【 hunting, cloud depth, reveal the story behind the Moto X

18 months ago, Google paid $12.5 billion for MOTOROLA mobility. As Google transaction value of the largest ever in a takeover, it is much higher than $1.7 billion when Google acquisition of Youtube, and acquire DoubleClilck $3.1 billion. Although Google is considered to be the most good at the start of the capital operation of the company, to buy MOTOROLA’s behavior has been questioned by the industry.

apparently, acquire the analog phones in the era of giants, will be able to bring Google two benefits: first, as leader of the first generation of mobile communications, MOTOROLA has many patents. After Google it as his own, will reduce the events of the relevant patent litigation. Second, Google can obtain the company’s hardware manufacturing plants in the Chicago area, although the plant capital chain has been broken.

, however, has brought about by the Android 80% of smartphone market share, as well as many intelligent equipment maker, why Google acquisition MOTOROLA and noble? Although MOTOROLA has been cut, after the acquisition will bring twice the total number of company employees to Google’s “floating population”. As a lack of technology, lack of talent of the mobile Internet, why Google acquisition MOTOROLA?

MOTOROLA: not Google mobile phone, but Google another flow gate

in the end, after Moto X today finally meet with the public, we know why. MOTOROLA has become Google’s son, perhaps Moto X another name should be “Google Phone” (Google Phone).

despite this or that the so-called MotoX features, such as streamlined design, can be customized (see), but the real phone magic lies in the “Okay, Google Now” these three words. A short sentence, MOTOROLA user straight to Google in the vast, the freedom of the platform. As a Google service terminal carrier, Moto X undoubtedly opened another flow to the gate. As Andy rubin said: “there is no such thing as an Google phone. Because the phone is not the way we realised, terminal users real cash cow’s milk. Google is a”

on the other hand, MOTOROLA’s new CEO Dennis Woodside (Dennis Woodside) view also coincides with Google. In his view, the Moto X’s mission is to further simplify the process of user access to Google services – less of a touch, more voice operations. Woodside said: “now, Google maps, search, and mail, the application of the smartphone users has become the most commonly used. And Google Now based on speech recognition technology is Google a series of technology, the fastest growing, one of the most potential.”

woodside, talent introduction and market strategy transformation

woodside joined Google in 2003, and is responsible for the company to form a job in overseas markets. Previously, woodside was a lawyer and work in the world’s top consulting management institution McKenzie. He returned from China and the eu in 2009, began to responsible for the work as Google that the company’s operations in North America. As a hardware field knowing little about the marketing of talent, woodside could have been the most impossible entrusted with MOTOROLA chief executive. But page must choose him. In the face of challenges from the test of leadership, management, woodside is brave to accept the new task.

1. The talent introduction

woodside after taking office, despite being a huge amount of work with layoffs, but MOTOROLA also let he was shocked by the talent in the company. He found that a lot of extremely talented engineers, has been plagued by MOTOROLA internal garbage management and. Most of them are loyal to their company, and work conscientiously.

besides retained the MOTOROLA original core employees, woodside also introduced a number of new personnel. These people include: Google who have entrepreneurial spirit, in the company and hope to work in MOTOROLA, and outside the company found some high-quality talents. When researchers gather, woodside began its first important job: to produce a symbol of the company mobile phone.

2. From the “machine sea tactics” to “fine line” transition

look in woodside, MOTOROLA was the biggest problem lies in its product strategy. To ease market shrinking revenue impact, the company adopted a “machine sea tactics”, in an attempt to use a year more than 40 phone out production to seize market share. In addition, due to cash flow fracture, MOTOROLA to the cowardly attitude of long-term investment always stay on alert. In this way, let once the leading mobile phone empire, lost a lot of the opportunity to stage a comeback. Once head of the MOTOROLA Droid and Razer series mobile phone production work, is now the company product development, senior vice President of Iqbal, kill o DE (Iqbal narrow) said: “on the market strategy, we need to make a huge change”.

since then, MOTOROLA take measures for mass production. As woodside said: “we must shorten the existing business scope, concentrate, professional, focused, efforts to make the high quality brand mobile phones. Our plan from 45 of the mobile phone is adjusted for each year 5-6 cell phone.”

