【 hunting cloud, depth dialysis trend of mobile Internet

people are often used to confuse smartphones and tablet computers, called them “mobile devices”. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. People who work in the Internet company to see very clearly that they point out that the behavior of the people to use the tablet is similar to their use desktops and laptops, but when using smartphones and behavior is not consistent. Smartphones and tablet is only in the aspect of software, is based on “discovery mechanism” (download apps from the app store) and “monetizing technology”.

Microsoft is run some ads, laugh at it is a “consumer goods”. Here are 2010 jobs for the innovative (yields) address:


in for the production of the app this aspect, I think we just did some fur kung fu, we can also make a lot of valuable, creative app. When I use it to write a 35 pages of documents, I thought, if I could have a “bluetooth keyboard” the more convenient. Now, for we are running out of time, there are too many waiting for us to create, to optimize the app. Not too short, give full play to the imagination. For example, in the future we design the app can let the device used for video editing, graphic art processing, improve the work efficiency and so on.

back to the history of the development of the app and we will find that every time the user interface changes can bring a series of new type of app. In the 70 and 70, the computer or the interface based on text, so at that time the popular computer applications including word processing, such as Wordperfect) and spreadsheets (such as Lotus 1-2-3). In the 80 s and 90 s, with popular graphical interface, display app (e.g., Powerpoint) and photo manipulation app (such as Photoshop) appeared. If history to rerun the evolution trend, so we believe that there will be more “exclusive, unique” tablet app was created.

the appearance of the app store has three big influence on traditional software industry:

first, it reduces the software firm 30% of its revenue. Alone this one, you have turned off the big companies (such as Microsoft), not to mention the weak small companies and those who want to short-term cash vc. Not all of the company, even if is a large, established company can withstand 30% earnings “discount”.

second, it is “developed” users want to buy software with the low price. Now we spend $30 a month can enjoy a variety of app (some big games may have to spend $30 or more). This let those traditional for selling software of big companies unable to parry.

the third, the App store “discovery mechanism” in the “Matthew effect”. This discovery mechanism refers to the app store app in the download list, the more row in front of the app more will have more people to download, so the strength of the strong, the weak, the weak, some application is neglected, that is the Matthew effect. The newly developed app can no longer as in the past, simply by virtue of “differentiation” to obtain the market. Is like the movie industry, producer saw “blockbuster” to make money, so it will shoot blinding. However, the new app discovery mechanisms (such as Facebook and Twitter) may slightly reduce this effect.

forward-looking entrepreneurs have found this new things created by “additional” business model. App store is not to make money by user download fee (or not depends largely on), outside of it in the “shop” to earn profits. Such as offline (Square, Uber) products and services, online services (services, Dropbox), even involves hardware business. Successful companies in the field of mobile now earn money (true) or is a “king” in the field of PC (such as eBay, Amazon, Facebook), or discovered one of the new business model of “others”.

the most close to “fan” and “meal” erupted on apple and Google who is the winner of the debate of mobile era. Both sides, however, apple’s profit is higher, Google has a larger customer base. Key of the problem is, however, developers whether or when will “comprehensive switch to Android,” first App for its development. At present, although apple lost market share, but still get the biggest benefit. However, from my conversation with some entrepreneurs, it is not difficult to find that Android is the era of the “monopoly” app market has not far (1-2 years).

the advent of the era of mobile software for B2B model market brought a spring. At work, more and more people have always cannot leave their iOS or Android device. As a result, to three types of enterprises brought infinite “business opportunities” :

the first category, positive to the mobile Internet field transformation of traditional B2B software companies;

the second category, maintenance company for normal operation of the mobile devices (such as mobile device security, maintenance, etc Services);

the third class, the era of mobile business model emerging company (the original paper, pen, for example, to work with intelligent software instead of complete).