【 preview 】 wearable equipment enterprise wide prospect of market

abstract: wearable device is a new wave. However, many devices are for the general consumer market at present, wearable device can develop enterprise market? For employees, what does that mean? Together to see famous IT consulting company CEO Himanshu Sareen do a prospective analysis:

wearable computing devices seems destined to become a new wave of science and technology, will become a hot area of many companies have at least one. After all the wearable device market is still lower than the total billions dollars, most of the electronics industry experts agree that the market will be in the future 5 years has gone through the roof.

wearable devices the huge market potential is rooted in the diversity of their own. From smart watches to health tracking devices, from smart clothes with sensors to Google glasses, a variety of wearable devices have appeared in front of people. Around the wearable device application development also covers widely, because the market has not yet appeared clear leader (like MP3 iPod or smartphone in the early stage of development iPhone the lead). A variety of products, but also provides a variety of possible development path and the new company admission opportunity.

consider ordinary consumers, and then the enterprise

however, most of the discussion of wearable devices are focused on the consumer electronics market. This makes sense, ordinary consumers accept new technology faster than the speed of the enterprise, ordinary consumers also more widely. Enterprise as a huge entity, the acceptance of new equipment to be more slowly. (you know, many companies use the software, there is still only support 6 ?).


IT purchase, both hardware and software, naturally seek to ensure the new purchasing input can get real, stable returns. Large-scale deployment also need time, at present experts cannot exactly expected when a wearable device will be on a large scale into the enterprise market, but we can according to the current characteristics of the enterprise, and some companies to do some preparation work done prospectively forecasts.

position tracking enterprise application prospect of such equipment

the world’s largest firms, also has the largest number of employees and vast field. And those employees most enterprises, the main distribution in logistics, retail, manufacturing and service sectors. A large number of employees, in a lot of the work in the crowded, are the basic characteristics of this type of enterprise: long lines and large retail stores, logistics warehouse of the sea…


is working with many cities to promote wisdom city plan, through the intelligent devices to get to know the density and flow condition in the urban regions. This line of thinking is in tune with wearable equipment, especially the clothes with tracking devices.

concrete how to practice? Possibility one, for enterprise employees need a lot of flow, by taking the tracker wearable devices, can better allocate transportation resources, for the logistics enterprises is of great significance. For manufacturing, with sensors work clothes, can better management staff, also can be used in the case of an emergency evacuation, etc.

big business requires health tracking devices

the world’s largest firms, as well as to pay the highest share in the world of employees health insurance. After all, for every company, human capital is one of the biggest spending. Their future into millions of dollars for employee purchase such as health tracking devices, such as is not so magical.

this kind of health tracking devices, can long-term enterprise employees’ basic health inspection: movement, heart rate, etc. Some health problems can be found in advance in order to avoid more serious consequences, as well as help staff to exercise the body, prevent long-term subtle disease such as office, received training of good health. Global companies spend each year in employee health insurance spending trillions, health class wearable devices are likely to share a cup of soup.

identity collection, identification and management

with the progress of the globalization, the work is more and more contact with virtual environment. Clock out, more and more various internal meeting took place in the virtual network, rather than real scenes. Products, like Google glasses are turning more and more virtualization work scenarios into reality.

international meetings, business talks, more collaboration such as the daily needs of the enterprise, play with ordinary consumers in the Facebook , + have essential differences, such as they need more professional tools, need better encryption, identity of acquisition and recognition. On the market, such as WebEx tools, such as future has very big development space to achieve more miniaturization, miniaturization to the intelligent glasses and achieve the identity of the acquisition, the recognition to video calls, after a meeting, etc.

of course, is discussed surrounding wearable equipment mainly limited in ordinary consumer perspective. As we pointed out the author above, however, wearable devices in the enterprise market also has a very broad prospects. More and more companies enter the wearable consumer market, once the market competition become white-hot, will naturally have a large number of enterprises turned to view the large enterprise market, for the enterprise market with wearable equipment hardware and software solutions. As mobile devices based on the smartphone and tablet classes now thriving enterprise software and solutions. Wearable equipment enterprises in the future market, may not be far away.