RON is a former Google Local product manager, the incumbent vice President of MOTOROLA product management. In his view, Google needs a customized mobile phones, while MOTOROLA products will be integrated intelligent terminal Google services. RON said: “Google has a lot of creative services, can be due to dispersion of ecosystem, including many high quality application didn’t get the user’s approval. In order to provide the integration of Google native services, the company first need to do is produce different hardware equipment carrier “.

so, woodside team what the so-called innovation is different from the past?

six new concept of MOTOROLA’s mobile phone


“to” touch is a intelligent Moto X the main function. One of the most prominent is that users can tell “Okay, Google Now” to start the Google application Now. The whole process of voice control implementation, don’t need to unlock even without user out of the pocket. Google Now is Google developed a personal voice assistant service. In addition to like apple’s Siri application, complete some such as answer questions, a timetable, music playback command besides, it also depend on Google’s powerful data analysis, and obtained a more intelligent and humanistic characteristics. In RON’s view, Google Now and Moto X is complement each other. He said: “MOTOROLA devices will let Google apps coruscate gives more glorious.

in addition to Google Now, MOTOROLA launched “to” touch the second function is Active Display. This is a low energy consumption display system (for) a day, the user can see the phone without having to unlock solution.


in order to meet the needs of users to capture life moment, Moto X comes with a new function of “photography” of cutting. Cell phone users only need to gently shaking (three times), it can automatically open the photos application. In order to provide more smooth experience, take pictures after start-up, Moto X the whole screen will become the shutter trigger. In addition, users can also to slide forward, to choose to enter more than shooting mode. Woodside said: “the Moto X {took from his pocket camera phones -} the process reduced to half of the other smartphones (Moto X the fastest speed was 1.5 seconds).”


MOTOROLA official said, the adoption of the new by 8 Moto X mobile chip structure, so users don’t need to worry for their mobile phone battery life. A low-power processor by 8, responsible for speech recognition tools such as Google Now. RON said, if not the above structure, the Moto X’s power consumption could be more than 3 times higher than the degree of existing. In addition, as the core in the Moto X detection sensor, can quickly respond to the needs of users, and thus make the phone.

FREE input certification unlock (HANDS – FREE AUTHENTICATION)

with the constant improvement of the smartphone performance and functionality, receipt has become one of the most personal tool. Estimated that only a fool would not give his mobile phone password. However, if you were every mobile phone, not bothered by the mechanical process all need to enter a password? MOTOROLA has launched a new free certification unlock function: users only need to special mobile phone accessories hanging on the clothes, can be in the range of distance Moto X steps to unlock phone. Of course, users can also set up a “security zone” in the Moto X, in that region, user without password to unlock the phone.

can be customized mobile phone DESIGN (CUSTOMIZABLE DESIGN)

MotoX change Driod series hard Angle style, smooth back cover design to make it looks more clean and comfortable. The MOTOROLA user experience of senior vice President of a few meters, vickers (Jim Wicks, the designer of the Moto X) said: “we work to make MOTOROLA’s mobile phone in concise, soft style development. This is not just a MOTOROLA’s new style, also embodies the design concept of Google.”

in the user view, personalized custom services, is perhaps the most flash Moto X in this kind of mobile phone parts. The following is a Moto X provide related can be customized service:

, 18 kinds of optional colors and materials of mobile phone back cover

, a variety of alternative ringtone and system prompt

, a variety of colors to match the back cover of headphones

ALMOST native version of the Android experience (PURE Android – ALMOST)

in the Android ecosystem fragmentation wave spreading in the era of the Android camp, Moto X is clearly a faithful to the native Android mobile phone system. RON said, Moto X will be put on the Android4.2.2 system reform to a minimum, let users enjoy the pure Google services (but the operators to issue the hard to avoid with their respective application -).

Moto X: redefining the MOTOROLA

for thought to samsung and apple has occupied the whole smartphone market, woodside don’t agree with you. He said: “Moto X will be sold. Someone said something somewhere sometime, though he thought was right, but time may prove him wrong. Ten years ago, MOTOROLA and nokia occupies 30% share of the mobile phone market, but now?”

we cannot predict the future of MOTOROLA, more do not know whether the former giant can stage a comeback. However, to be sure, MotoX market will have an enormous effect on the development of MOTOROLA. As RON said:


MOTOROLA needs to be redefined, but we have only one chance.