of his career. No matter success or failure, deserve should be applauded instead of ridicule.


Robert Mao Robert Mao

was born in 1944, the 69 – year – old

after marriage had three sons.

education experience:

at Cornell university, materials science and metallurgical engineering bachelor’s and master’s master of management science at the Massachusetts institute of technology

work history:

Ubee broadband company President

3 com CEO (2008-2010)

3 com development executive vice President of EVP (2006-08)

nortel networks, the greater China region President and CEO (1997-2006)

alcatel greater China President and CEO (1995-1997)

Taiwan international standard electronic co., LTD. (Alcatel Taisel ITT) President CEO

the board and the association of CV:

Energy Recovery Inc board member

Ambit Electronics board member

3 com’s board members

Hurray communications co., LTD. (Hurray! Holding Co., Ltd.), the board members

Winbond (Winbond Electronics) board member