【 hunting, cloud depth, the App Store, apple changed the world for five years

yesterday (July 10) apple’s App Store is officially released the day of the fifth anniversary. At first, it provides third-party applications only 500, and are mostly focused on the games, productivity tools, and other fields. In official documents, apple USES three consecutive “revolutionary” to describe the appearance of the App Store. However, this time apple is not exaggerated.

5 years later, apple’s App Store with more than 900000 applications, downloaded also broke through 50 billion. In addition, its application is becoming more and more rich, the widely popular “angry birds” Uber and transport applications, from apple’s App Store. In the “fame and fortune” at the same time, the App Store are brought practical benefits to a third party. A large number of developers started the App Store “gold rush”. High share interests and convenient means of payment, for developers brought $10 billion in revenue at the same time, also brought smooth development community experience for them. Last year alone, the third party just got $5 billion from apple’s hands.

in addition, the company pointed out that the appearance of the App Store for the U.S. labor market also created 300000 jobs. As the cook said: “the App Store is the creation of an unprecedented, its release will change the world.”

“in an instant the whole world becomes a rule the country by the elite groups, no matter from any hand, this is an amazing change”

most of the developers have the same feelings and cook. The company impression (notes), the founder and CEO Phil Libin (Phil Libin) way in an interview: “if you count over the past five years all the important events of human society, so the App Store will be regarded as one of the most influential. It allows developers and large user face to face for the first time, and give them a chance to challenge existing strong enterprise. The whole world in an instant into a rule the country by the elite. Any hand, no matter from the App Store will be an amazing turning point.”

the past five years, the App Store deepens our understanding of the smartphone function, toppled the entire mobile industry development model, and has injected new vitality to the entire mobile field (new developers and startups). But this change of apple, influence the great feats of the world, has met with strong opposition from the apple founder Steve jobs.

App Store began: a desire for local application

there is no doubt that the App Store marks the coming of post-pc era. Walter isaacson (walter isaacson) in the “jobs”, the author detailed the jobs on the application of the third party. Writes: “he (jobs) that apple’s descent, third-party applications might even they have been bothered to create closed empire will collapse.”

however, fighting in the frontline staff of iOS development does not agree with the CEO, they called for the company to provide local application development kit (SDK). Co-founder Evan o (Evan Doll) ever for iPhone development related software, he said in an interview with foreign media, “as a system engineer, we hope apple can to a certain extent, to a third party developers to the API and SDK. The reason for this is simple, the iOS need them with content. No one can guarantee that our future will face what, but now in order to create a mobile operating system platform, apple needs to a variety of local applications.”

at that time, most of the apple engineers, have developed all sorts of small privately applications. Tao recalls, he remembered a at the same time has developed a called “Sasquatch detector” (Sasquatch Finder) of the game, players need to found lurking in the game bigfoot in the forest. Tao said: “at that time we are very eager to local application, a lot of people to try the pleasure of a handful of application development. In fact at that time from the apple internal enthusiasm, has heralded the App Store later.”

the transition of the jobs and apple

however, jobs didn’t recognize the engineers. For him, development (Safari) based on network application is growing iOS platform the most critical factors. Because in jobs’s view, Internet applications can realize cross-platform operation, automatic upgrade, and does not require apple to huge money for application review. the MacWorld conference in 2007, jobs stressed Safari will be the only platform developers. Developers don’t need apple to provide additional SDK, written by the modern network language HTML and AJAX, has enough to application for the iPhone to produce the best quality. However, his “rhetoric” have not been infected by everyone. Apple writer John lattice LuBo (John Gruber, his Daring Firebal, founder of the main published personal opinion about apple products and technologies and so on) has called the application based on Safari “a shit sandwich”. Not only that, but many of the same views and lattice LuBo developers began to gather together, through the way of “prison break”, develop all kinds of local application.

due to more and more in the PC service began to pass through the network, so some people think that this trend will be in the mobile network applications in the basin. Online deposit Box service company co-founder and CEO Aaron levy (Aaron Levie), said: “at that time, I guess the future’s iTunes will become a link” distribution center “, its task is just link the user to the corresponding mobile web site. So, I can’t think of local application developers need to production.”

jobs and others on the network application, to some extent, is due to once upon a time on a mobile device installation application, is a complicated and tedious. Application developers need to manage their development, and to search for market outlet for it and then hold the user how to install. However, only in 9 months later (2007) after the event, apple has changed the original route networks, announced officially offer the iPhone SDK for developers. In addition, it also released on the iPhone App Store, enables users to easily download from the App Store to buy all kinds of required for application. After the user’s apple account credit card, you can easily pay. To enjoy a rich variety of native applications.

“if apple did not integrate the App Store into the mobile device, so the developer of” nightmare “will continue to”

Igor Pu? Enjak who work in the free web development and design teaching. After apple released the iPhone SDK, he and his brother had for App Store development a improve the application way of bubble pops up. The application of $0.99 a star, and developing the new applications for two people to earn the money. Later they developed a called “Doodle jump (Doodle jump)” game application download volume has more than 100 million times. Igor Pu? Enjak said in an interview: “the smartest approach is to put the apple App Store built in the iPhone and other mobile devices, this not only let us these developers can easily find a sales platform, and also let more consumers have the opportunity to get to know and buy our application.”

development was not all plain sailing

however, the growing along with the App Store, the controversy about it also. Almost from it has just been released, apple just because it is not transparent application approval system by social criticism. In 2010, apple had “banter” public figures, and a developed by Pulitzer prize-winning cartoonist application from the shelves. Later, however, under the strong protests from users, apple barely made concessions. Soon after, the Wall Street journal and to expose the some applications in the App Store in fails to notify the user of the cases, steal and transfer data users at will. Not only that, but some parents blame this year, the child can be in the case of without the consent of the adults, free to download from the App Store application, which let parents pay a lot of money. In order to settle the dispute, apple and pay up to get the reparations “settlement” of 100 million dollars.

“before” App Store

although apple’s App Store has got the thumbs up from the developer’s consistent, but in their eyes the application platform is not perfect. Many developers have complained about the lack of some other platforms in this App Store already has the function, such as the trial purchase (trials) purchases, pay to upgrade, and poor response to user ratings. In addition, some investors say the App Store revenue model will be applied in the number of great challenge, its cashability is relatively weak. , a partner at kleiner perkins caufield & byers (kleiner perkins) chi-hua Chien (Chi – Hua Chien) said: “we know that there are hundreds of different third party applications, but the App Store home page can show is just one of the 20 to 24. To rely on such a comparable to the size of the “beach” section to make money, is not easy.”

iFund, founded in 2008, though its investment is not restricted to the apple iOS, but the fund project is designed for the iPhone, iPod Touch and the platform of ideas and products. Now has kleiner perkins caufield & byers of total investment of more than $200 million, chi-hua chien said, kleiner perkins caufield & byers hope can have more developers for different platform to develop a variety of local application. Mobile application platform, “he said there is a long way to go, but apple’s App Store pioneered the new situation, it is the evolution of the future lay a good foundation.”